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10th Nike Indoor Nationals

March 15-16, 2008 at Prince George's County Sportsplex, Landover MD

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SteveU Summarizes Every Event and Picks the Top Three

Sprints/Sprint Relays

Boys 200 Dash

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Ja-Vell Bullard VA, Fuquawn Greene NC, Blake Heriot OH, Chris Herring NC, Keith Ricks VA, Juan Steward PA

The Buzz:  Bullard is probably a better 400 runner than 200, but is the top seed here.  The top four are close together.

The Record Threat:  No one’s challenging the X-man’s 20.69 … and the 21.22 MR is safe, too.

The Breakdown:  Steward probably has the best all-around credentials in the field.

The Medalists:  1. Steward, 2. Bullard, 3. Heriot

Girls 200 Dash

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Shanae Bailey PA, Dominique Booker NJ, Angele Cooper CA, Breanna Hubbard GA, Denesha Jiles MD, Brittany Long GA, Briana Nelson SC, Ogechi Nwaneri NJ, Marlena Wesh VA

The Buzz:  This field is not quite as high quality as the girls 400, but it’s deeper and very solid overall – again, given all those that compelled to run the banks of The Armory instead.  Long was the NON runner-up last year and Booker is clearly one of the top 3-4 in the country, at least.  Hubbard, Bailey, Wesh and others are very strong.

The Record Threat:  A 22.97 (Bianca Knight’s USR) isn’t going to happen here.  It would take a big breakthrough by any of these girls to break the meet record of 23.78 – but that’s not out of the question.

The Breakdown:  Long’s experience should carry the day.

The Medalists:  1. Long, 2. Booker, 3. Bailey

Boys 400 Dash

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Ja-Vell Bullard VA, Quartez Clark TN, Russell Dinkins PA, Terrance Livingston NY, Taylor Sykes VA, Varick Tucker MI

The Buzz:  A solid group of 48-second 400 guys, but not quite at the national level (as a group) as the girls.

The Record Threat:  Elzie Coleman’s USR of 45.92 won’t get threatened any time soon.  Sean Holston’s huge 47.12 here last year is safe, too.

The Breakdown:  Tucker is the favorite based on what he’s been doing in a fine season; he’s a solid top-5-7 in the country, if not better.  Bullard hasn’t had much chance to run this event with all the 300s and 500s he does in VA.  He will give Tucker a tough run.

The Medalists:  1. Tucker, 2. Bullard, 3. Sykes

Girls 400 Dash

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Amber Allen NJ, Doris Anyanwu MD, Meshawn Graham OH, Ijeoma Iheoma PA, Dynasty McGee MI, Briana Nelson SC

The Buzz:  Very solid.  Despite not offering the banked track, NIN picked up several really good quarter-milers, including the nation’s #1 returnee (outdoors) in Graham – who could follow Jessica Beard as the 2nd straight Ohio winner.  Nelson was the NON runner-up last year, Iheoma has been a top indoor star with a win over Chanelle Price in PA, Anyanwu has one of the best US 300s this winter, and McGee is one of the country’s best freshmen.

The Record Threat:  It’s tough when the meet and US record in your event is one of the greatest indoor performances in any event in history – the 51.93 by Francena McCorory in 2006.

The Breakdown:  Graham and Nelson have each had light schedules coming in, while the others have all raced an extensive indoor schedule.  Iheoma is probably showing the best form right now.

The Medalists:  1. Iheoma, 2. Nelson, 3. Anyanwu

Boys 4x200 Relay

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Green Run VA, Nansemond River VA, Pleasantville TC (Pleasantville HS NJ), Track Eastern Carolina (New Bern HS NC), Trenton Central NJ, Waldorf TC (Westlake HS MD), Western Branch VA

The Buzz: Despite not having the lure of the fastest track, NIN has lured the US#1 (Trenton Central) and #3 (Waldorf/Westlake) teams here, as well as several other burners.

The Record Threat: The meet record of 1:28.90 is not out of reach, but the USR of 1:26.09 is.

The Breakdown: Expect Trenton Central, Waldorf and probably Track EC (1:26.6 outdoors already) to take it to the wire. Some of Central’s top athletes competed Friday in New York, though.

The Medalists: 1. Waldorf, 2. Track EC, 3. Trenton Central



Girls 4x200 Relay

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Blazin Raiders (Eleanor Roosevelt MD), Camden NJ, Elizabeth Seton MD, Jackson NJ, Landstown VA, Portsmouth TC (Churchland HS VA)

The Buzz: A thrilling showdown was at hand with NON 2007 champ SWAT (Therrell HS, Atlanta GA) and Blazin Raiders, but the SWAT scratched out of the event. Still should be a good, solid race, though.

The Record Threat: No shot at USR 1:35.86; outside shot at MR 1:39.52.

The Breakdown: Raiders should get a battle from Camden, but prevail in the end.

The Medalists: 1. Blazin Raiders, 2. Camden, 3. Jackson

Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Donovan TC, Egg Harbor Twp, Piscataway, Sheepshead Bay, South Brunswick, Trenton Central NJ, Western Branch.

The Buzz:  It’s all Trenton Central.  They won Friday in New York with a 29.38 and have traveled here to make it a double.  A national class finisher in Devon Hill is a key.

The Record Threat:  Their time is superior to the meet record by .08; the national mark isn’t far away at 29.45.

The Breakdown:  The field is solid, but from seedings would be close to two seconds back of Trenton.  Donovan TC looks like the second best group.
The Medalists:  1. Trenton Central, 2. Donovan TC, 3. South Brunswick.

Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Hillsborough, Lenape Elite, Lions TC (Swenson PA), Manchester, Massepequa, Running Panthers, Western Branch,

The Buzz:  Lions TC, featuring low-24 200 talent Shanae Bailey, is the favorite.

The Record Threat:  Could threaten meet and US record of 32.02

The Breakdown
:  Hard to handicap, but Lions and Running Panthers should battle for gold.

The Medalists:  1. Lions TC, 2. Running Panthers, 3. Lenape Elite

Boys Sprint Medley Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Bethel VA, Blazin Raiders (Eleanor Roosevelt MD), Cleveland Heights OH, Fork Union Military VA, Irish Road TC (Conestoga PA), Track Eastern Carolina NC

The Buzz:  High buzz factor here as the programs of Cleveland Heights and Track EC are tailor-made for this event.  The former has a good group of 200/400 types and the Hendrix brothers, who excel in the entire 200-800 range.  Similarly, Cleveland Heights has that type of group with 1:52 man Jared Hall anchoring.  They are out in front of a good field.

The Record Threat:  The meet record of 3:29.46 should get whacked.  The national record of 3:24.69 is tough, but a possibility.

The Breakdown:  Heights may be just a bit stronger, leg-by-leg.

The Medalists:  1. Cleveland Heights, 2. Track EC, 3. Blazin Raiders

Girls Sprint Medley Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) AJ’s Elite TC, Ann Arbor YTC (Ann Arbor Pioneer MI), Blazin Raiders (Eleanor Roosevelt MD), Cruizin Clippers, Irish Road TC (Conestoga PA), Maryland Jaguars B (CH Flowers MD), Millville, Rocks Track

The Buzz:  Another relay the Blazin Raiders should win with a meet or near-meet record, especially since they’ve “loaded” it.

The Record Threat:  Blazin Raiders could nab the MR of 3:59.62 by Long Beach Wilson, but that same Wilson school hit the USR of 3:53.17 the year before – which is out of reach.

The Breakdown:  Blazing Raiders FTW, with Irish Road 2nd.

The Medalists:  1. Blazin Raiders, 2. Irish Road, 3. Rocks Track
Field Events

Boys Weight Throw

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Tom Davis RI, Michael Gama Jr. RI, Mitchell Gormley GA, Patrick Onye RI, James Schwendtner NY

The Buzz: Onye starts a two-day NSIC/NIN double attempt here, but he’ll face stiffer competition at NSIC against Wes Wright and Conor McCullough.

The Record Threat: Walter Henning’s USR (86-03.75) should survive, at least another day, and so will Dylan Armstrong’s meet mark (87-05).

The Breakdown: Onye will get a challenge from Gama and Gormley, but should prevail.

The Medalists: 1. Onye, 2. Gama, 3. Gormley



Girls Weight Throw

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Ashley Clasen NY, Victoria Flowers RI, Karen Henning NY, Allison Horner GA, Katie Kraychir CA

The Buzz: USR-holder Flowers will begin the first leg of an attempted NIN/NSIC double, with Kraychir as her toughest competition here, and Lauren Chambers awaiting her in New York.

The Record Threat: Obviously high, with the record-holder trying to improve her standard. Kraychir will try and improve her national frosh mark.

The Breakdown: Flowers and Kraychir should be easy 1-2.

The Medalists: 1. Flowers, 2. Kraychir, 3. Horner



Boys Triple Jump

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Jeff Artis VA, Lincoln Carr NC, Omar Craddock TX, Roman Dent TN, Corey Fuller MD, Lavell Handy VA, Olu Olamigoke VA, David Wilson VA

The Buzz: Craddock, just a junior, is knocking at the door of 51 feet and chasing US leader Christian Taylor, who he’ll face Sunday in NY. Here, he’s got more than a foot on the field.

The Record Threat: Craddock’s PR is just beyond the meet record, so he has a great shot at it. The US record of 52-07.50 is way out there yet.

The Breakdown: A great field of (mostly) Virginia leapers will push Craddock a bit, but if the Texan has a good day, he should say ahead – even if Wilson or someone hits a 50.

The Medalists: 1. Craddock, 2. Wilson, 3. Olamigoke



Girls Triple Jump

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Radiance Basden NC, Ciarra Brewer CA, Erin Brooks MD, Ermesha Fair VA, Michelle Newman MD, Ashley Orr VA, Jasia Richardson VA, Sherice Walker NC

The Buzz: Moderate … without US leader Vashti Thomas, who has provided the excitement in the event. Brooks is US#2.

The Record Threat: The meet mark of 41-08.50 is just in shouting-distance range, but Ke’Nyia Richardson’s 44-06 is way out of reach.

The Breakdown: If Brooks jumps well, she’ll force one of her competitors to have to jump a huge PR to have a chance to win. It should be a very tight battle for the remaining medals, with Fair trying to avenge her state meet loss to Richardson.

The Medalists: 1. Brooks, 2. Richardson, 3. Fair



Boys Pole Vault

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Scott Houston NC, Cody Mattix MI, Jason Pelletier AR, Corey Shank IN, David Slovenski ME, Joe Wesley MI

The Buzz: Not as high as some years for this event, with just one 17-footer in the field and the US#1 in New York. Still, almost every other good vaulter is here, with two others knocking on the door of that barrier.

The Record Threat: It would take a huge PR by someone to hit the USR of 17-06.50 or the meet record of 17-05 – but it’s not out of the question.

The Breakdown: Shank’s 17-footer came last year and he hasn’t approached that level yet this winter. Wesley has been consistent in the 16s several times and that should carry him through.

The Medalists: 1. Wesley, 2. Shank, 3. Houston



Girls Pentathlon

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Saniel Atkinson MD, Johnnie Borries AL, Hannah Carson AZ, Jessica Flax TX, Ryann Krais PA, Jesse Labreck ME, Shakeia Pinnick IL, Chelsey Thomas GA, Lindsay Walsh NJ

The Buzz: This event could be pretty fascinating, both at the top and down the list. At the top, you have defending champ Krais going for Shana Woods USR and 4000 points. She could get a battle from Pinnick, who has been a strong multis performer for years. Krais and Pinnick are 1-3 on the returning heptathlon list outdoors. But you also have national class high jumpers like Atkinson and Labreck, and the top US javelin thrower in Carson, giving it a whirl.

The Record Threat: Krais needs to improve her winning score from 3715 to 3924 to match Woods.

The Breakdown: The first two spots should be solid; after that, should be a good battle for 3rd.

The Medalists: 1. Krais, 2. Pinnick, 3. Thomas



Boys Pentathlon

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Ruben Belen OH, Ryan Degnan NY, Russell Green VA, Gray Horn OH, Greg Kelley NJ, Kurt Reichenbach MI

The Buzz: Horn is a proven multi-eventer and the #2 US returnee in the event behind Curtis Beach. The rest of the field is bunched together.

The Record Threat: Not much, with David Klech’s formidable 3980 as the MR and Donovan Kilmartin’s 4303 way out there as the USR.

The Breakdown: Horn should lead the way, as long as he doesn’t have a breakdown in an event or two.

The Medalists: 1. Horn, 2. Kelley, 3. Green

More to come

Distances/Distance Relays

Boys 5000

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Solomon Haile MD, Justin Heck MI, John Luttrell OH, Dakota Peachee NC, Gabe Pacione MA, Johns Ross VA

The Buzz: While the field doesn’t have the Foot Locker finalists it had a year ago, there’s still some quality runners that eschewed the 2-mile. The better runners seem to be somewhat divided between the heats, but the runner to watch is probably Solomon Haile, who came from Ethiopia a few months ago and ran 9:17 3200 in his first prep race.

The Record Threat: Brad Hudson’s 14:29.80 USR is safe, but Haile might be up to chasing Jason Witt’s year-old MR of 15:05.29.

The Breakdown: VA standout Johns Ross is in heat one, and a solid contender to place in the top three. Haile and Luttrell should lead the “fast” heat.

The Medalists: 1. Haile, 2. Ross, 3. Luttrell



Girls 5000

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Lia DiValentin VA, Kat Lautzenheiser VA, Leia Lautzenheiser VA, MaryGrace Pellegrini KY, Teshika Rivers MD, Anna Shields CT

The Buzz: Not like last year, when FL Finals runner-up Aurora Scott had the track to herself … but the field does have a San Diego veteran in Kat Lautzenheiser.

The Record Threat: Scott’s MR of 16:53.55 and the USR of 16:43.02 will each stand another year.

The Breakdown: It’s likely to be a Virginia show, with DiValentin a good bet to battle “Kat” for the title.

The Medalists: 1. K. Lautzenheiser, 2. DiValentin, 3. Shields



Boys 1 Mile Walk

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Trevor Barron PA, Tyler Campbell ME, Matthew Forgues ME, Tyler Sorenson CA, Ricardo Vergara TX, Roberto Vergara TX

The Buzz: If this preview looks similar to the NSIC capsule for this event, it should – the top five contenders are each walking in both meets. This year’s top walkers are all here, including the top four from the mile list and the 3k #1. The Vergara brothers have dominated the male side of the sport the last three years.

The Record Threat: Though both Vergaras are solid 6:25-30 milers, the US (6:11.00) and meet (6:17.96) records are still a level away.

The Breakdown: The Vergaras will have their usual battle for first; the fight for 3rd should be interesting as Barron has not walked a mile race this year, but has a 6:47 from 2007 under his belt.

The Medalists: 1. Ri. Vergara, 2. Ro. Vergara, 3. Barron



Girls 1 Mile Walk

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Leah Buletti NY, Kelsey Burglund NY, Molly Josephs NY, Olivia Lapham NY, Jessica Reybal TX, Nicolette Sorensen CA

The Buzz: Unlike the boys walks, not all of the top contenders are doubling. Here, US#1 Leah Buletti will battle again vs. Olivia Lapham, the recent upset winner in the NY state meet.

The Record Threat: The national (7:00.94) and meet (7:00.90) records are probably a little out of reach.

The Breakdown: Look for Buletti to be fired up to avenge her NY state defeat.

The Medalists: 1. Buletti, 2. Lapham, 3. Josephs



Freshman Boys 1 Mile

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Anthony Andrews NJ, Brayden Burleigh VA, Kevin Byrne NJ, George Carter VA, Mitchell Lloyd AL, Ryan Walling NC

The Buzz: No real prodigies this year, just a solid group with the first two within shouting distance of record territory. Of note is the 5th seed, Kevin Byrne, who is the son of Millrose Games mile record-holder and NJ 2-mile record-holder Kevin Byrne.

The Record Threat: The low-4:20s seems to be the glass ceiling for boys 9th-grade milers and Burleigh and Lloyd are both reasonably close to the meet (4:22.62) and US (4:21.20) standards.

The Breakdown: Looks like a tight battle for 1st and a tight battle for 3rd.

The Medalists: 1. Burleigh, 2. Lloyd, 3. Carter



Freshman Girls 1 Mile

The Top Contenders: (in alpha order) Marie Demedicis AL, Catherine Diethelm AL, Alex Doll MD, Lauren Eschbach FL, Amirah Johnson MD, Shannon Osika MI, Chelsey Sveinsson TX

The Buzz: Female distance runners usually develop at a younger age than males, making a “freshman” race in a national meet an event with the potential for national-class performances. This year’s NIN girls freshman mile is no exception as this is a terrific field. Sveinsson is a Foot Locker Finalist, while Diethelm and Demedicis were both major forces at NTN powerhouse Mountain Brook AL. Osika was the D1 state XC champ in Michigan.

The Record Threat: Chantelle Dron’s MR of 5:00.22 should go down. Mary Decker’s national frosh record is much, much tougher (4:40.1).

The Breakdown: Although the Mountain Brook duo probably has more experience, Sveinsson has the most talent and is rising fast in the ranks.

The Medalists: 1. Sveinsson, 2. Demedicis, 3. Diethelm

Boys 4x1 Mile Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Chaminade NY, Enapay TC, Hoover (HS, AL) TC, Jackalopes (Pinckney MI), Kellenberg Memorial NY, Mountain View VA, Spalding TC, Western Albemarle VA

The Buzz:  Should be a solid, high-17s race with Jackalopes (athletes from Michigan power Pinckney) and top NY schools Kellenberg and Chaminade leading the way.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see 6-8 schools within 10 seconds.

The Record Threat:  Shenendehowa’s 17:25.98 is probably out of reach and Fay-Man’s 17:33.28 is not easy, either.

The Breakdown:  There’s not a spectacular anchor in the field, so it’s hard to peg how things will finish.  Though seeded just 6th and 7th, Mountain View has a Foot Locker Finalist in Thomas Porter and Western Albemarle a 9:12 3200 man in Kyle Satterwhite.

The Medalists:  1. Jackalopes, 2. Kellenberg, 3. Chaminade

Girls 4x1 Mile Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Blacksburg VA, Episcopal FL, Kinetic RC (Saratoga NY), Lenape Elite, Midlothian VA, Spirit of Pre (Saline MI), Runner’s High

The Buzz:  Kinetic doesn’t have the deep powerhouse of a few years ago, but it’s still a great quartet, led by Hannah Davidson and Cassie Goutos.  Midlothian, Spirit of Pre, and Episcopal are all traditionally strong.

The Record Threat:  Kinetic has the best chance to beat their own 19:59.24 mark from 2005, but they don’t have that level of talent and depth any more.

The Breakdown:  Look for Kinetic to win by 5-10 seconds in the 20:30 range.

The Medalists:  1. Kinetic, 2. Midlothian, 3. Spirit of Pre

Boys Distance Medley Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Beall TC (Baldwin PA), Edison VA, Jackalopes (Pinckney MI), Potomac VA, Western Albemarle VA, Western Branch VA

The Buzz:  Not a loaded field like some years past.  With a US leader of 10:15.89, it hasn’t been a spectacular season for the event, anyway, and more of the better teams were at NSIC.

The Record Threat:  None.  The 9:59.94 USR and 10:03.70 MR are not in danger.

The Breakdown:  Some of the same contenders as the 4xMile; Western Albemarle’s Kyle Satterwhite and Jackalopes’ Mike Katsefaras will be doing double duty as anchors and it could come down to them for the win.

The Medalists:  1. Western Albemarle, 2. Jackalopes, 3. Western Branch

Girls Distance Medley Relay

The Top Contenders:  (in alpha order) Blazin Raiders (Eleanor Roosevelt MD), Garden City NY, Kinetic RC (Saratoga NY), Midlothian VA, Mountain Brook (AL) TC, Warrior TC (West Chester Henderson PA)

The Buzz:  Now this race has some buzz.  Of course, any time the Blazin Raiders step on the track, that’s the case (though some of their ‘A’ runners are not listed here).  But this is a loaded field that should produce some sub-12s. 

The Record Threat:  The US record of 11:35.43 won’t be threatened, but the MR of 11:56.87, five years old now, has been around way too long.  Too many good teams have passed through here for that to still be standing.

The Breakdown:  The Blazin Raiders have Dominique Lockhart, but their lineup isn’t really stacked in this one.  Mountain Brook, with 4:52-miler Madeline Morgan for the upset.

The Medalists:  1. Mountain Brook, 2. Blazin Raiders, 3. Kinetic

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