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DyeStat 2001 Indoor

Jan 20, 2001 at the New York Armory, New York City

New Balance Games

Webb's great day:
The Story in Pictures


Webb in front of the New York Armory "A" logo

Webb is introduced

Leonard Mucheru introduced

The Race

Starting Line - all lean

Start - Webb (blue, 5th from right) gets out quickly

1 lap - Webb with leaders of big chase pack after rabbit Lorris Adams, of Barbados

2 Laps

3 Laps - field stretches out single file

4 Laps - rabbit steps aside, letting Mucheru and Webb move up 

5 Laps - Mucheru opens up daylight on Webb 

and Webb has daylight on the rest. 

6 Laps - status quo


Webb still digging hard in 2nd with room

7 Laps - still 1-2

Webb digs in for the stretch 

The Finish

Mucheru wins in front of furious 3-way fight for second

Matt Holthaus (right) and Webb each join Mucheru under 4:00

And Afterwards

Coach Scott Raczko and Webb embrace, as announcer Ian Brooks waits for the scoreboard to tell whether it was sub-4

Webb flashes four fingers beneath scoreboard's 3:59.86

Webb and Mucheru

Coach Raczko, Webb, and dad Steven Webb

Webb answers New York media questions as a press conference ends the magic day


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