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Golden South Classic
May 30, 2009 at The First Academy, Orlando FL

Leading Athletes

Four national leaders and a lot of state champions are entered.

Details on leading athletes: 
TFX link is to the athlete's record in DyeStat's track and field database.

Alphabetical order

Amani Bryant, sr, Wharton Tampa FL
400H 59.20
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Bryant,+Amani&athID=55990&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Florida 3A Statemeet in 300H (42.80 US#17)

Ashley Evans, sr, Winter Springs
DT 141-5
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Evans,+Ashley&athID=95386&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
2nd Florida 4A Statemeet.

Flagler Palm Coast boys
4x400 3:13.20 US#2

Brianna Frazier, jr, Jacksonville FL
400 53.92 US#5
TJ 39-0
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Frazier,+Brianna&athID=53605&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
200/400: 1st Florida 2A statemeet
2008: 400 53.58 US#9, 1st USATF Jr Olympics Youth division

Octavius Freeman, soph, Lake Wales FL
100 11.40 (11.09 nwi US#1 in district meet)
200 23.66 nwi US#7
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Freeman,+Octavious&athID=56060&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
100 - 1st Florida 2A Statemeet
200 - 1st Florida 2A Statemeet
2008 - 1st, 100 and 200, Golden South

Austin Gamble, sr, Weston FL
DT 195-5 US#8 - 1st Florida Relays and Florida 4A Statemeet
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Gamble,+Austin&athID=97698&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Brittany Harrell, jr Liberty MS
200 22.55
100H 14.35
HJ 5-8
1st 100H/300H/HJ Mississippi 4A Statemeet.
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Harrell,+Brittany&athID=55434&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Shelby Hayes, jr, Winter Park FL
1600 4:55.11 - 1st Florida 4A Statemeet
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Hayes,+Shelby&athID=80857&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Donna-Lee Hylton, sr, Hempstead NY
200 24.10
400 54.56 US#20 - 1st New York Relays
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Hylton,+Donna-Lee&athID=90165&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Ena Johnson, sr, Tallahassee FL
400H 1:01.26
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Johnson,+Ena&athID=97183&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Florida 2A Statemeet in 300H (43.76)

Chris Lickfield, sr, Port Orange FL
DT 183-7 - 1st Florida 4A regional (3rd at state meet)
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Lickfield,+Chris&athID=101766&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Charlene Lipsey, sr, Hempstead NY
800 2:05.80 US#1
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Lipsey,+Charlene&athID=90081&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
600 1:29.85 1st New Balance Collegiate; 1st New York Statemeet
800 in 2008 - 1st Golden South; 1st New York Statemeet

Dentarius Locke, sr, Tampa FL
100 10.31
200 20.58
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Locke,+Dentarius&athID=91283&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
100 - 1st Florida 4A Statemeet
200 - 1st Florida 4A Statemeet (2nd straight year)
200 indoors - 2nd Nike Indoor Nationals

Jordan Locklear, sr, Red Springs NC
1600 4:17.07 - 2nd North Carolina 4A Statemeet
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Locklear,+Jordan&athID=99561&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Kasha McDougald, soph, Junction City KS
100H 14.27 - 1st Littleton Invitational
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=McDougald,+Kasha&athID=90511&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Tony McQuay, sr, Palm Beach Gardens FL
400 46.84 US#9
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=McQuay,+Tony&athID=53886&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Florida 2A Statemeet in 100 and 400, 2nd in 200.

Marquis Noble, soph, Buchholz Gainesville FL
LJ 23-7.75 - 2nd Florida 4A regional

Oak Ridge FL girls
4x100 46.36 US#9
1st, 2008 Golden South

Sean Obinwa, sr, Tampa FL
800 1:53.12 - 1st Florida Relays and Florida 3A Statemeet

Monsignor Pace boys
4x100 40.54 US#1
1st, Florida 2A Statemeet in 4x100 and 4x400

Stephanie Strasser, jr, Fernandina Beach FL
1600 4:59.00
3000 10:09.30
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Strasser,+Stephanie&athID=80850&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
3200 - 1st Florida 2A Statemeet

Courtney Thompson, sr, Miramar FL
110H 14.19 - 2nd Florida 4A Statemeet
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Thompson,+Courtney&athID=97734&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Christopher Toombs, sr, Junction City KS
LJ 23-4 - 1st Littleton Invitational
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Toombs,+Christopher&athID=104647&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Monique Williams, sr, Olympic Heights, West Palm Beach FL
LJ 18-11 - 2nd Florida 3A Statemeet
TJ 39-1
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Williams,+Monique&athID=96035&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=

Sonnisha Williams, sr, Jacksonville FL
LJ 19-9.75 US#12
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Williams,+Sonnisha&athID=53597&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Florida 2A Statemeet in LJ/HJ

Jack Whitt, sr, Norman OK
PV 18-00.25 US#1
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Whitt,+Jack&athID=90304&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Texas Relays and Oklahoma 6A Statemeet last 2 years.

Neamen Wise, sr, Altamonte Spring FL
110H 14.16 - 3rd Florida 4A Statemeet
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Wise,+Neamen&athID=54130&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Florida 4A Statemeet in LJ (23-10.25) and 300H (36.49 US#3)

Phillip Young, jr, Key West FL
TJ 48-11.75 - US#21, 2nd Florida 2A Statemeet
TFX: http://parser.dyestat.com/search.jsp?name=Young,+Phillip&athID=98081&school=&schID=&meet=&meetID=
1st Florida 2A Statemeet in 300H (37.83)