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Penn Relays

April 28, 2007 Franklin Field, Philadelphia PA

DyeStat on-site coverage

Results - photos by John Nepolitan

St Jago Boys - 00:39.96 Edwin Allen Girls -- 00:44.87




(left) Finish of the Boys Championship of America 4x100

(below) St. Jago (Jamaica) Boys take the championship in 00:39.96


start of Boys Small School 4 x 100 final

Boys small school 4x100 finish - Herbert Morrison (Jamaica) wins

Start of boys large school 4 x 100

Finish of boys large school 4x100 - Irvington (NJ) team C wins as Trenton (team H), Bethal (team E) and Manning (team F) all get DQ'd

Photos by John Nepolitan


Championship of America

00:39.96 St. Jago St. Jago
00:40.24 Calabar Calabar
00:41.08 Kingston College Kingston College
00:41.08 Camperdown Camperdown
00:41.16 Jamaica College Jamaica College
00:41.57 Holmwood Technical Holmwood Technical
00:41.65 South Shore South Shore
DNF Wolmer's Boys Wolmer's Boys

Top Qualifying Times

small (fri) 00:40.94 St. Jago
small (sat) 00:41.32 Herbert Morrison Herbert Morrison
large (fri) 00:41.50 Camperdown
small (sat) 00:41.50 I.C. Norcom I.C. Norcom
large (fri) 00:41.91 Kingston/Jam
large (fri) 00:41.93 Jamaica
large (fri) 00:41.95 South Shore
small (fri) 00:42.06 Holmwood
large (sat) 00:42.13 Bethel
small (fri) 00:42.26 IC Norcom
small (fri) 00:42.28 StGeorge'sJA
large (fri) 00:42.34 Deep Creek
small (sat) 00:42.34 Howard Howard


(left) start of the Girls Championship of America race

Edwin Allen Girls brings it home team win 44.87

large schools winner Landstown in 47.08

(below) small school finish

start of HS Girls Tri-State 4 x 100 Final

Girls 4 x 100 TriState Finish - East Orange appears to win, but is DQ'd and Wilson (NJ) team C wins


Championship Times (Friday):

00:44.87 Edwin Allen
45:00.00 Holmwood Technical
00:45.78 Manchester
00:45.91 Long Beach Poly
00:45.97 St. Jago
00:46.41 Rancho Verde
00:46.58 Vere Technical
00:47.49 Uniondale

Qualifying Times:

small 00:46.16 Edwin Allen
small 00:46.52 St. Jago
large 00:46.67 RanchoVerde
small 00:46.69 Holmwood
small 00:46.94 Manchestr/Ja
large (fri) 00:47.08 Landstown
small 00:47.14 VereTech
large 00:47.28 LB Poly
large (fri) 00:47.39 East Orange
large 00:47.64 Landstown
large 00:47.64 Uniondale
small 00:47.70 Elzbth Seton
large 00:47.71 East Orange
small (fri) 00:47.71 Alpha Academy
large (fri) 00:47.76 Deep Creek
small (fri) 00:47.95 Elizabeth Seton
large (fri) 00:48.10 Western Branch
large 00:48.18 St Andrews

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