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Outdoors 09

Meant to bridge the midweek interval between the meet-intensive weekends during the season, the DyeStat Interval Sessions are an opportunity to get to know some of the top male and female high school athletes from around the country. Each week, we'll head out for a quick interval session with one boy and one girl making headlines on the outdoor national scene this spring.

Interval Session #128 - Chalonda Goodman GA

(recalling 2007 NON) "That year was mind blowing!  It certainly was a shock to me to win both the 100 and 200 against a field of athletes such as Gabby Mayo and Tiffany Townsend.  I was just the little sophomore girl who no one hardly knew.  The memories that stick in my mind the most from the meet is turning around after finishing the 100 and seeing my name flash across the screen with a number one by it, and I immediately jumped up and down, praising God.READ MORE

Interval Session #127 - Andrew Springer RI

"My personal goal is to go out and do my best in whatever race I'm in.  I can do that just as well in a relay as I can running individually.  Actually, some of my breakout performances individually have been after a really good relay leg when I was putting it all out there to get the team a good place.  I wasn't thinking about the time, but once I got a good time, it gave me the confidence to go do the same thing in my own race.READ MORE

Interval Session #126 - Ellie McCardwell IN

"My first pole vault practice consisted of me running down the runway from about 30 feet, using a really small 10-foot pole and jumping a couple feet off the ground into the pit. It was so awkward for me holding the pole and running at the same time. I wasn’t very good at all my freshman year, but it gave my coaches and me something to laugh about; we had a good time goofing off and I really had a great time with it.READ MORE

Interval Session #125 - James Taylor VA

"It was crazy, because I had no interest in track – I didn’t like to run.  But one day I just found myself on the track.  I say it was God, because after awhile Coach had given up and I was certain I was not going to run, so I say God had a lot to do with this.READ MORE

Interval Session #124 - Heather Bergmann KS

"I started track practice a couple of weeks late due to our basketball team making it to the state finals.  It's taken a lot of mental and physical preparation throughout the entire year to get where I am now.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't hit 160 this year, but I know now that I am peaking at the right time.READ MORE

Interval Session #123 - Justin Shirk PA

"Sam [Crouser] is someone who I have heard of over the past couple weeks and followed...Right when I came home after states I went on Dyestat and saw that he threw the 231’1”.  National rankings and matchups against the top throwers really drive me, because I want to be the best and stay on top.  With him throwing that far, it will only push me to throw farther. The sky is the limit right now.READ MORE

Interval Session #122 - Amanda Winslow GA

"I made a definite decision that in the mile it was all out or nothing. I went back to the hotel and changed my facebook status to: "Amanda is no longer afraid...ready for that mile...I will run fast or die tonight on that track. There is no other option." There really wasn't an option, this being my last time wearing the big "CH." ... It was one of those few races where I really feel like I gave almost everything.  When I saw 4:44 I was quite shocked.READ MORE

Interval Session #121 - Cas Loxsom CT

"I was leading a four-mile run around one of our city neighborhoods, with the rest of my team close behind.  A woman apparently looked out her window as we ran by, and next thing we know, a police cruiser rolls up on us.  She had seen a single white kid being followed at a pretty good clip by 10 other black kids and called in a gang violence report.  We still laugh about that one quite a bit."  READ MORE

Interval Session #120 - Chelsey Sveinsson TX

"I still love the rush of the 800m and the challenging mile, but I am also developing a respect for the 3200m that I never had before.  Last season, the idea of running eight laps around the track made me sick –  not because I thought it would be hard, but because I thought it would be boring.  But since running the 3200 in the Texas Relays, I have developed a "crush" on the event.  I am really looking forward to running it at NON."  READ MORE

Interval Session #119 - Ben Jackson AK

"In the high jump I’ve been jumping at 6-4, and then skipping up to 6-8, then skipping to 7-feet.  So, I only jumped 6-10 once.  I’ve cleared 7-2 in practice, but haven’t been over 7-feet in a meet yet.  I’m definitely looking for more soon."  READ MORE

Interval Session #118 - Aslynn Halvorson NC

"Nike and Penn Relays are definitely my most exciting victories to date, with both involving comeback throws that happened to be a gift from God. However, I feel that my most memorable victory was when my high school's women's track team won the North Carolina 4A Outdoor State Championship last year. I personally did not throw my greatest at that meet, but my team, out of nowhere and unexpectedly, won. It was an awesome experience."  READ MORE

Interval Session #117 - Ken Gilstrap GA

"I just didn’t execute last season.  I got a little complacent and took things for granted and I look back and say, Dang, I am behind.  This year I just went back to the old me.  I just got hungrier and noticed I am not running for myself.  I run for GOD, and to provide for my loved ones in the future and have fun while doing it.READ MORE

Interval Session #116 - Ebony Eutsey FL

"I want to go to all of the national meets to be able to compete against the best and accomplish my goals I have set from the beginning of the year ... I am interested in Nike Outdoor Nationals because it would be a great experience and I have never competed at that level before ... It is very important for me to qualify for the World Youth Meet because I want to be recognized by everyone in track and field for what I have done and what I am planning on doing."  READ MORE

Interval Session #115 - Jeremy Rae CAN

"Sub-4 definitely has the same mystique and aura up here in Canada. Three Canadian high schoolers have done it (Nathan Brannen, Kevin Sullivan, and Marc Oleson), and have all gone on to do incredible things on the track, so joining that list would definitely be an incredible feat. I do, however, understand the difficulty of dipping under the barrier, which is why it's not one of my immediate goals, but more just a bonus if the season goes perfectly..."  READ MORE

Interval Session #114 - Andrea Geubelle WA

"At the beginning of the track season I was practicing in 28-degree weather and it was snowing.  Then later on, our pits and runways were flooded due to the rain.  This week we finally got some good weather and it is definitely exciting...everyone has their obstacles.  You must fight through them, and mine have made me a stronger competitor. As for people knowing me, at first nobody did, but now I think we are all pretty familiar with each other."  READ MORE

Interval Session #113 - James White MO

(on what drove him at the Kansas Relays) "The thing that drove me the most was that I really wanted to break the state record.  I also wanted my name at the No. 1 spot on the national rankings.  It was a perfect day to try to break a record.READ MORE

Interval Session #112 - Kori Carter CA

"The difference between the 300H and the 400H is the 400H hurts a lot more.  When I try to explain the 400H to other people, I tell them to think of how the "bear" gets them at the kick spot in the open 400, and then to imagine hurdling 30-inch barriers after that.  The 300H is more of a sprint and a little more aggressive than the 400H, which is more rhythmic."  READ MORE

Interval Session #111 - Nathan Mathabane OR

"The fact that there were 27 other runners in that [Arcadia 3200] race didn't really help my "slow-start" strategy, but it made it a lot of fun to run. I really wanted to break 9:00 in my first 3200, so I was very happy when I got that. I think, all in all, that I'm at a great place right now in terms of my ability to sustain a fast pace for a solid distance. Now comes the speed."  READ MORE

Interval Session #110 - Taylor Burke OH

"My goals for this outdoor season are to contribute to my team by doing my best at high jump and running events.  I also want to finish stronger at the state meet and improve my finish at Nike Outdoor Nationals.  At every meet, I have the state record lurking in the back of my mind.  Records are made to be broken, right?"  READ MORE

Interval Session #109 - Reed Connor TX

"I do think about Foot Locker sometimes, but not much. I knew going into the season, I was skipping Foot Locker and going to NXN ...  As far as Trevor Dunbar and Solomon Haile are concerned, I do wonder what it would be like to race them.  Nobody will ever know what it would have been like if I had run Foot  Locker last year, but I can say it would have been very hard to beat me last cross country season; I was like a high speed train with no brakes.READ MORE

Interval Session #108 - Jasmin Stowers SC

"Going to Ostrava to compete against the best in the world was awesome.  I met new people, not only from the U.S, but people from everywhere.  To me, it was like the miniature Olympics.  We were treated like we were the best.  I had the opportunity to see other cultures and appreciate my country, because everyone isn't as fortunate as the United States.  It made me realize how lucky I was running for the United States."  READ MORE

Interval Session #107 - Sam Humphreys TX

"I think my biggest victory was to come back after a serious injury last year, and then have one of the best seasons of my life by winning the USATF Junior Olympics. About two months before the USATF Jr. Nationals, I broke my right foot practicing.  I had to have surgery to put a 6cm screw in my foot to hold the bone together.  I got released to ‘start’ practicing just 1 week before the first J.O. qualifier.  So, coming back from this injury to win was a definite high."  READ MORE

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