Lynbrook : State Finals - 05/31 & 06/01, 2002

Friday (May 31) from the Lynbrook campus (Parking lot) at 7:00 AM

Car 1 - Coach Garcia, Coach Lawson (room for 8)
Car 2 - Is one needed?

Arrive to Norwalk and check in by 1:30
Shot Competition starts at 3:00 - Top 9 qualify for Saturdays Finals
Time between shot and disc is undecided - whatever Kim needs
Disc checkin at 5:00 with competition beginning at 6:00 - Top 9 to Finals.

Return to Hotel - lights out at a reasonable hour.

Saturday - Explore the Norwalk Area?  
Shot checkin at 4:00 - competition begins at 5:00
Disc checkin at 6:00 - competition begins at 7:00

Sunday - Go to Magic Mountain (bring a swim suit)

Back to Lynbrook by midnight (at the latest)

Click on STATE MEET above to get more info on the meet and location.

Hotel is $59 a night (we'll split it up based on # of people)
Gas is about $15 a person
State Meet admission $6.00 w/student ID, $10 General admission
Magic Mtn about $40
State Meet T-Shirt about $15
State Meet program $3
Food ???

Kim Gleeson
Kim's Family
Darrin Garcia
Hank Lawson
Tim Weiner
Sheridon McPherson
Durrell Roberts
Chris Deal
Dan Rimmer
Jeff Whitsett
Aya Wakabayashi