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6th IAAF World Youth Championships

Wed.-Sun., July 8-12, 2009

Day 1 - Wednesday

Day 1 Results - Highlights - What's on tap - Mike Kennedy Reports

Crouser gets discus silver; lots of great prelims for Team USA

World Youth #1s Ashton Purvis CA, Prezel Hardy TX (through 2 rounds of 100s), and Ebony Eutsey FL (400) all advanced Wednesday.
Photos by PhotoRun

Flash Highlights

  • B Discus final - Ryan Crouser OR took the silver with 202-02 after leading the first four rounds.  Alex Thompson IL was 4th with 195-10
  • G 100 quarters - Ashton Purvis CA won heat 2 in 11.68 (+0.7w) and Jordan Clark MI stunned with another PR, 11.58 (+0.9) in heat 4 (fastest overall) to establish herself as a key medal contender as both rolled to the semis
  • B 400 heats - Josh Mance CA won heat 6 of 8 and ran the fastest time overall with 46.88 to advance to the semis
  • G 1500 heats - Chelsey Sveinsson TX was 2nd in heat 2 in 4:20.08, trailing only the big PR of Ethiopia's Gete Dima (4:14.71), to automatically qualify for the final.  Cory McGee MS was 5th in heat 1 in 4:25.66 and will advance as the first time qualifier
  • G 400 heats - Ebony Eutsey FL cruised to a 54.97 to win heat 2 of 6, while Michelle Brown NJ zipped 54.39 to take heat 3 - with the best time overall.  Both advance to the semis
  • B 100 quarters - Prezel Hardy TX improved sharply to 10.57 (+0.7w), 2nd to Aaron Brown CAN in heat 4, but 2nd best overall, too.  Colin Hepburn IL 7th in heat 2, 10.95 (+0.7), does not advance
  • G Triple Jump qualifying - Ciarra Brewer CA leapt 41-11.50 (+0.3w) on her only attempt to auto-qualify 4th out of Group B.  A'Lexus Brannon TX jumped 39-08.50 (+0.8w) in Group A for 15th and did not qualify
  • G High Jump qualifying - Shanay Briscoe TX had a clean record through 5-09.75 to qualify 2nd out of Group A, while Tara Richmond CA had two clutch clearances after misses to also hit 5-09.75 and qualify 6th out of Group B
  • G 2k ST heats - McKinzie Schulz IL was 4th in heat 1 with 6:51.07, then Eleanor Fulton CO was 3rd in heat 2 with a big PR and US#2 6:41.77.  Both are auto qualifiers for the final.  Fulton set a US soph HS record and became #5 all-time US
  • B Long Jump qualifying - Leon Samuels NC leapt 24-02.50 (+1.8) to qualify 3rd out of Group A, and Carlton Lavong PA went 24-02.25 for 6th out of Group B, advancing both to the finals
  • G 400 Hurdles heats - Angelica Weaver CA was 4th in heat 2 of 3 in 1:01.64 to advance to the final on time.  Katie Nelms CA ran 1:01.85 in heat 3 and did not advance
  • B Octathlon - Justin Gross MD threw the shot 40-08.25 and ran the 400 in 54.94, putting him 14th after Day 1 with 2748 points
  • B 400 Hurdles - Jaron Roberson GA ran 1:02.91 in heat 2 and did not advance
  • B Discus Qualifying - Ryan Crouser OR wins Group B qualifying and is 1st overall with 205-04 on his only throw.  Alex Thompson IL hits 192-04 to place 2nd in Group A behind World Leader Hamid Manssour of Syria (205-00) and 3rd overall. Both advance to the final
  • G 100 heats - Ashton Purvis CA wins heat 1 in 11.57 (+1.9), the fastest of all the heats.  Jordan Clark MI wins heat 8 in 11.74 (-0.8), third fastest overall.  Both advance to the quarters
  • G 100H heats - Kori Carter CA wins heat 1 in 13.73 (+0.3), 5th fastest overall.  Bridgette Owens-Mitchell MI takes 2nd in heat 3 by .01, running 13.77 (+0.2) for 9th best overall. Both advance to the semis
  • B 100 heats - Prezel Hardy TX wins heat 6 in 10.83 (-0.5).  Colin Hepburn IL is 3rd in heat 7 in 10.95 (-0.5).  Both advance to the quarters
  • B 800 heats - Bronson Duran NM is 2nd in heat 3 in 1:54.57.  Quincy Downing is 6th in heat 8 in 1:58.58.  Only Duran advances to the semis
  • G SP qualifying - Lacie Rasley is 11th in Group A at 40-02.25.  Sarah Howard is 13th in Group B with 39-08.  Neither advances to the final
  • B Octathlon - Justin Gross MD is 11th after two events with 1516 points, running 11.37 100 (+1.1w) and jumping 21-10.75 LJ (+0.6)

Mike Kennedy Reports




             Ryan Crouser (Barlow, Gresham, Or.) took the lead with a first round throw of 202-00, with Travis Smiley of Jamaica second at 197-07 and Hamid Manssour of Syria third at 195-07.  Manssour moved into second with a second-round throw of 201-00, then took the lead in the fifth round at 203-03.  Crouser answered on the next throw, improving to 202-02 (61.64) but still remaining in second.  Crouser’s final-round throw of 198-11 fell short.  Manssour concluded the competition with a best of 211-07.  Alexander Thompson (Wennebago, Il.) was in fourth with a second round toss of 195-10.

100 Meters
First Three in Each Event Plus
Next Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

      HEAT ONE—Juquan Tan of China, making use of a slightly exaggerated stride pattern, had no trouble winning wire-to-wire in 10.65.  Jimmy Vicaut of France was second at 10.73 and Mateo Edward of Panama was third at 10.89.
     HEAT TWO—Moriba Morain of Trinidad and Tobacco, just has he did in the first round. was very impressive in the latter stages of the race, winning here in 10.61.  Giovanni Galbieri of Italy also finished well in 10.65.  Ratu Tabakaucoro of Fiji was third at 10.77.  Colin Hepburn (Glenview South, Glenview, Il.) was 7th in 10.95 and did not advance.
     HEAT THREE—Ryota Yamata of Japan, again using an excellent start, won his second race of the day, this time clocking 10.61 to defeat Richmond Collins of South Africa, at 10.78, and Jamol James of Trinidad and Tobacco, at 10.84.
    HEAT FOUR—Prezel Hardy (Ellison, Killeen, Tx.) and Geno Jones of Bahamas, in lanes four and five, were out together and ran that way for the first fifty meters -- but suddenly, in lane three, Aaron Brown of Canada again, just as he had done in the first round, shifted gears and pulled away for a 10.46 win.  Hardy was second at 10.57 and Jones was third at 10.79. 
     HEAT FIVE—Takumi Kuki of Japan had the early lead, but then had to hold off the closing burst of Xiang Huang of China for the win, 10.63 to 10.65.  Kemar Bailey-Cole of Jamaica was third at 10.77 and Carlos Rodriguez of Puerto Rico was the only time qualifier in the round at 10.80.

400 Meters
First Round
First Two in Each Heat Plus Eight Next
Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

HEAT SIX—--Josh Mance (Chino Hills, Ca.) went out hard—maybe too hard—and finished the same way with a 46.88.  Mance ranks third behind Kirani James of Granada on the yearly Junior list at 46.41.  Mohamed Chetoui of Algeria was second at 49.31.

    OTHER HEATS: Javere Bell of Jamaica had little trouble in winning heat one with a 48.16.  Frazer Wickes of New Zealand was second in 48.47.  Kirani James of Granada is the top ranked Youth in the world at 45.45 and last year placed second at the World Junior (under 20) championships.  Little wonder that he just toyed with this field, from lane eight yet, and won heat two easily in 48.25. Deon Lendore of Trinidad and Tobacco was second at 48.66.

Lestrod Roland of Saint Kitts and Neeves, running in lane eight, was out well and leading heat 3 until just before he came out of the final turn when Jacques De Swardt took over and went on to win, 47.88 to 47.97.  Davide Re of Italy was third at 48.15.  Ko Kayada of Japan set a moderately quick pace so must have been surprised to find himself almost alone down the final straight of heat four.  He still kept looking around as he finished in 48.88.  Awadelkarim Elyas of Sudan, running in lane two, sized up the field and by the time he came into the final straight he had the lead and went on to win heat five in 48.21. Nathan Wake of Britain was second in 48.50. 

Shogo Momike of Japan won heat seven, wire-to-wire, in 48.56.  In heat eight, Mamadou Kujabi of Gambia had the early lead and then it was Anthony Chemut of Kenya who had a small lead before Alexander Beck of Australia, whose best coming into the meet was 48.05, prevailed on the run to finish with a 47.98.  Chemut was second at 48.35. 

400-Meter Hurdles
First Round
Top Three in Each Heat Plus Next Four
Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

      HEAT ONE—Jose Bencoisme de Leon of Italy was an easy winner in 52.88.  Rasmus Magi of Estonia, at 53.48, just held off Amadou Ndiaye of Senegal, at 53.52, and Jose Castaneda of Mexico, at 53.55.
       HEAT TWO—Dmitriy Koblov of Kazakhstan, Juan Stenner of Mexico and Norge Sotomayor of Cuba battled each other over the final 100 meters with Koblov prevailing over Stenner, 53.20 to 53.95, and Sotomayor third at 53.96.  Jaron Roberson (Campbell, Smyra, Ga.) was trying to close on the top three in hopes of being a time qualifier, when he hit the final hurdle and fell.  He got up to finish in 62.91.
       HEAT THREE—Ziemowit Dutkiewicz of Poland and Razvan Tomozei of Romania were the early leaders, but coming off the final turn things had changed with Lorenzo Veroli of Italy holding a very slight lead over Jeremiah Mutai of Kenya.  Mutai moved to first but then had to hold off Dutgkiewicz, who recovered in the final 80 meters to close in for second, 52.85 to 52.86.  Veroli was third at 52.99.
     HEAT FOUR—Cornelius Kiptonui of Kenya appeared to have the early lead but coming off the final turn it was Seiya Kato of Japan, who had moved to the front.  Kato was just able to hold off Kiptonui, 53.13 to 53.14.  Juan Martinez of Dominican Republic was third at 54.25.

Long Jump
Top 15 Qualify for Final

     It is a good thing that the standard was not the top twelve jumpers, and that there was an automatic qualifying standard, because 15 jumpers bettered the automatic qualifying standard of 23-11½.  Carlton Lavong (Methacton, Norristown, Pa.) got an automatic qualifying jump of 24-2 ¼ on his first effort and Leon Samuels (Vance, Charlotte, N.C.) got his automatic qualifier on his second jump of 24-2 ½.  Stefan Brits of South Africa was the leading qualifier at 24-10 ½ on his first attempt followed by Yannick Roggarz of Germany at 24-6 ¼ and Supanare S.N.A. of Thailand at 24-5.  Five of the 15 automatic qualifiers got their best jump in the third round.  All but one of the 15 advanced with jumps of over 24-0.


Shot  Put

       Steffen Klink of Germany had the best throw of the competition at 52-4 ½, worth 849 points to move from third to first with 2,505 points.  Maksim Fayzulin of Russia dropped from first to second with has throw of 44-4 ¾, worth 699 points and a total of 2,414.  Kevin Mayer of France slipped from second to third after a throw of 44-2 ¾, worth 697 points and a total of 2,361.  Martin Roe of Norwalk had the second longest throw of the competition at 49-9 ¼, worth 800 points to move from 12th to sixth.  Justin Gross (McDonough, Owings Mills, Md.), threw 40-8 ¼ worth 631 points and a total of 2,147 good for 13th place.

400 Meters

       Steffen Klink of Germany had just the 12th best time at 52.28, but it was good enough for 713 points and allowed him to hold on to the lead with 3,218 points.  Maksim Fayzulin of Russia remained in second with 3,209 points after running 50.42 for 896 points to draw to within nine points of Klink.  Mold Al-Mannai of Qatar ran 50.29 for 801 points and a total of 3,151 to move from fourth to third.  Kevin Meyer of France dropped from third to four after running 50.56 for 789 points and a total of 3,150.  Justin Gross ran 54.94 for 601 points and a total of 2,748 to drop one place to 14th.

First Day Scores

       1. Steffen Klink (Germany), 3,218; 2. Maksim Fayzulin (Russia), 3,209; 3. Mohd Al-Mannai (Qatar), 3,151; 4. Kevin Mayer (France), 3,150; 5. Pavel Rudnev (Russia), 3,054. Others included: 14. Justin Gross (McDonough, Owings Mills, Md.), 2,748 points.


3,000 Meters

      By the half-way point in the race things had began to look very familiar with two Kenyans and two Ethiopians breaking away from the pack and just waiting for the sprint finish which began with one lap remaining.  Purity Rionoripo of Kenya and teammate Jackline Chepngeno, broke away for a one-two finish in 9:03.79 and 9:05.93.  Rionoripo ran her last 400 in 64.50 and her last 200 in 30.16.  Genet Yalew of Ethiopia was third at 9:08.95.  Emebet Anteneh of Ethiopia just held off the fast closing Moe Kyuma of Japan, 9:18.59 to 9:19.73 for fourth.  There were no U.S. entrants.

Shot Put

       Margaret Satupai of Samoa took the first round lead at 49-1, but the favorite Lena Urbaniak of Germany quickly moved into first with a second rounder of 50-1 ¾ that would wind up being the winning toss.  Yangxi Gong of China was in third after a first-round throw of 47-9.  Laurine Normann of Germany moved into third with a fourth-round throw of 47-10.75 (14.60), only to see Gong retake third with a fifth-round throw of 48-0 ¾.  There were no Americans in the final.

100 Meters
First Three in Each Event Plus Next
Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

    HEAT ONE—The powerful-looking Shaunna Thompson of Great Britain just dominated the race from start to finish, winning in 11.63.  Leah Walkeden of Canada was second, just holding off Anna Bongiorni of Italy, 11.96 to 11.98.
    HEAT TWO—Ashton Purvis (St. Elizabeth, Oakland, Ca.) again started strongly, but this time she almost let up too soon at Allison Peter of Virgin closed well to finish second, 11.68 to 11.70.  Mujinga Kimbundji of Switzerland was third at 11.91.
    HEAT THREE—Jodie Williams of Britain, not looking quite as awesome as she did in the morning heats, was an easy winner in 11.71.  Deandre Whitehorne of Jamaica was second at 11.93 and Stefanie Pahler of Germany was third at 11.93.  
    HEAT FOUR—Talk about amazing: Jordan Clark (Lathrop, Southfield, Mi.) is running with the confidence of someone with a lot more experience that she actually has.  The race was an NCer—as in no contest.  Clark led from start to finish, running 11.58 for the fastest time of the quarters.

400 Meters
First Round
First Three in Each Event Plus Next
Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

    HEAT TWO—Ebony Eutsey (Southridge, Miami, Fl.), the world Youth leader at 52.07, ran a very controlled race, move easily over the final 100 to win in 54.97.  Lilla Lorand of Hungary was second at 56.15 and Sandrae Farquharson of Jamaica was third at 56.28.
    HEAT THREE—Michelle Brown (Seneca, Tabernacle, N.J.) took the early lead, which she held until the top of the final straight, when Sandra Wagner of Sweden drew even with her.  Brown then put on a burst of speed to ensure the win in 54.39.  Wagner was second at 54.47 and Katherine Reid of Canada was third at 56.01. 
      HEAT FIVE—Katrina Seymour of Bahamas, in lane six,  had the early before Adelina Pastor of Romania, in lane two and Chizoba Okodgbe of Nigeria, in lane won, move through to finish first and second in 54.86 to 55.28.  Okodgbe is a junior at Deer Valley High school in California, who ran 53.75 in finishing third in the California State meet.
      HEAT SIX— Trefasana White of St. Kitts and Neeves, running in lane two, was an easy winner in 55.04.  Afia Charles of Antiqua was second at 55.64 and Anri Steyn of South Africa was third at 55.89 from the outside two lanes.  Charles is a student at Eleanor Roosevelt (Greenbelt MD) 
         OTHER HEATS—Rashan Brown of Bahamas, in lane seven, had the lead through 300 meters before Romana Kirinic, come for lane eight to take the lead and win heat one in 55.75.  Brown was second at 56.15 and Nicheila John of Granada was the final automatic qualifier at 57.39.  Justine Palframan of South Africa was the winner in heat four at 55.77 with Emmy Fraenk of Netherlands Antilles (student at Bethel HS, Hampton VA) just holding off Katarina Ilidc of Servia, 56.14 to 56.20.

1,500 Meters
First Round
First Four in Each Heat Plus Next
Fastest Qualify for Final

   HEAT ONE—Corey McGee (Pass Christian, Ms.) hung with a pack of four through splits of 66.02 and 2:18.54, before slowing slightly to finish fifth with a personal best of 4:25.66 and advance as a time qualifier.  Nelly Chebet Ngfeiywo of Kenya led the entire way but Amela Terzic of Serbia made it close, 4:17.10 to 4:18.04.
    HEAT TWO—Gete Dima of Ethiopina came into the competition with a best of just 4:24.24 but you would never have know it by the pace she set—65.57, 2:12.06 and 3:22.36 before coasting to a 4:14.71 win.  Chelsey Sveinsson (Greenhill, Addison, Tx.) just bided her time, being content to run in the top four before moving to second on the final lap and finishing there in 4:20.08.  Ioana Doaga of Romania was third at 4:22.06.

2,000-Meter Steeplechase
First Round
First Six in Each Heat Plus Next Three
Fastest Qualify for Final

    HEAT ONE—Korahubsh Itaa of Ethiopia just missed her personal best of 6:26.13 with a 6:29.88 in winning the race.  Lucia Kamene Muangi of Kenya was second at 6:37.85. McKinzie Schulz (Benet Academy, Lisle, Il.) and Gesa Felicitas Krause of Germany ran together for much of the race before Krause pulled away to finish third, 6:45.36 to 6:51.07.
    HEAT TWO—Halima Hassen of Ethiopia came into the race with a best of 6:38.60, but with a steady drive over the final three laps she was an easy winner in 6:31.51.  Beatrice Kibor of Kenya kept Hassen company early in the race before beginning to drop back. First, Lina Alainentalo of Sweden moved to second and finished there in 6:38.81, and then Eleanor Fulton (Highlands Ranch, Co.) move to third and finished with a flourish to run 6:41.77 to move into fifth on the all-time high school list.  Her time also betters the sophomore class record of 6:44.63 set by the current high school record holder Shelby Greany (Suffern, N.Y.) in 2007.  Greany’s high school record is 6:33.7 set earlier this year.

400-Meter Low Hurdles
First Round
First Two in Each Heat Plus Next
Two Fastest Qualify for Final

     HEAT ONE--Ristananna Tracey of Jamaica was off to rough start, and almost fell coming off the ninth hurdle, but she was good enough to win in 61.24.  Deborah Rodriguez was second at 61.46.
     HEAT TWO—Bili Liu of China, in lane two, had the early lead but Vera Rudakova of Russia ran a great back half of the race to clock 57.93 for the fastest Youth time in the world this year.  Liu was second at 60.89.  Laura Affeld of Canada was third at 60.78 and Angelica Weaver (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.) was fourth at 61.64 with both advancing to the final on time.
    HEAT THREE—Katie Nelms (Leland, San Jose, Ca.) was out well, but Danielle Dowie of Jamaica was very strong over the final 200 to win in 60.45.  Ursa Belaj of Slovenia was second at 61.59.  Nelms moved from fourth to third over the final 100 but her 61.85 fell just short of Weaver’s time qualifying performance.   

High Jump
Top 12 Qualify for Final

     Shanay Briscoe (Cypress Christian, Houston, Tx.) was one of just four athletes that had no misses as she advanced to the final with a 5-9 ¾ effort.  Alessia Trost of Italy, at 5-10 ¾, and Magdalena Nova of Czech Republic and Amy Pejkovic of Australia, both at 5-9 ¾, were the other athletes to have no misses.  Tara Richmond (Poly, Long Beach, Ca.) had a scary moment at 5-8 ½, where she had two misses before a third attempt clearance.  She went on to clear 5-9 ¾ on her second attempt.  Trost of Italy was the only athlete to clear 5-10 ¾ before the competition was concluded and 14 jumpers were advanced, all of whom cleared 5-9 ¾, except for Trost.

Triple Jump
Top 12 Qualify for Final

      Ciarra Brewer (James Logan, Union City, Ca.) at 41-11 ½, bettered the automatic qualifying standard of 41-4 ¼ on her first jump to move into the final.  A’Lexus Brannon (Ozen, Beaumont, Tx.) was not so fortunate with her three jumps of 39-6 ¾, 39-3 ¾, and 39-8 ½ good enough for just 15th place.  Lina Deng of China, at 42-11 ½, Yana Borodina of Russia, at 42-10 ¾ and Valeriya Kanatova of Uzbekistan, at 42-7, were the top three qualifiers.  In all, ten of the twelve qualifiers bettered the automatic qualifying standard.

Hammer Throw
Top 12 Qualify for Final

       Barbara Spiler of Slovenia and Kivilcim Kaya of Turkey were the automatic leading qualifiers with first-round throws of 193-4 and 184-4, respectively.  Rana Ibrahim of Egypt was also an automatic qualifier with a first round throw of 182-5.  The U.S. had no entrants.



100 Meters
First Round
First Three in Each Heat Plus Next Four
Fastest Qualify For Quarterfinals

     HEAT SIX—Prezel Hardy (Ellison, Killeen, Tx.), running in lane eight, took his time getting going and then, when he saw he had the race in hand, he glanced left and eased across the finish line in 10.83. Adria Burriel of Spain was second in 10.95.

     HEAT SEVEN—Ryota Yamagata of Japan was out fastest and then had to hold off Geovanni Galbieri of Italy, 10.71 to 10.75.  Colin Hepburn (Glenview South, Glenview, Il.) got out with the rest of the field but could never make up ground on the leader, running 10.95 for third.
    OTHER HEATS—In heat one, Ratu Tabakaucoro of Fiji looked much more like a split end in football than a sprinter, but his new personal best of 10.70 gives him an excellent chance to make the final.  Takumi Kuki of Japan, the co-world Youth leader at 10.34, was hard-pressed to win the second heat from Xiang Huang of China, 10.74 to 10.79.  Geno Jones of Bahamas was just able to hold off Pierre Vincent of France, 10.99 to 11.05, in the third.  Aaron Brown of Canada just shifted gears over the second 50 meters to easily pull away for a 10.56 win in the fourth heat, which would be the fastest overall.  Adam Cummings of Jamaica was second at 10.98.

After four false starts, and three disqualifications, including Gideon Trotter of South Africa, who had a best of 10.58, Andrej Doricic of Croatia came away the winner in heat five at 11.17.  Moriba Morain of Trinidad was an easy winner in heat eight at 10.75. Kemar Bailey-Cole of Jamaica did not have expend a whole lot of energy to win heat nine in 10.74.  Pawel Krysiak of Poland was second at 10.83.  The tall Juquan Tan of China grabbed a small lead and 50 meters and pulled away in heat ten for an easy win in 10.69.  Jimmy Vicaut of France just held off Dario Horvat of Croatia, 10.80 to 10.81, in heat eleven, and Richmond Collins of South Africa had a great dip at the tape to ensure his win in heat twelve, 10.75 to 10.76.

800 Meters
First Round
First Two in Each Heat Plus Next Eight
Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

HEAT FIVE— Bronson Duran (Sandia Prep, Albuquerque, N.M.) was able to keep himself among the contenders through splits of 27.12, 57.24 and 1:22.39.  Jordan Williamsz of Australia took control of the race at the top of the final straight and pulled away to win in 1:53.36.  Duran was a solid second 75 meters for the finish, but then had to hold off the fast closing Michael Van Aswegen of South Africa, 1:54.57 to 1:54.61. 

HEAT EIGHT—Quincy Downing (Glenville, Cleveland, Oh.) was up among the leaders for the first 400, but that was not saying much given splits of 27.12 and 58.56.  Downing tried to maintain contact, but just past 600 he began to fall back and finished sixth in 1:58.55.  Miroslav Burian of Czech Republic won in 1:54.71 and Mohammed Mainy of Morocco was second at 1:55.01.

OTHER HEATS—In heat one, Adam Cotton of Britain was content to let Alejandro Hernandez of Cuba and Pierre Balhan of Belgium do the work before sprinting to the lead with 120 meters remaining and going on to win in 1:51.97.  Nicholas Kipkoech of Kenya, who ran 1:47.4 in the Kenyan World Youth trials, held off a minor challenge from Otlaadisa Segosebe of Botswana, 1:52.06 to 1:52.45.  In heat three, Johan Rogestedt of Sweden, a big tall, first-year Youth, bided his time and then moved past the two leaders on the final straight to win in 1:51.48.  Benjamin Herriau of France won heat four at 1:54.72, in a race that almost guaranteed only two qualifiers with a 58.31 first 400.  Halit Kilic of Turkey held off Alexander Rowe of Australia in heat 6, 1:53.45 to 1:53.63, after Mohamed Ismail of Sudan, third at 1:53.80, did most of the work.  Peter Kip Langat of Kenya took the lead in heat 7 through splits of 26.22, 55.42 and 1:24.84, then had to hold off Antonio Mascoll of Barbados, 1:52.12 to 1:52.83.   

Top 12 Qualify for Final

       Throwing in Group A, Hamid Manssour of Syria, the World Youth leader at 211-9, opened up with what appeared to be a throw of well beyond the automatic qualifying mark of 187-0 but the measurement came up at just over 177-0.  After a quick consultation among the officials the mark was remeasured at 205-0 to become the first automatic qualifier.  Alexander Thompson (Winnebago, Il.) fouled his first throw, but then hit 192-04 to qualify second.
       Ryan Crouser (Barlow, Gresham, Or.) needed just one throw to top Group A and record the best toss of the competition at 205-4. With more than a 10 foot margin over the rest of the field, it look to be a two-man battle for the Gold between Manssour and Crouser.  Thompson is definitely in the hunt for the bronze medal but he will have plenty of competition from Prabhjot Singh of India at 189-0 and Michael Klatsia of Cypress at 188-10, just two of six other throwers over 187-0. 


100 Meters

     Justin Gross (McDonogh, Owings Mills, Md.) was fifth in heat three at 11.37, worth 780 points good for 11th place after the first event.  Maksim Fayzulin of Russia had the fastest time at 10.96, worth 870 points, followed by Victor Santos of Brazil at 11.17 and 823 points and Pavel Rudnev of Russia at 11.21 and 1814 points.

Long Jump

    Maksim Fayzulin of Russia was just third at 23-4 ¾, worth 845 points but it was good enough to leave him in first place with 1,715 points.  Kevin Mayer of France had the best jump at 23-9, worth 871 points, to move from fifth to second place with 1,665 points.  Steffen Klink of Germany had the third best jump at 23-5 ¼, worth 850 points, which moved him into third with 1,656 points.  Victor Santos (Brazil) jumped just 22-3 ¾, worth 720 points, to drop from second to ninth place with 1,543 points. Pavel Rudnev of Russia managed 22-5 ¼, worth 776 points but dropped from third to sixth with 1,590 points.  Justin Gross’ best of 21-10 ½, worth 736 points, was good enough to keep him  in 11th place with 1,516.


100  Meters
First Round
First Three in Each Event Plus Next Eight
Fastest Qualify for Quarterfinals

    HEAT ONE—Ashton Purvis (St. Elizabeth, Oakland, Ca.), a veteran of the Fifth Annual World Youth championships in Ostrava, got a better-than-average start and was unchallenged in winning at 11.57.  Anna Bongiorni of Italy was second at 11.98.
    HEAT  EIGHT—Jordan Clark (Lathrop, Southfield, Mi.), running in lane eight, ran a personal best of 11.75 in chewing up a field that included Allison Peter of the Virgin Islands, who earlier this year finished third at the Nike Outdoor Nationals.  Clark had a best of 12.02 last year and competed indoor this season before missing all of the outdoor season until the U.S. Trials for the World Youth Championships.  Peter was second at 11.93.

    OTHER HEATS—In heat two, Jodie Williams of Britain, the co-world Youth leader, along with Ashton Purvis, was out easily and very quickly got into excellent running position before cursing to an 11.85.  Mariya Shmidova of Ukraine was second at 12.09.  Martina Slander of Sweden, towering over the opposition at 6-2, powered her way to 12.03 win in heat three.  Shaunna Thompson of Britain, another very strong runner, had no trouble putting away the field with an 11.71 in heat four.  Second place was Deandre Whitehorne of Jamaica at 12.10. 

Leah Walkeden of Canada closed late to grab the win the fifth heat at 12.10.  Huijun Lin of China was second and Alja Sitar of Slovenia was third, with both being credited with 12.14.  Mujinga Kambundji of Switzerland won heat six at 12.15.  Gabriela Cumberbatch of Trinidad and Tobacco appeared to have the early lead in heat seven before being reeled in by in Stephanie Pahler of Germany, 11.94 to 12.15.

100-Meter Low Hurdles
First Round
First Four in Each Heat Plus Four
Fastest Qualify for Semifinals

    HEAT ONE—Kori Carter (Claremont, Ca.) was out cautiously, but took the lead from Aigerim Shynazbekova of Russia over the second hurdle and was a comfortable winner, 13.73 to 13.87.  Petre Munkacsy of Hungary was third at 14.06 and Keenan Davis of Jamaica was the final automatic qualifier at 14.18.

    HEAT THREE—Very close out of the blocks, with Bridgette Owens-Mitchell (Southfield, Mi.) among the leaders.  The field remained very tight until the final hurdle before Ekaterina Bleskina of Russia just edged Owens-Mitchell  and Lotta Harala of Finland.  Bleskina was timed in 13.76, with Owens-Mitchell second and Harala third, as both were timed in 13.77.  Ivana Petkovic of Serbia was fourth in 13.88.

    OTHER HEATS: Isabelle Pedersen of Finland, who last week placed in the Bislett Games over the 33-inch hurdles at 13.46, ran all the way through the finish line in heat two to clock 13.37—the best Youth mark in the world this year.  Yarong Zheng of China came in with a best of just 14.09 but that did not last long as long-legged runner was an easy winner in 13.68. Nooralotta Neziri of Finland had no trouble winning the final heat in 13.63.  The slowest of the time qualifiers was 14.17. 

Shot Put
12 Qualify for Final 

      There were four automatic qualifiers, Margaret Satupai of Samoa at 48-01 ¾, Laurine Normann of Germany at 47-7, Lena Urbaniak of Germany at 47-7 ¾ and Yangzi Dong of China at 45-10 ¾ -- and those four should battle for the medals this afternoon.  Urbaniak has a personal best of 51-2 ¾, followed by Satupai at 49-3, Normann at 48-3 ¼ and Dong at 47-11 ¾.  It was a long day for Americans Lacie Rasley (Shafter, Ca.), who had best of 40-2 ¼ to place 21st, and Sarah Howard (Trinity Christian, Atlanta, Ga.), who had a best of 39-8 to place 22nd.  Both girls had seasonal best of just over 44-0.  It took 44-2 to make the final.

What's on tap

Wednesday Morning
  • DONE G 100H heats - World Youth leader Kori Carter CA is in heat one of five; Bridgette Owens-Mitchell MI is in heat 3 where she has the 2nd best time.  1st four and next four fastest advance to quarters
  • DONE B Discus Qualifying - Ryan Crouser OR and Alex Thompson IL are ranked and seeded 2nd and 4th
  • DONE B Octathlon Day 1 - Justin Gross MD will compete in the 100 and LJ to begin first day
  • DONE G Shot Put Qualifying - Lacie Rasley and Sarah Howard are both seeded 10th in their groups
  • DONE B 800 heats - Bronson Duran NM is in the 5th of 8 heats, while Quincy Downing OH is in the last heat.  Each is seeded 3rd in their heat, with 1st two in each heat and next 8 fastest advancing for semis
  • DONE G 100 heats - World leader and top seed Ashton Purvis CA is in the first of 8 heat, while Jordan Clark MI is in heat 8, where she is seeded 2nd.  1st 3 in each heat and next 8 move on to quarters
  • DONE B 100 heats - World leader and top seed Prezel Hardy TX is in the 6th of 12 heats; Colin Hepburn IL has the 3rd best PR in heat 7.  1st 3 in each heat and next 4 advance to quarters
Wednesday Afternoon
  • DONE G 1500 qualifying - Cory McGee MS is seeded 5th in first heat; WY #2 Chelsey Sveinsson is top-seeded in heat two - and overall, since WY leader Ehssan Arbab of the Sudan is not competing
  • DONE G HT qualifying - no US competitors
  • DONE B Long Jump qualifying - Leon Samuels is seeded 10th in the first group; Carlton Lavong PA is seeded 4th in 2nd group.  Qualifiers must be in top 12 or jump 7.30 or better
  • DONE B 400 heats - Josh Mance CA, ranked 3rd in the world and seeded 2nd, is in the 6th of 8 heats.  Team USA's other 400 qualifier, Dedric Dukes FL, is not running this event, but had also qualified for the 200 and may be only running that.  First two in each heat and next eight fastest advance to semis
  • DONE B Octathlon Day 1 - Justin Gross MD will compete in the SP and 400 to complete first day
  • DONE G 100 quarters - World leader and top seed Ashton Purvis CA and Jordan Clark MI hope to advance to semis after winning their morning heats
  • DONE G 2k ST heats - McKinzie Schulz IL is seeded 4th in heat 1; Eleanor Fulton CO is seeded 4th in heat 2.  1st four of each heat, plus next four fastest advance to final
  • DONE G High Jump qualifying - Shanay Briscoe TX is ranked =3rd in the world, but more up-to-date seeding indicates that she is ranked 7th based on 2009 bests and =3rd based on PRs overall.  She is in Group A, while Tara Richmond CA is in the middle of Group 2.  To advance to final, jumpers must clear 1.80 (Richmond's PR) or be in top 12
  • DONE G Triple Jump qualifying - A'Lexus Brannon TX is ranked =5 in Group A, while Ciarra Brewer CA is ranked 3rd in Group B and 5th overall.  Top 12 or 12.60 advance to final
  • DONE G 400 hurdles heats - Angelica Weaver CA is seeded 3rd in heat 2 of three based on 2009 times, but her 2007 PR is ranked 1st.  Katie Nelms CA is ranked 4th in heat 3.  First two in each heat plus next two fastest to final
  • DONE B 100 quarters - World leader and top seed Prezel Hardy TX and Colin Hepburn IL will hope to move on to the semis after qualifying in morning heats
  • DONE G Shot Put final - TeamUSA has no finalists
  • DONE G 400 heats - World leader and top seed Ebony Eutsey FL is in heat 2 of 6, while Michelle Brown NJ is top-seeded in heat 3.  Top 3 in each heat and next 6 move on to semis
  • DONE B Discus final - Ryan Crouser OR and Alex Thompson IL were 1st and 3rd overall in qualifying and look to give Team USA two medals
  • DONE B 400 hurdle heats - Jaron Roberson GA is seeded 3rd in heat 2 of 4.  1st 3 in each heat and next four fastest to semis
  • G 3000 final - no US competitors