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DyeStat Rankings

Who's Number 1 - or 100?

by John Dye

Rankings mean nothing by themselves.  Only in head to head competition can you really settle who is best.  But in every sport, it is natural to make rankings.  They stir up interest, they are fun to talk about, and they motivate -- both to defend and to challenge a ranking.  

DyeStat publishes several sets of rankings, some created by DyeStat and some by others.  

DyeStat Elite - (Track and Field) DyeStat's own unique database ranks the top 100 US performers in each event for both indoor and outdoor seasons.  More than 5,000 performances are ranked each season.  The DyeStat Elite lists are used by everyone connected with high school track in America -- the athlete, family, friends, media, HS coaches, college coaches, and just plain fans.

XC Leader List -  (Cross Country) - DyeStat collects the fastest times in cross country at 3 miles and 5000 meters.  We are careful to say these are not rankings, since cross country times are inherently not comparable between meets and courses.  Different competition, different conditions, and even different distances.  Even they are not "rankings," in that judgment is not applied to equalize the different conditions, the cream still rises to the top. 

The Harrier - (Cross Country) Marc Bloom has been covering high school running for more than 25 years, and his super 25 cross country lists in The Harrier magazine are the authoritative team rankings in the sport.  Using reports from correspondents around the country and his own expert analysis, Bloom ranks the top 25 teams in the US and the top 10 teams in the four Foot Locker regions.

Gourley's List - (Throws) Bob Gourley loves weight and hammer throwing.  He lives in Rhode Island, which dominates the national throws rankings every year.  So, it is natural, that Bob started ranking the throws.  He maintains national rankings throughout the year.  

John Molvar's List - (Cross Country)  John Molvar's passion is distance running.  Although he is bound to his Massachusetts home area by job and family obligations, he keeps up (on DyeStat, of course!) with all results from around the country.  Then he analyzes the contenders for the boys Foot Locker cross country championship and rolls out his top 100 boys rankings.   

XCtrack - (Cross Country) Brad Herbster is a runner, coach, and businessman  in North Carolina.  He has put together a panel of coaches and other observers who vote on the top teams in the US.   The poll results are published on DyeStat. 

Michael Roth's Race Walk - Michael Roth has followed Bob Gourley's lead and created national HS rankings in his specialty.   

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