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Penn Relays 2000

April 27-29, 2000 at Franklin Field, Philadelphia PA

High School Event Schedule

(Number of heats are in parentheses)


10:25 HS G 400 Hurdles Championship

10:35 HS G 4x800 small (2)

10:55 HS G 4x800 (2)

11:15 HS G 4x100 heats small

11:55 HS G 4x100 heats large

1:25 HS G 4x400 (27)

3:40 HS G 4x400 Prep School

3:45 HS G 4x400 Central

3:50 HS G 4x400 Suburban A

3:55 HS G 4x400 Suburban B

4:00 HS G 4x400 Suburban C

4:05 HS G 4x400 Suburban National

4:10 HS G 4x400 Suburban American

4:15 HS G 4x400 Northern Delaware

4:20 HS G 4x400 South Jersey Small

4:25 HS G 4x400 South Jersey Large

4:30 HS G 4x400 Philadelphia Catholic

4:35 HS G 4x400 Philadelphia Public

5:40 HS G Distance Medley Championship

5:55 HS G Mile Championship

6:00 HS G 3000 Championship

12:00 HS G Javelin Throw Championship

1:00 HS G Pole Vault Championship

1:45 HS G Long Jump Championship

1:45 HS G Triple Jump Championship

3:00 HS G High Jump Championship

3:00 HS G Shot Put Championship

9:00 HS  B 4x800 small (2)

9:20 HS B 4x800 large (2)

10:15 HS B 4x100 heats small

11:00 HS B 4x100 heats large

12:30 HS G 4x800 Championship

2:25 HS G 4x100 large final

2:30 HS G 4x100 small final

2:35 HS G 4x100 Championship

5:10 HS B Distance Medley Championship

5:25 HS B Mile Championship

5:30 HS B 3000 Championship

5:40 HS G 4x400 Championship

10:00 HS G Discus Throw Championship

1:30 HS B High Jump Championship

1:30 HS B Javelin Championship

2:30 HS B Shot Put Championship 

9:00 HS B 400 Hurdles Championship

9:30 HS B 4x400 heats (27)

11:45   HS      B       4x400 Inter-AC

11:50 HS B 4x400 Suburban Central

11:55 HS B 4x400 Suburban A

12:00 HS B 4x400 Suburban B & C

12:05 HS B 4x400 Suburban National

12:10 HS B 4x400 Suburban American

12:15 HS B 4x400 Northern Delaware

12:20 HS B 4x400 South Jersey Small

12:25 HS B 4x400 South Jersey Large

12:30 HS B 4x400 Philadelphia Catholic

12:35 HS B 4x400 Philadelphia Public

1:55 HS G 4x100 Tri-State final

2:00 HS B 4x100 small final

2:05 HS B 4x100 large final

2:10 HS B 4x100 Championship

3:05 HS B 4x800 Championship

4:50 HS G 4x400 Philadelphia Area

4:55 HS B 4x400 Philadelphia Area

5:45 HS B 4x400 Championship

9:00 HS B Long Jump Championship

9:00 HS B Triple Jump Championship

9:00 HS B Discus Throw Championship

10:00 HS B Pole Vault Championship

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