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Tale of the Tape - NON Girls 2 Milers
Ashley Brasovan vs. Kathleen McCafferty vs. Emily Jones - 2008 Nike Outdoor Nationals
Compiled by Laura Magee and Dave Devine

A feature in which we pit some of the top high school athletes in the country head-to-head over a series of topics that have little to do with track.

NON Girls
2 Milers
What is your "trademark" look when racing?What is your favorite ice cream flavor?What song really gets you pumped up?
What is your favorite motivational quote?What would your dream summer vacation be?
Most important issue debated in the presidential election?


When I can, I like to wear my pink spandex shorts and mismatched socks.
Coldstone's sweet cream with graham crackers mixed in

Paramore's Crushcrushcrush

Live every day like
it's your last.
(more of a mantra
I live by

Scuba diving in Australia.
I am not really into politics that much because I won't be able to vote in the upcoming election.

Right before I take off on the last lap, my dad noticed that I put my head down almost like a horse does.



by Kanye West
"I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure" - Eric Liddle, Chariots of Fire

Travel to Paris, France and spend the summer there. I have taken French for 6 years in school and can speak it almost fluently.

Abortion- I'm pro life all the way!

practical & comfortable

Chocolate Chip

The Distance

by Cake
"It is hard to fail, but
it is worse never
to have tried to succeed."
Backpacking through Europe.

the environment
& the war in Iraq

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