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Correspondence from Dan Cruz (list orginator-Del Mar-Logan-DVC), Steve Nelson (Mt.Pleasant), Hank Lawson (Lynbrook), Ernie Lee (Gunn), Danny Gruber, (Aptos), Tom Liekam (Watsonville), Mark McConnell (Soquel), Rudy Montenegro (Leland), Fernando Balderas (San Jose Academy), Joe Fabris (Mt.Pleasant-SJCC), Willie Harmatz (Los Gatos), Mike Ryan (Wilcox), Walt Van Zant (Wilcox), Manny Mahon (Lynbrook-Piedmont Hills), Pat Lawson (Fremont), Joe Rubio (Willow Glen/Venue Sports), Joe Mangan (Fremont-CSM), Jim Van Dine (El Camino-Aggies), Roger Chagnon (Hartnell College), Orben Jones (Willow Glen), Steve Fagundes (Fremont), Mike Livingston (Willow Glen), Bill Hotchkiss (Leigh), Jim Hamm (Del Mar), John E Spalding (SJMN).

(Note #1: The 2 mile list has been verified by Jack Shepard of Track & Field News. Comment from J. Shepard; "Below is the original CCS 2-Mile list that was submitted. I have made additions and corrections to the list and have used a double indent for my new data. Disclaimers--1) I don't know what kind of conversion was done on the original list for 3200 to 2M, but there seem to be minor differences. I have used the conversion factor that we use at T&FN and therefore I have altered some of the times on the list. 2) You will notice that an inordinate number of the postal marks end in .0--this may mean that they were recorded from a running watch (we will never know which ones, unfortunately). 3) Doubt that I have come anywhere near all the marks for the list. Throughout the '90s my national lists stop at about 9:16-17 for 3200.")
Dan Cruz

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300 hurdle progression
According to this document,

They ran the 180 lows from 1947 until 1974.
They started the 330 LH in 1975 thru 1979.
The 300M LH from 1980 thru 1983.
The 300M IH from 1984 to date.
See pages 199 and 200

A-B-C classification exponents - LA City Section handbook, 1989-1990

100             11.24        JENEBA TARMOH (Jr)   MT PLEASANT     2006  Jr Natl's (3rd)
200             23.14        JENEBA TARMOH (Jr)   MT PLEASANT     2006  Jr Natl's (3rd)
400             52.83        LESLIE MAXIE (Jr)    MILLS           1984  CTRN (Sept'91)
800           2:04.37        ANN REAGAN (So)      CAMDEN          1977  Jr Natls, USA Vs USSR (2nd)
1600          4:42.45        NIKKI HILTZ (Jr)     APTOS           2012  State (1st)  VIDEO
3200         10:04.2         CORY SHUBERT         DEL MAR         1983  NorCal (1st)
100HH (33")     13.03        VASHTI THOMAS (Jr)   MT PLEASANT     2007  State (1st) VIDEO (Nat'l Rec)
300LH           40.18        LESLIE MAXIE (Jr)    MILLS           1984  NorCal (1st)
H J              6'02.25"    WENDY BROWN          WOODSIDE        1984  CTRN (Sept'91)
L J             20'09.75"    WENDY BROWN          WOODSIDE        1984  State (1st)
T J             43'02.5" w+2 WENDY BROWN          WOODSIDE        1984  Jenner (1st)
                43'01.5"     VASHTI THOMAS        MT PLEASANT     2008  CCS (1st)
P V             14'02.5"     TORI ANTHONY         CASTILLEJA      2007  Husky Classic (1st HS/2nd)
S P             50'07.25"    JULIE DUFRESNE       HARBOR          2005  CCS (1st)
DISC           165'10"       DARLENE TULUA        CARMEL          1996  CCS (1st)
400 RELAY       46.05                             MT PLEASANT     2007  State Tr (H4-1st)
  [Vashti Thomas (11), Janeba Tarmoh (12), Marshay Brown (11), Diedera Pettigrue (12)]
1600 RELAY    3:48.59                             ST FRANCIS      1989  State (3rd)
  [Liz Lynch (12), Joslyn Mack (12), Angie Nurisso (11), Roslyn Mack (12)]

100 Yds         10.4         Kelia Bolten         Hill            1978  CCS (1st)
100LH (30")     13.59        Wendy Brown          Woodside        1984  CTRN (Sept'91)
400LH           55.20        Leslie Maxie (Jr)    Mills           1984  TAC
1500          4:16.8 (AR)    Francie Larrieu (Jr) Fremont         1969  Westrn Hemis (3rd) (9th in World)
3000          9:11.80        Cory Shubert         Del Mar         1983  @ Indy
3 Mile       17:00.0         Doris Graham (Fr)    Carlmont        1975  3 Mile National Postal
5000         16:49.5         Rebecca Chamberlin   Leigh           1986  TFN (#2)
10,000       34:54.8         Roxanne Bier (So)    Independence    1978  CTRN (Sept'91) Jr Natl's (1st)?
Marathon   2:45:52.0         Rebecca Chamberlin   Leigh           1986  TFN (#1)
2000 Steeple  7:11.79        Jessie Petersen (Jr) Carlmont        2010  AAU JO's (1st)
3000 Steeple 10:53.69        Jessie Petersen      Carlmont        2011  SF State Carnival (2nd)
4x100LH       1:03.32                             Mt Pleasant     2010  Arcadia (3rd)  VIDEO
   (Shanique Walker-11 [14.2], Cydney Leath-10 [15.9], Tiana Carter-12 [16.5], Alyana Nicolas-10 [16.7])
Sprint Med    4:07.68        (200-200-400-800)    Leigh           2010  NSIC (6th)
   (Sarah Williams, Symone Evans, Sarah Cline, Jordan Diaz)
4x200         1:39.14                             Mt Pleasant     2007  MP Relays (1st)
   Vashti Thomas-11, Marsha Brown-11, Diedre Pettigrue-12, Jeneba Tarmoh-12 
800 Medley    1:44.97        (100-100-200-400)    St Francis      1988  ?? Meet ??
4x800         9:10.96                             Mitty           2005  Stanford (1st)
  (McKayla Plank-12[2:16.5], Janelle English-11[2:19.8], Renisha Robinson-10[2:16.9], Christine Whalen-12[2:17.7])
Distance Med 11:41.28       (1200-400-800-1600)   SLV             2000  Penn Relays (1st)
  (R Barrientos 3:42.1, Scarborough :57.7, Whiting 2:17.0, A Barrientos 4:44.5)
4x1600       20:45.43                             Aptos           2012  Arcadia (4th)
  (Clare Peabody (5:10), Jackie Stanger (5:16), Yulisa Abundis (5:18), Nikki Hiltz (4:58.5)   Video

4x2 Mile     45:30.0y (45:14.30c)                 St Francis      1982  Postal (1st)
  (Susan Brodie 11:07.1, Kim Himenes 11:24.4, Dana Rositano 11:26.9, Karen Himenes 11:31.6) reported as Individuals
5x2 Mile     57:37.8y (57:17.88c)                 St Francis      1982  Postal (1st)
  (Susan Brodie 11:07.0, Kim Himenes 11:24.0, Dana Rositano 11:26.0, Karen Himenes 11:31.6, Rossman 12:09.2) reported under Team Times
5x2 Mile     57:39.2y (57:19.27c)                 St Francis      1982  Postal (1st)
  (Susan Brodie 11:07.1, Kim Himenes 11:24.4, Dana Rositano 11:26.9, Karen Himenes 11:31.6, Rossman 12:09.2) reported as Individuals
Javelin        196'01"       Cathy Sulinski       El Camino/SSF   1976  CTRN (Sept'91)
Pentathlon    3300           Wendy Brown (So)     Woodside        1982  Bay Area Pent (1st)
Heptathlon    4655           Mariah Rogers        Prospect        2010  Arcadia (4th)
Hammer         156'09"       Lindsay McKee        Santa Teresa    2012  UCSC Throwers Meet (1st)
Shot (3.6K)     45'02.75"    Susan Springer       Salinas         1979  CCS (1st)
Baseball Toss  195'06"       Helen Howell         San Jose        1922  PAL (1st)

100             10.37 w2.2   RUBIN WILLIAMS       VALLEY CHRISTIAN 2002  CCS (1st)
                10.41        TONY MILLER (Jr)     RIORDAN         1987  CCS (1st)
               (Ato Bolton is listed in SJMN with a 10:24 at MHAL (1st) in '91 but it is believed those marks are HAND)
200             20.57        CALVIN HARRISON      NORTH SALINAS   1993  GWI (2nd) 
[200            20.35        TONY MILLER (Jr)     RIORDAN         1987  Top 8 (1st) - but... ]
[ all subsequent Top 8 results show the Meet Record by Miller '87 as a Hand-Time 21.1 so I'm listing both marks.]
400             45.25        CALVIN HARRISON      NORTH SALINAS   1993  State (1st)
800 (1:50.6y) 1:50.10c       RICK BROWN           LOS ALTOS       1970  State (1st) & CCS (1st)
1600          4:05.47hc      MARK STILLMAN        WILLOW GLEN     1977  State (1st) 4:06.9 mile
3200          8:52.11        JESSIE TORRES        INDEPENDENCE    1981  State (3rd)
110HH (39")     13.65        ERICK MONTGOMERY     INDEPENDENCE    1983  Reg 3 (1st)
                13.65        JOE NAIVALU          FREMONT         1996  CCS (1st)
300LH (33")     35.81y (36.10c)ERICK MONTGOMERY   INDEPENDENCE    1983  CCS (1st)
300IH (36")     36.26        JOE NAIVALU          FREMONT         1996  State (2nd)
H J              7'3"        JEFF ROGERS          OVERFELT        1985  CCS (1st)
L J             26'0"        JOHNNY CLEVELAND     SOQUEL          1984  GWI (2nd)
T J             50'11.5"     HAROLD RUCKER        SILVER CREEK    1986  CCS (1st)
P V             17'06.25"    NICO WEILER (Jr)     LOS GATOS       2007  CCS (1st)  VIDEO HERE
S P             65'10"       STEVE WILHELM        FREMONT         1967  GWI (2nd)
DISC           204'10"       NIK KAY              LOS GATOS       2003  CCS (1st)
400 RELAY       41.15                             MT. PLEASANT    1992  Top 8 (1st)  VIDEO
  [Jason Pennywell (12), Jarron Turner (11), Robert Rice (11), Richard DuPree (12)]
1600 RELAY    3:14.14f                            INDEPENDENCE    1988  Reg 3 (1st)
  [Ken McKelvey (12), Hector Siqueros (12), Benari Burroughs (12), John Montgomery (12)]

100Yds           9.56        Bill Green           Cubberley       1979  CCS (1st)

220  (Straight) 20.5 w+2     John Figueroa        Sunnyvale       1964  SCVAL (1st)
110HH (42")     13.91        Joe Naivalu          Fremont         1996  ??Meet ??
180LH(DNI)      18.8         Tom Stevens          Menlo           1961  Bay Counties League (1st)
                18.9         Gary Gaskill         Carlmont        1961  Sequoia Dist Finals (1st)
180LH(Straight) 18.9         Scott Skillman (So)  Campbell        1971  CCS (1st)
                18.9         David Jakle          Los Altos       1974  TFN (#10)
180LH (Turn)    18.9         Gene Delk            Andrew Hill     1967  State (3rd)
220LH           23.1         Bill Smith           San Mateo       1944  NCS (1st)
330LH           35.81        Erick Montgomery     Independence    1983  CCS (1st)
400IH           51.81        Coke Edmon           Bellarmine      1994  Jr Natl's (3rd)
1500          3:54.78        Daniel Sikiric       Leland          1996  WV Rel (1st)
              3:54.6h        Jeff Purrington      Willow Glen     1981  en-route
3000          8:21.3         Jessie Torres        Independence    1981  TFN (#6) en-route
3 Mile       13:56.4         Mitch Kingerey (Jr)  San Carlos      1973  Postal (2nd)
5000         14:38.8         Mike Ryan            Wilcox          1965  TFN (#1)
6 Mile       30:07.2         Rich McCandless      Westmont        1973  TFN (#8)
10,000       30:18.41        Brett Gotcher        Aptos           2002  Jr Natl's (3rd)
1 Hour      11m, 550y        Jack Bellah          Leigh           1972  TFN (#4)
Marathon   2:23:47.0         Mitch Kingerey (So)  San Carlos      1973  West Valley Marathon (2nd)
1600SC        4:53.6         Russell Hill         Andrew Hill     1986  WV Rel (1st)
2000 Steeple  6:15.00        Nathan Huerta (Jr)   N Monterey      2004  AOC (9th)
3000 Steeple  9:35.99        Nathan Huerta (Jr)   N Monterey      2004  Jr Natl's (6th)
4x110HH       1:02.19                             Bellarmine      2006  Arcadia (1st)
  (Thomas Phillips, JR 15.6, Jalai Beauchman, SR 16.4, Joseph Mirabeau, SR 15.1, Napoleon Greene, SR 15.2)
4x110HH/LH      56.6c (56.7yd)                    Cupertino       1974  Cureton Relays (1st)
  (Don Finley, Arin Nelson, Mark Mildbrant Dave Mildbrant)
    (runners 1 & 3 ran HIGHS, while runners 2 & 4 ran LOWS)
4x110LH         55.6yd                            Carlmont        1968  El Cerrito Relays (4th)
4x110LH         55.5yd   (NCS-Pre CCS)            Hollister       1946  Hollister Inv Relays (1st)
4x70HH          35.2                              Mt Pleasant     1976  Martinez Relays
  (T. Durio, E. McPherson, Curry, D. Reed)
4X200         1:27.03f  (1:27.4y)                 Menlo-Atherton  1960  Fresno Relays (1st)
  (Dick Burns-12, Hugh Smith-??, Willie Waller-12, Jim Cheatham-11)
8X200         3:01.58f  (3:02.5y)                 Los Altos       1967  Hill-Kiwanis Invite (1st)
Sprint Med    3:26.8         (200-200-400-800)    Independence    1988  ?? Meet ??
800 Medley    1:33.97        (100-100-200-400)    Bellarmine      2011  SF Inv (1st)
  (George Armistead-12, Joey Colucci-11, Justin Montgomery-12, Andre Chapman-12)
              1:33.97        (100-100-200-400)    San Benito Holl 2011  Arcadia (2nd)
  (Michael Bocksnick-10, Zack Nitzel-11, Scott Medina-12, Jason Roascio-12)
4x800         7:48.86                             Bellarmine      1990  MSAC (2nd)
  (Chris Moschella, EJ Sarralle, Pat Kelly 2:00.0, Destah Owens 1:54.0)
4x1600       17:23.6c 17:30.8y                    Leigh           1979  ?? Meet ??
4x2 Mile     37:35.6y (37:22.65c)                 Homestead       1968  Postal (1st)
   (Christianson 9:16.9, Ferguson 9:17.2, Brassell 9:26.0, Flynn 9:35.4)
5x2 Mile     47:11.1y (46:54.82c)                 Homestead       1968  Postal (1st) NR
   (Christianson 9:16.9, Ferguson 9:17.2, Brassell 9:26.0, Flynn 9:35.4, Hanes 9:35.6)
2 man 10 mi  49:10.0y Barry Pollard & Shane Roger Mt Pleasant     1970  Postal (1st) NR (FROSH)
Dist Med     10:09.2c 10:13.8y(1200-400-800-1600) Wilcox          1965  TFN (#2)
                              (    -   -   - Mike Ryan)
Shot Put(6K)    59'08.75"    Colin Quirke         Los Gatos       2008  BACAA Regionals
Shot Put(16lb)  54'07"       Bruce Wilhelm        Fremont         1963  TFN (#2)
Discus(Coll)   169'00"       Chris Adams          Los Altos       1970  TFN (#1)
Hammer(12lbs)  219'02"       Kevin McMahon        Bellarmine      1990  Jr Natl's (1st/2nd)
Hammer(16lbs)  178'06"       Marc Mazzoni         Bellarmine      1995  Jr Natl's (1st)
25lb Weight     55'02"       Nik Kay              Los Gatos       2003  LGAC#3 (1st)
Javelin(New)   214'07"       Greg Johnson         Menlo School    1990  CTRN (Oct'91)
Decathlon (HS) 6971          Tom McGraw           Los Gatos       1981  Jr Olys (1st)
Decathlon (Col)6384          Shawn Collins        Los Gatos       1986  USA Vs Canada Jrs (5th)

Miscellaneous Records
4X200 (coed)  1:37.63f  (1:38.2y)                 San Carlos      1980  Saratoga Coed Relays (1st)

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Below you will find links to the Top 100 All-Time CCS marks, all conditions accepted.  What this means is
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also be included.  Given that Electronic Timing and Wind Guages were not commonly used at large meets
in the 70's & 80's and is still not commonly used, I felt it unfair to not recognize those marks in 
the lists below.  There is also a Legal only Top 10 List that is maintained by Steve Nelson (Mt Pleasant)
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