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42nd Arcadia Invitational
April 10-11, 2009
Arcadia High School, Arcadia CA

"When the lights go on . . . the stars come out."

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Friday - Saturday

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by John Nepolitan
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28 US#1s during awesome Arcadia weekend!
Winners Table

Saturday - No records, but Finley, Jelmini live up to the hype - Discus stars shine; so does Wyatt, Carter, ER girls, Dana Hills boys, Gedyon, Brewer and many others - Thanks to Mason Finley and Anna Jelmini, the platter indeed mattered Saturday at the 42nd Arcadia Invitational, just like pre-meet speculation anticipated it would - STEVEU Story

San Diego Stars win three distance titles - Although Jordan Hasay was unable to toe the line, Alex Dunne stepped up with a big 3200 meter PR.  Fellow San Diegans Collin Jarvis (boys 3200) and Sammy Silva (girls mile) made it a big distance triple - Steve Brand Story

Watching Reggie Wyatt - La Sierra CA sr Reggie Wyatt ran a US#1 36.01 for 300H. He's been waiting over a year for a redemption - Dave Devine story

Mason Finley CO unleashes his US#1 221-00 DT winner
Photo by John Nepolitan

Friday  - A Day for the Beach: NM multis star Curtis crushes USR in Decathlon with 7909

6 more US#1s during Burning Batons session, as relay powers Eleanor Roosevelt girls, Long Beach Poly girls and Dana Hills boys flex their muscles - With cloudy, threatening skies and unseasonably cool temperatures, it was no day at the beach Friday at the 42nd Arcadia Invitational.

Unless you were Curtis Beach, that is. 

With a new mental approach and his incredible blend of sprinting, jumping, throwing and – most stunning of all – distance-running talents, Beach blasted through the meet’s Thursday-Friday decathlon, obliterating the USR (high-school implements) with 7909 points. STEVEU Story | Beach video
Curtis Beach tears through the hurdles en route to
his USR in the decathlon - Photo by John Nepolitan

  • Can they live up to 2008's distance magic? - The high standards set last year by Jordan Hasay, Luke Puskedra and Chris Derrick will be tough to match for 2009's best - by SteveU
  • The platter matters at Arcadia - Mason Finley CO and Anna Jelmini CA, two of history's best prep discus throwers, take the ring Saturday- by Dave Devine
  • Top 10 Events to Watch  - Doug Speck highlights 10 events and performers you shouldn't miss
  • Event-by-Event Previews - by Doug Speck 

Winners Table

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Inv=Invitational s=Seeded r=Rated o=Open F=Friday field

 Inv: Maxwell Dyce CA 10.76 - Race Video
 s: Joeal Hotchkins NV 10.89 - Race Video
 Inv: Ashton Purvis CA 11.78 - Race Video
 s: Serene Williams AZ 12.03 - Race Video
 Inv: Rodney Storrs CO 21.47 - Race Video
 s: George Atkinson CA 21.56 - Race Video
 Inv: Ashton Purvis CA 23.86 - Race Video
 s: Serene Williams AZ 24.84 - Race Video
 Inv: Spencer Chase AZ 47.55 - Race Video
 s: Tubotein Taylor CA 48.30 - Race Video
 Inv: Akawkaw Ndipagbor CA 53.98 - Race Video
 s: Vanessa Jones CA 55.19 - Race Video
 Inv: Casimir Loxsom CT 1:51.05 - Race Video
 Inv: Justine Fedronic CA 2:09.27 - Race Video
 Inv: Elias Gedyon CA 4:08.69 - Race Video
 s: Daniel Thomas CA 4:17.69 - Race Video
 Inv: Sammy Silva CA 4:54.08 - Race Video
 s: Staci Foster CA 4:55.76 - Race Video
Inv: Collin Jarvis CA 8:58.15 - Race Video
Fri: Dan Mitchell CA 9:09.68
Inv: Alexandra Dunne CA 10:16.83 - Race Video
Fri: Sara Tusting CA 10:56.55
 Inv: Trevor Dunbar AK 14:33.96 - Race Video
 Inv: DJ Morgan CA 14.09 - Race Video
 s: Dante Thomas CA 14.30 - Race Video
 Inv: Kori Carter CA 13.67 - Race Video
 s: Shanice Stewart CA 14.56 - Race Video
Inv: Reggie Wyatt CA 36.01 - Race Video
s: Peter Guenther CA 38.41 - Race Video
 Inv: Kori Carter CA 41.09 - Race Video
 s: Angelica Weaver CA 43.56 - Race Video
 Inv: Nick Ross CA 7-01.00 - Video
 F: Idarre Coles CA 6-05.00
 Inv: Tara Richmond CA 5-08.00
 F: Maia Cramer SO 5-03.00
 Inv: Justin Sutter CA 24-04.00 - Video
 F: Aaron Thompson CA 22-05.50
 Inv: Andrea Geubelle WA 19-10.50 - Video
 F: Danielle Littleton CA 17-07.50
 Inv: Hammed Suleman CA 50-03.00
 F: Jovon Cunningham CA 46-08.00
 Inv: Ciarra Brewer CA 42-10.00w (2.4) - Video
 F: Kellie Boyd CA 36-11.25
 Inv: Michael Woepse CA 16-09.00 - Video
 F: Jonathan Wang CA 14-01.25
Inv: Allison Koressel CA 13-01.00 - Video
F: Heather Arsenau AZ 11-01.00
Inv:  Mason Finley CO 64-11.00
F: Ryan Andrews CA 53-11.25
Inv: Anna Jelmini CA 51-00.50
F: Tulai Lupeamanu UT 38-06.00
 Inv: Mason Finley CO 221-00 - Video
 F: Josh Hines CA 158-04
 Inv: Anna Jelmini CA 185-05 - Video
 F: Destanae Howerton-Davis NV 139-11
 Inv: DeLaSalle CA 41.51 - Race Video
 s: Valley Christian CA 42.02 - Race Video
 Inv: Eleanor Roosevelt MD 45.73 - Race Video
 s: Vista Murrieta CA 47.75 - Race Video
Inv: Rancho Cucamonga CA 1:27.32 -  Race Video
s: Chaparral NV 1:28.15
r: Lutheran CA 1:28.71
o: Ventura CA 1:29.41    
Inv: Eleanor Roosevelt MD 1:36.55 - Race Video
s: Rainier Beach WA 1:40.58
r: St. Mary's NC 1:42.98
o: Eleanor Roosevelt MD 'A' 1:43.02
 Inv: Rancho Verde CA 3:17.72 - Race Video
 s: Eleanor Roosevelt MD 3:20.54 - Race Video
 Inv: Eleanor Roosevelt MD 3:40.68 - Race Video
 s: Western NV 3:51.36 - Race Video
Inv: Monsignor Farrell NY 7:51.24 -  Race Video
s: Woodland CA 8:06.31
Inv: Long Beach Poly CA 9:01.89 - Race Video
s: Arcadia CA 9:33.36
Inv: Central CA 1:32.77 - Race Video
800 SMR
Inv: Rancho Verde CA 1:45.08 - Race Video
Inv: Rancho Verde CA 3:27.49 - Race Video
s: Dana Hills CA 3:30.67
o: Beaumont CA 3:38.63
1600 SMR
Inv: Long Beach Wilson CA 4:02.31- Race Video
s: Fairfield CA 4:12.03
r: Great Oak CA 4:11.00
 Inv: Dana Hills CA 10:01.50 - Race Video
 Inv: Esperanza CA 12:02.27 - Race Video
Inv: Dana Hills CA 17:27.75
s: Roosevelt CA 18:01.79
Inv: Saugus CA 20:38.75
s: Dana Hills CA 'B' 21:25.64
Inv: Sheepshead Bay NY 59.50 - Race Video
s: Ventura CA 1:02.05
r: Muir CA 1:03.54
Shuttle Hurdles
Inv: James Logan CA 1:02.82 - Race Video
s: Dana Hills CA 1:02.09
Curtis Beach NM - 7909 pts. USR (w/ HS implements)
Multi Events
Kimmie Conner CA 4558 pts.

Can this year's stars ...

Reggie Wyatt CA (300H), Jordan Hasay CA (3200), Mason Finley CO (discus) and Anna Jelmini CA (discus) all come to Arcadia with a chance at national records this year.  Photos by Andrew McClanahan, Jeannette Seckinger, Vic Sailer/photorun.net and Kirby Lee/imageofsport.com

... top last year's?




photos by John Nepolitan
and John Dye

 Chris Derrick

 "Home of National Records" is an apt slogan for this meet.  In the first 41 years, the meet has seen 24 national records and 125 U.S. Olympians.  Another theme is California vs. the US as the meet annually brings in a sprinkling of stars from around the country to challenge the hosts.  More often than not, the hosts win. 

There are "Burning Batons" relays and "Rising Stars" field events on Friday night and a huge open meet on Saturday, but the real action comes Saturday night.  As the meet management says, "When the lights go on . . . the stars come out."

Last year saw a sensational Good, Better, Best succession of three distance races.  First, Jordan Hasay and Christine Babcock ran a see saw 3200 never more than a stride apart.  After being repeatedly turned back by Babcock, Hasay finally surged ahead in the stretch to win, 10:03.07 to 10:04.03. 

The boys 3200 was a carbon copy battle between Luke Puskedra and New Zealand star Dominic Channon with Puskedra prevailing after 3 lead changes on the last lap, 8:46.60 to 8:48.00.

Then Chris Derrick turned a ho-hum solo 5000 meter race into a stunner.  Attention had drifted after Derrick broke open the race early, but the crowd leaped to its feet at the bell, reached in less than 13 minutes, and spurred Derrick around the last lap to a finish of 13:55.96, fastest ever in a US high school only race.