4th Iolani Invitational
Hawaii Sept. 21
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May 10-11, 2002 at University of Texas, Austin

2002 Outdoor Texas State Meet


from Texas UIL web site


9:00 a.m.:Friday, May 10 - 1st Session:3200-Meter Runs - 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A
6:00 p.m.:Friday, May 10 - 2nd Session:3A & 4A
9:00 a.m.:Saturday, May 11 - 3rd Session:3200-Meter Run- 5A
12:00 noon:Saturday, May 11 - 3rd Session:1A & 2A
6:00 p.m.:Saturday, May 11 - 4th Session:5A

Friday, May 10

Field Events
9:00 a.m.Girls': 3A Long Jump; 1A Pole Vault-e
Boys': 3A Discus; 3A Long Jump; 1A Pole Vault-w
10:00 a.m.Boys': 3A High Jump
10:30 a.m.Girls': 3A Discus; 4A Long Jump
Boys': 4A Long Jump
12:00 noonGirls': 4A Discus; 1A Long Jump; 3A Pole Vault-e
Boys': 1A Long Jump; 3A Pole Vault-e
12:10 p.m.Girls': 3A High Jump
1:30 p.m.Girls': 2A Long Jump
Boys': 4A Discus; 2A Long Jump
2:00 p.m.Boys': 4A High Jump
3:00 p.m.Girls': 1A Discus; 4A Pole Vault; 3A Triple Jump
Boys': 3A Triple Jump
4:00 p.m.Girls': 4A High Jump
Boys': 3A Shot Put
4:30 p.m.Girls': 4A Triple Jump
Boys': 1A Discus; 4A Triple Jump
5:00 p.m.Girls': 3A Shot Put
6:00 p.m.Girls': 1A High Jump; 4A Shot Put
Boys': 4A Pole Vault
7:00 p.m.Boys': 4A Shot Put
8:00 p.m.Boys': 1A High Jump
8:30 p.m.Girls': 2A Triple Jump
Boys': 2A Triple Jump

Track Events - 3200 Run

9:00 a.m.Girls' 1A 3200-meter run
9:20 a.m.Boys' 1A 3200-meter run
9:40 a.m.Girls' 2A 3200-meter run
10:00 a.m.Boys' 2A 3200-meter run
10:20 a.m.Girls' 3A 3200-meter run
10:40 a.m.Boys' 3A 3200-meter run
11:00 a.m.Girls' 4A 3200-meter run
11:20 a.m.Boys' 4A 3200-meter run

3A & 4A Track Events
(Schools will compete in the order 3A, 4A)

6:00 p.m.Girls' 400-meter relay
6:15 p.m.Boys' 400-meter relay
6:30 p.m.Girls' 800-meter run
6:40 p.m.Boys' 800-meter run
6:55 p.m.Girls' 100-meter high hurdles
7:05 p.m.Boys' 110-meter high hurdles
7:15 p.m.Girls' 100-meter dash
7:25 p.m.Boys' 100-meter dash
7:35 p.m.Girls' 800-meter relay
7:45 p.m.Boys' 400-meter dash
7:55 p.m.Girls' 400-meter dash
8:10 p.m.Girls' 300-meter low hurdles
8:25 p.m.Boys' 300-meter intermediate hurdles
8:35 p.m.Girls' 200-meter dash
8:45 p.m.Boys' 200-meter dash
8:55 p.m.Girls' 1600-meter run
9:05 p.m.Boys' 1600-meter run
9:15 p.m.Girls' 1600-meter relay
9:25 p.m.Boys' 1600-meter relay

Saturday, May 11

Field Events

9:00 a.m. Girls': 2A Pole Vault - Boys': 2A Discus
10:00 a.m.Girls': 1A Shot Put; 1A Triple Jump, Boys': 2A High Jump; 1A Triple Jump
10:30 a.m.Girls': 2A Discus
11:00 a.m.Boys': 1A Shot Put
11:30 a.m.Girls': 5A Long Jump, Boys': 5A Long Jump
12 noonGirls': 2A High Jump, Boys': 2A Pole Vault
1:00 p.m.Girls': 2A Shot Put
2:00 p.m.Boys': 2A Shot Put
2:30 p.m.Girls': 5A Discus
3:00 p.m.Girls': 5A Pole Vault
4:00 p.m.Girls': 5A Triple Jump, Boys': 5A Discus; 5A Triple Jump
5:00 p.m.Girls': 5A High Jump
6:00 p.m.Boys': 5A Pole Vault; 5A Shot Put
7:00 p.m.Girls': 5A Shot Put, Boys': 5A High Jump

Track Events - 3200 Run

9:00 a.m.Girls' 5A 3200-meter run
9:20 a.m.Boys' 5A 3200-meter run

1A & 2A Track Events
(Schools will compete in the order 1A, 2A)

12:00 noonGirls' 400-meter relay
12:15 p.m.Boys' 400-meter relay
12:30 p.m.Girls' 800-meter run
12:40 p.m.Boys' 800-meter run
12:55 p.m.Girls' 100-meter high hurdles
1:05 p.m.Boys' 110-meter high hurdles
1:15 p.m.Girls' 100-meter dash
1:25 p.m.Boys' 100-meter dash
1:35 p.m.Girls' 800-meter relay
1:45 p.m.Boys' 400-meter dash
1:55 p.m.Girls' 400-meter dash
2:10 p.m.Girls' 300-meter low hurdles
2:25 p.m.Boys' 300-meter intermediate hurdles
2:35 p.m.Girls' 200-meter dash
2:45 p.m.Boys' 200-meter dash
2:55 p.m.Girls' 1600-meter run
3:05 p.m.Boys' 1600-meter run
3:15 p.m.Girls' 1600-meter relay
3:25 p.m.Boys' 1600-meter relay

5A Track Events

6:00 p.m.Girls' 400-meter relay
6:10 p.m.Boys' 400-meter relay
6:20 p.m.Girls' 800-meter run
6:30 p.m.Boys' 800-meter run
6:40 p.m.Girls' 100-meter high hurdles
6:50 p.m.Boys' 110-meter high hurdles
7:00 p.m.Girls' 100-meter dash
7:10 p.m.Boys' 100-meter dash
7:20 p.m.Girls' 800-meter relay
7:30 p.m.Boys' 400-meter dash
7:40 p.m.Girls' 400-meter dash
7:50 p.m.Girls' 300-meter low hurdles
8:00 p.m.Boys' 300-meter intermediate hurdles
8:10 p.m.Girls' 200-meter dash
8:20 p.m.Boys' 200-meter dash
8:30 p.m.Girls' 1600-meter run
8:40 p.m.Boys' 1600-meter run
8:50 p.m.Girls' 1600-meter relay
9:00 p.m.Boys' 1600-meter relay

Texas State Meet

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