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INDEX - Tom Achtien , Dorcas Akinniyi , Erica Alexander, Paul Annear , Megan Arias , Justin Austin , Holly Banaian, Michael Barbas, Lauren Batterham , Brianne Beemer, Adam Behnke, Molly Binder, Sam Bird, Nadya and Nastia Bishton, Brittany Borman, Joe Bossard , Carissa Bowman, Matthew Brinkley , Jarard Bruner , Bryce Burgess, Lauren Burnham , Natosha Buruse , Hallie Busta, Chris Caldwell , Patrick Campbell, Renato Campos , Sarah Canter, Kevin Carney , Micsha Carson , Trey Charles, Aisha Chisholm , James Clark , Rachael Clay, Morgan Clem, Emma Coburn, Nicole Cochran , Caitlin Comfort , Devan Coon , Steve Couch , Alyssa Covington , Ashley Cromartie , Kelcie Daniels, Lyndy Davis , Chris Derrick, Emily DeVries , Blaire and Brooke Dinsdale, Frankie Dioguard, Nura Dureti ,

  Tom Achtien - York HS, IL
University of Illinois

  Tom Achtien. Photo submitted by Tom Achtien

  Dorcas Akinniyi - Creekview HS, TX
University of Wisconsin

  Dorcas Akinniyi
Photo submitted by Akingbade Akinniyi


  Erica Alexander - Clear Brook HS, TX
University of Southern California


  Erica Alexander (seated, center) with (Sitting, L-R) Nedra Alexander (mother), Ella Simpson (grandmother), and (Standing, L-R): Steven Kees (Clear Brook Assistant Principal), Anthony Miles (family friend); Tracy Hutcherson (Texas Storm Club Coach), Eric Alexander II (brother), Carlos Bowie (Texas Storm Club Coach), Amy Bull (Clear Brook H.S. Girls Coach), Eric Alexander (Father). Photo submitted by Nedra Alexander

  Paul Annear - Richland Center HS, WI
University of Wisconsin


  Paul Annear.
Photo submitted by Kim Annear


  Megan Arias - Poly HS, CA
San Jose State University

  Megan Arias. Photo submitted by Megan Arias

  Justin Austin - Browndeer HS, WI
University of Kentucky


  Justin Austin (seated, second from rt)
Photo submitted by Corey Folds


  Holly Banaian - Manchester Memorial HS, NH
Quinnipiac University

  Holly Banaian (center), with Coach Scott Hastings (left) and Coach Kurt Schulz (right). Photo submitted by Roy Harrison

  Michael Barbas - Houston Jersey Village HS, TX
Duke University
  Michael Barbas. Photo submitted by Serghios Barbas 

  Lauren Batterham - Naperville Central HS, IL
Pepperdine University
  Lauren Batterham (second from left) with 2007 4x400m relay team after state prelims.
Photo submitted by Lauren Batterham

  Brianne Beemer - Mountain View HS, CO
University of Colorado
  Brianne Beemer (seated) with her parents. Photo submitted by Kevin Clark

  Adam Behnke - Lutheran South HS, MO
Columbia University
  Adam Behnke (front and center) with (front row) father Tim Behnke, mom Tami Behnke and (back row) LHSS Cross Country Coach Nate Johnston, sister Amanda Behnke, brother Aaron Behnke, and LHSS Track Coach Scott DeNoyer. Photo submitted by Tami Behnke

  Molly Binder - Lincoln-Sudbury HS, MA
Wake Forest University
  Molly Binder (seated) with (standing, L-R) LS Athletic Director Nancy O'Neil, LS Distance Coach Chris Tarello, and LS Head Coach Mel Gonsalves.
Photo submitted by Chris Tarello


  Sam Bird - Northrop HS, IN
University of Kansas


  Sam Bird (seated, center) with parents Gary and JoAnn Bird.
Photo submitted by Trent Sanderson


  Nadya and Nastia Bishton - Mountain Ridge HS, AZ
Nastia to Arizona State U. - Nadya to U. of Wisconsin
  From left, Nastia Bishton, Mountain Ridge coach Don Tate, Nadya Bishton, and Mountain Ridge Coach Stephanie Witkemper. Photo submitted by Don Tate

  Brittany Borman - Festus HS, MO
  Brittany Borman (front and center) . Photo submitted by Laura Bowman

  Joe Bossard - Crested Butte, CO
University of Colorado


  Joe Bossard (seated, center)
Photo submitted by Trent Sanderson


  Carissa Bowman - Martin Luther King HS, CA
Biola University


  Carissa Bowman (seated, center) with parents Don and Sandy.
Photo submitted by Brad Peters


  Matthew Brinkley - Meade HS, MD
Iowa State University


  Matthew Brinkley (center) with (L-R) Ruth Brinkley (mother) and Calvin Brinkley (father). Photo submitted by Nigel Holder

  Jarard Bruner - South Grand Prairie HS, TX
University of Texas


  Jarard Bruner (seated, center) with (L-R) Coach Ken Graber, Thlema Moultrie(aunt), Raymond Bruner (father), Julian Bruner(brother),and Sharon Bruner(mother/Coach).
Photo submitted by Jarard Bruner


  Natosha Buruse - Ridgefield HS, WA
Oregon State University


  Natosha Buruse (seated, center) with parents Terri and Shell
Photo submitted by Cynthis Castro


  Hallie Busta - Jackson HS, OH
Northwestern University

  Hallie Busta (seated) with (L-R) Greg Shadle (Assistant XC Coach ), Rick Neitzelt (Track Coach) and Kevin Walsh (XC Coach). Photo submitted by Anna Busta

  Bryce Burgess - Franklin HS, OR
University of Oregon


  Bryce Burgess(seated, center) with (standing, L-R) Lisa Burgess (mother), John Burgess (father) and Ian Burgess (brother). Photo submitted by Bryce Burgess

  Lauren Burnham - Eldorado HS, NM
Pepperdine University


  Lauren Burnham
Photo submitted by Lauren Burnham

  Chris Caldwell - Lake Oswego HS, OR
Furman University

  Chris Caldwell (seated center) with (L-R) Laura Caldwell (mother) and Michael Caldwell (father). Photo submitted by Mike Caldwell

  Patrick Campbell - Mooresville HS, NC
North Carolina State
  Patrick Campbell (seated) with (standing, L-R) Coach Michael Serefine (High School Track/Cross Country Coach), Mom (Patricia Campbell), Dad (Mike Campbell) and Coach Ron Patterson (Middle School Track coach). Photo submitted by Mike Serefine

  Renato Campos - Kent School, CT
Pepperdine University


  Renato Campos.
Photo submitted by Renato Campos


  Sarah Canter - Bearden HS, TN
University of South Florida
  Sarah Canter (front and center) with (seated L-R) David Canter (Father) and Karen Shotwell (Mother), and (standing, L-R) Shelly McDonald (Aunt), Hunter Fendley (Coach), Adam Canter (Brother), Steve Prince (Coach), Matt Canter (Brother), Don Canter (Grandfather), and Welsey Shotwell (Step-Father). Photo submitted by Karen Shotwell

  Kevin Carney - Father Ryan HS, TN
University of Kentucky


  Kevin Carney(seated, center) with ( seated L-R) Pam (mother), Dave(father) and coaches(standing) Jan Pippin and Doug Jones .
Photo submitted by Dave Carney


  Mischa Carson - Chandler HS, AZ
Morgan State University
  Mischa Carson with Ruth Carson (mother).
Photo submitted by Ralph Jones


  Trey Charles - Marietta HS, GA
Mississippi State University
  Trey Charles (seated, right). Photo submitted by Tina Charles

  Aisha Chisholm - New Rochelle HS, NY
Robert Morris University


  Aisha Chisholm (seated, center) with (L-R) Elizabeth Mott (friend), Cherise Chisholm (aunt), Jerica Torres (friend), Coach Andy Capellan, Belinda Chisholm (mom),
Photo submitted by Andy Capellan


  James Clark - Thomas Haney Secondary School, BC, Canada
University of Idaho


  James Clark (seated, center) with (L-R) Principal Tjernagel, Coach Cindy Foley, Coach Andrew Lenton
Photo submitted by Greg Clark


  Rachael Clay - Rossford HS, OH
Miami University (OH)
  Rachael Clay with (standing( Todd Eckel, head coach, and (seated) Jamie Clay (dad), and Juile Clay(mom). Photo submitted by Rachael Clay

  Morgan Clem - Eastmont HS, WA
Washington State U.
  Morgan Clem - photo submitted by Julie McAllister

  Emma Coburn - Crested Butte Community School, CO
University of Colorado
  Emma Coburn (center) with (L-R) Track Coach Bill Quiggle, Cross Country Coach Charlotte Camp, Principal Stephanie Niemi and Track Coach Trent Sanderson.
Photo submitted by Trent Sanderson


  Nicole Cochran - Bellarmine Preparatory School, WA
Harvard University
  Nicole Cochran (#39, Bellarmine Invite 2006)
Photo submitted by Nicole Cochran


  Caitlin Comfort - Peoria Notre Dame HS, IL
University of Wisconsin
  Caitlyn Comfort (center).
Photo submitted by Julie Comfort


  Devan Coon - Schuylkill Valley HS, PA
Arizona State University
  Devan Coon (center) with (L-R) Terry McKechnie (SV Head Track Coach) and John Barber (Tri-County Express Track Club Head Coach)
Photo submitted by Diana York


  Steve Couch - Naperville Central HS, IL
Harvard University

  Steve Couch
Photo submitted by Nancy Couch


  Alyssa Covington - Borah HS, ID
University of Idaho


  Alyssa Covington (seated,center) with (L-R) Chester Gray(head coach), Kristi Covington (mom), Clarence Covington (dad), and Bryan Stith (coach)
Photo submitted by Clarence Covington


  Ashley Cromartie - Roxbury HS, NJ
University of Maryland
  Ashley Cromartie (seated, center) with (L-R) Assima Cromartie (mother), Anthony Cromartie (father), and Sherry Sikora (coach).
Photo submitted by Ashley Cromartie


  Kelcie Daniels - Forest Hills Northern HS, MI
DePaul University
  Kelcie Daniels with Coach Tony Sultini. Photo submitted by Kelcie Daniels

  Lyndy Davis - Monroe HS, WA
University of Portland


  Lyndy Davis. Photo submitted by Janice Davis

  Chris Derrick - Neuqua Valley HS, IL
Stanford University


  Chris Derrick. Photo submitted by Janet Derrick

  Emily DeVries - Stephens HS, SD
North Dakota State University


  Emily DeVries (seated, center) with (seated L-R) Kathleen (mother), Joel (father), (standing L-R) 4e Flaagan(XC Coach), Lyle Pagel (hurdles coach), and Paul Hendry (Head T&F Coach) .
Photo submitted by 4eFlaagan


  Blaire and Brooke Dinsdale - North Tama HS, IA
University of Nebraska


  Blaire and Brooke Dinsdale (seated, L-R) with parents Shelby Dinsdale and Mark Dinsdale. Photo submitted by Blaire Dinsdale

  Frankie Dioguardi - Massapequa HS, NY
The Citadel


  Frankie Dioguardi (seated, center) with (seated, L-R) parents Frank Sr. and Tracy Dioguardi and (standing, L-R) Dr. Grossane, Principal; Mr. Piotrowski, Vice Principal; Mr. Bishko, Athletic Director; Mike Dioguardi; Mr. Ryan, Coach; Mr. Lisa, Coach.
Photo submitted by Frankie Dioguardi


  Nura Dureti - Roosevelt HS, OR
Cascade College


  Nura Dureti
Photo submitted by Bryant Howard


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