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2008 Foot Locker - Northeast
Seeded Boys
11/29/08 at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York

Results - John Dye's Gallery of NE Finalists -

Solomon Haile MD wins by 15 seconds in 15:21.9
Maryland runner makes it look easy; next he aims for national title in San Diego.

by George Kochman

Solomon Haile of Sherwood, Md. yesterday reaffirmed his status as one of the favorites for a national cross country championship with a convincing victory at the 30th annual FootLocker Northeast Regional qualifier at Van Cortlandt Park.

The smooth-striding senior moved away in the back hills en route to an easy victory. Haile was timed in 15 minutes, 21.9 seconds, winning by nearly 100 yards over Tyler Udland (Millburn, N.J.) who ran 15:36.6.

This was a race where times were quick, despite a cautious start.

A large pack, which included all the contenders, passed through the mile mark in a slowish 4:51, with everyone waiting.  Haile saw no need to move, saying, “I didn’t need to push the first mile. Everyone was there, and I thought I could go in the hills. I didn’t think anyone could stay with me.”

He was right.

Crossing the bridge heading into the famed back hills, an up-and down section of more than a mile with some sharp turns thrown in, Haile separated himself from Udland and the chasing pack.

“I tried to go with him when he moved, but…” said Udland, who then “sat in second” and settled for a good runner-up spot.

Well out in front on the last straightaway, Haile was in a good mood, and waved several times to the crowd.  He considered this “a challenging race, but I like it,” noting that he thought his degree of effort was greater at the Manhattan College Invitational in October, where he broke the 2.5-mile course record, clocking 12:06.9.

In back of Udland came Joe Whelan (Hamburg, N.Y.), Andrew Springer of Westerly, R.I., and Philip Wood of the Pennington School in New Jersey.

In early September, Whelan was unsure as to whether he’d even have a season.  “Last year, I broke my foot, and ran with it broken, so I lost some time.”  Then this past summer, “I had a knee injury, with some muscle imbalances, and did no running at all. I started training again on September 5,” he said.  Starting out with running only three times a week, the senior star had thoughts as to whether he could successfully return.

Early races were merely workouts for Whelan. He said, “Last year, I ran 14:46 at the McQuaid Invitational – this year I ran 15:50.”  But ne noted that “I ran smart at the races, and I was very patient.”

In early November, he won the New York State championship, but bypassed the New York State Federation meet the following week, saying, “Once you’ve won a state title, there’s no need to do it again.”

Instead, he worked his way up to 60 miles that week, doing a “big ladder workout” last week.  “Wait ‘til I tell my physical therapist what I’ve done,” he said.

Andrew Springer, the Rhode Island champion, had never competed at the FootLocker meet.  “I was hoping just to stay in the top ten, then kick at the end.”  Instead he found himself never worse than seventh and was thrilled at the outcome.

Phil Wood of the Pennington School is a relative unknown, because his prep school doesn’t get to compete against the “big guys” too often.  Last year, Wood was 66th, and said, “I really took a beating out there.”   He took no chances over the past year, noting, “I tried to visualize every possible condition and scenario, because it’s been my goal since I started running at age 10 to go to San Diego.”  Well prepared for anything, he found himself pleasantly surprised, and said, “I was hoping for an even pace, and the slow start suited me well.”

Two Massachusetts runners, Michael Moverman of Oliver Ames, and Phil Galebach of Medford were sixth and seventh, followed by Brett Johnson of Ocean City, N.J., George Galsso (Holmdel, N.J.), and Ben Furcht (Lower Merion, Pa).

Moverman said that “I wanted to stay close, and I tried to run the downhills real hard.”

Johnson is a sub-4:10 1,600-meter runner on the track, and despite his impressive credentials, was not overly confident in this type of race.  Hoping to “stay in the top ten,” he twisted an ankle in the back hills, leading to further uncertainty.  “I have a lot of goals in track, but since freshman year, I thought about San Diego,” he said. “I just tried to go and do what I could.”  What he can do is kick with the best, and he came from 12th in the final 1,000 yards to nab eighth place.

In ninth was unheralded George Galasso, who was only third in the Monmouth County championship last month.   Galasso has been a solid performer for four years, who has a reputation of running well late in the season. But in central New Jersey, he’s been overshadowed by others, including Robby Andrews of Manalapan, who had an off day and finished 82nd.

Things didn’t look promising for Galasso when his shoe came half off going into the hills, and then came completely off with a mile remaining.  “But this was my last race,” he mis-stated, “and I wanted to leave everything on the course.”

Galasso now has one more race remaining, this time on December 13 at San Diego.

1Haile, Solomon12Silver SpringMD15:21.9
2Udland, Tyler11Short HillsNJ15:36.6
3Whelan, Joe12HamburgNY15:38.5
4Springer, Andrew12WesterlyRI15:39.4
5Wood, Philip12YardleyPA15:42.4
6Moverman, Michael12North EastonMA15:48.0
7Galebach, Phil12MedfordMA15:49.0
8Johnson, Brett12Ocean CityNJ15:50.1
9Galasso, George12HolmdelNJ15:50.4
10Furcht, Ben12HaverfordPA15:53.5
11Berman, Neal12Bala CynwydPA15:59.8
12Martinez, Jeff12BinghamtonNY16:06.4
13Saavedra, Alex10HoltsvilleNY16:07.6
14Sullivan, Zachary12PasadenaMD16:08.9
15Freyer, Brandon11BrewsterNY16:09.3
16Forward, David11MedfordNJ16:09.7
17Bazell, Graham12ColumbiaMD16:09.9
18Perilli, Drew11LockportNY16:12.2
19McCullough, Matt12HavertownPA16:13.4
20Gault, Jonathan12BedfordMA16:13.9
21Sinotte, Cory12ManchesterNH16:14.6
22Desabato, Patrick12NarbethPA16:17.7
23Rondon, Daniel11North BergenNJ16:18.6
24Reeve, Lowell12ManchesterMA16:19.0
25Thornton, Dj11RahwayNJ16:19.9
26Stauffer, Cameron12HarmonyPA16:22.1
27Kildoo, Jacob10Grove CityPA16:22.3
28Sadlocha, Nicholas12MinoaNY16:22.8
29Mercurio, Connor12East ProvidenceRI16:23.5
30Tarsnane, Jimmy12CollegevillePA16:24.6
31Gillette, Matt12OrefieldPA16:24.8
32Puffett, Cory11Upper MarlboroMD16:25.4
33Oster, Dave11VeronaNJ16:26.0
34Griffin, Sidney12BarringtonRI16:26.3
35Kotran, Joseph11Toms RiverNJ16:27.1
36Beardsley, Alex11North EastPA16:27.3
37Wallace, Daniel12NewtownPA16:27.5
38Fontaine, Luke11AugustaME16:27.8
39Place, Sam10Saratoga SpringsNY16:28.0
40Beveridge, Joseph12HarrisburgPA16:28.4
41McGowan, John10WashingtonDC16:28.7
42Champagne, Michael11PlattsburghNY16:28.9
43Aylaian, Brendon11StowMA16:29.5
44Smith, Douglas12SuccasunnaNJ16:32.0
45Kaake, Jason11PhippsburgMA16:32.8
46King, Ryan12TollandCT16:33.1
47O'Sullivan, Christopher11HavertownPA16:33.9
48Magna, Brian11CantonCT16:34.8
49Pickhaver, John12Drexel HillPA16:35.0
50Lockwood, Chuck11YorkPA16:35.7
51Escobar, Nicolas11DerwoodMD16:36.2
52Arbuckle, Luke11ElktonMD16:36.8
53Shrawder, Adam12New WilmingtonPA16:37.0
54Kiley, Michael12MineolaNY16:37.3
55Morgan, Craig12HighlandMD16:38.1
56Leskow, Aaron11Toms RiverNJ16:38.4
57Farley, Teddy12ActonMA16:38.7
58Santana, Alfredo12PhiladelphiaPA16:40.4
59Spisak, Jimmy12JohnstownPA16:40.9
60Cassidy, Liam11BrunswickME16:41.3
61Fisher, Dylan12PeterboroughNH16:43.8
62Bendtsen, Christopher11WolcottCT16:44.3
63Wood, Philip11Forked RiverNJ16:44.5
64Pelletier, Seth12WellsME16:45.0
65Pietras, Zach12LudlowMA16:45.2
66Abasolo, Brandon12Long BeachNY16:45.5
67Redfield, Gregory12PenfieldNY16:46.0
68Jantz, John12ArlingtonMA16:46.4
69Arnold, Andrew12MarltonNJ16:46.8
70Kellar, Will11ExtonPA16:47.9
71Wilson, Dustin9PhiladelphiaPA16:48.6
72Kramer, Alex12North AndoverMA16:48.8
73Hull, Kevin12LancasterPA16:49.0
74Ascough, Jeffrey12Toms RiverNJ16:49.2
75Gilhuley, Paul12BrooklynNY16:49.7
76Patterson, Robert12OwingsMD16:50.8
77Lilley, Michael12HagerstownMD16:51.1
78Perozze, Vincent11PerkiomenvillePA16:51.4
79Joyce, Daniel11MarshfieldMA16:51.6
80Schmidt, Klaus12TivoliNY16:51.9
81Topita, Ryan12PasadenaMD16:52.2
82Andrews, Robby12ManalapanNJ16:52.7
83Nestor, Sean12MadisonCT16:53.0
84Valeriani, Matthew11Cedar RunNJ16:53.4
85Aziz, Jonathan12SchenectadyNY16:53.9
86Geoghegan, Will11BrunswickME16:54.7
87Hoyt, Ricky12LeeNH16:55.2
88Robinson, Brian11Short HillsNJ16:55.7
89McCauley, Mark11CumberlandME16:56.3
90McLaughlin, Brian11Barrington RiRI16:57.5
91Hurley, David12AshawayRI16:58.0
92Hathaway, Nate11ScarboroughME16:58.3
93Lamour, Harold10PhiladelphiaPA16:58.5
94Mazzio, Jonathan12West ChesterPA16:58.8
95Leazes, Dylan12ProvidenceRI16:59.3
96Jones, Byron11WestboroughMA16:59.7
97Kohn, Sam12ScarsdaleNY16:59.9
98Shorr, Graham12BrooklynNY17:00.2
99Lafferty, Richard12SkippackPA17:00.4
100Laforgia, Matt12Whitehouse StationNJ17:00.6
101Lachman, Nicholas11RobbinsvilleNJ17:00.9
102Seidl, Colin12CochectonNY17:01.1
103Edmonds, Caleb11CooperstownNY17:02.0
104Boyette, Savantuay11JamestownNY17:02.7
105Gallivan, Cameron12BuffaloNY17:03.3
106Horning, Dustin12ElizabethtownPA17:03.9
107Roa, Carlos11JamaicaNY17:04.4
108Haje, Naseem12HagerstownMD17:04.9
109Mahoney, Michael11RichboroPA17:05.5
110Lee, Ilkyu12ScarsdaleNY17:06.3
111Goutos, Demetri12Saratoga SpringsNY17:07.0
112Culbreath, Ryan12Woolwich Twp.NJ17:07.3
113McCullough, Sean12Plymouth MeetingPA17:08.3
114Pietrocarlo, Chris11HampsteadNH17:09.3
115Nystrom, Erik12CantonCT17:09.5
116Duckloe, Gregory12StroudsburgPA17:10.2
117Pierce, Matthew11OgdensburgNY17:10.6
118Pitts, Andrew12Glen MillsPA17:11.0
119Courneene, Brendan11PlattsburghNY17:11.5
120Castillo, Juan12Mount LaurelNJ17:11.5
121Bogert, Jonathan12BethlehemPA17:11.5
122Gregorski***, Christopher12DerwoodMD17:13.7
123Saad, Julian12TrumbullCT17:14.2
124Donnelly, Pat12LansdalePA17:14.5
125McGuire, Ryan12OrangeCT17:15.0
126Galonski, Michael11NewtonNJ17:15.2
127Kavney, Tim10ComstantiaNY17:15.7
128Hill, Andrew11ColchesterCT17:16.0
129Plaszenski, Bud12PenfieldPA17:16.8
130McGann, Bobby12Little SilverNJ17:17.2
131Ross, Tommy11DarieCT17:18.0
132Moreau, Michael12BristolCT17:18.4
133Wegner, Kyle10WiltonNY17:19.3
134Finneran, Tom12ScituateMA17:19.8
135Guinee, Brenden12SalemMA17:20.6
136Yang, Michael12OceansideNY17:20.9
137Missey-Higgins, Justin11Griswold, CtCT17:21.4
138Dundas, Taylor11BrunswickME17:21.9
139Kirby, Sean12ClarksvilleMD17:22.9
140Kirschner, Daniel12Short HillsNJ17:23.4
141Hampton, Reuben12PhiladelphiaPA17:23.6
142Lynch, Michael12ColumbiaMD17:24.4
143Morin, Alex10DurhamCT17:24.9
144Feeney, Dan12WilmingtonDE17:26.2
145Francis, Steven12CoventryRI17:28.9
146Aldeen, Amr12East StroudsburgPA17:28.9
147Luksik, Andrew12JohnstownPA17:28.9
148Bogdan, Colin11BuffaloNY17:29.4
149White, Sadiki12Millstone TownshipNJ17:32.6
150Bleday, John11WestwoodMA17:33.2
151White, Barien12NewarkDE17:33.8
152Saliani, Julian11IrvingtonNY17:34.4
153Tuohy-Bedford, Evan11West YarmouthMA17:35.4
154Stover, Joseph12ElktonMD17:36.9
155Newfield, Jake12NeedhamMA17:38.4
156Gooding Jr, Hilton12SomersetNJ17:40.1
157Gaudion, Henry11Dover FoxcroftME17:41.2
158Cornfield, Jarred11Painted PostNY17:43.6
159Farag, Hamer11MorristownNJ17:46.7
160Myers, Alex12OakmontPA17:48.0
161Thiele, Michael12CoventryRI17:49.3
162Gregorek, John11SeekonkMA17:52.8
163Chelton, Ryan12SparksMD17:53.3
164Swomley, Luke11YorkPA17:53.8
165Brazinski, Alex12RidgwayPA17:54.7
166Cantor, Andrew12FrederickMD17:55.3
167Macedo, Eric12MiddletownDE17:56.1
168Riegel, Tyler11BethelPA17:58.4
169White, Darien12NewarkDE18:01.3
170Breighner, Andy12LittlestownPA18:03.9
171Krikorian, George12ActonMA18:05.0
172Spencer, John12AnnapolisMD18:10.3
173Mays, Ellis11MercersburgPA18:11.2
174Fitzgerald, Barry12BuffaloNY18:12.4
175Zynda, Avior12WoodbineMD18:12.9
176Valcourt, Pete12WilliamstownNJ18:13.2
177Ford, Matthew12ActonMA18:14.9
178Ignatowich, Michael12RidgefieldCT18:18.6
179Carrion, Louis11Staten IslandNY18:21.8
180Kopko, Andrew12CliftonNJ18:23.0
181Haverly, Dave12BerneNY18:23.2
182Hannagan, Mark12WilmingtonDE18:28.1
183Veres, Connor12EastonPA18:31.7
184Farrell, Sean12Fair LawnNJ18:33.1
185Kearns, Christian11RidgefieldCT18:35.0
186White, Brad12LancasterPA18:37.0
187Willcox, Matt12West ChesterPA18:37.7
188Brooker, Matt12Spring MillsPA18:38.1
189Forgo, Carl9ActonMA18:38.6
190King, Bill12TimoniumMD18:40.0
191Martin, Kyle12FultonNY18:57.9
192Hagel, Dylan11LinwoodPA18:58.8
193Kugelman, David12Staten IslandNY19:04.3
194Meglis, Grant11ActonMA19:06.2
195Aden, Omar12BostonMA19:06.8
196Biales, Daniel12ActonMA19:12.7
197Muse, Andrew11South YarmouthMA19:25.2
198Rnriquez, Ivan12CliftonNJ19:30.2
199Maher, Connor11ActonMA19:44.5
200Beachtel, Murray12LittlestownPA19:57.8
201Feig, Gary12CliftonNJ20:01.2
202Sestrich, Dave11ActonMA20:16.0
203Polczynski, Benjamin12MansfieldPA20:21.1
204Lovell, Devin12Cranberry TwpPA20:22.3
205Ferraiolo, Chris12BroomallPA20:33.8
206Yu, Patrick12Fresh MeadowsNY21:22.0
207Zhou, Hao11Rego ParkNY24:35.2
208Ali, Ahmed12BostonMA31:00.8
209Brearley, Justin12ManahawkinNJ31:00.8
210Dunn-Gaudet, Erik12East HamptonMA31:00.9
         Footlocker Northeast Regional Cross Country Championships
Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York November 29, 2008