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May 31 - June 2, 2007 Albuquerque NM

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14 marks hit all time US lists in last five years

G 300H - Shalina Clarke IL 40.40
G 100 - Bianca Knight MS 11.28w

B 100 - J-Mee Samuels NC 10.07w
B 200 - J-Mee Samuels NC 20.32
G LJ - Sarah Matthews CO 21-2
G Javelin - Rachel Yurkovich OR 167-5

B 110H - Jason Richardson TX 13.38
G 100 - Ashley Owens CO 11.20
G TJ - Erica McLain TX 42-10.25

B 300H - Kerron Clement TX 35.73
B Long Jump - Dominic Zeigler TX 25-10w
G Shot Put - Michelle Carter TX 52-00.50

B 100 - Willie Hordge TX 10.21
G 100H - Alandra Sherman TX 13.30

2006 details - Texas sweeps team titles
Shalina Clarke and Bianca Knight star, but no showdown
by Steve Underwood

If there was any regret from this year’s Great Southwest Classic in Albuquerque, it’s that somehow, some way, they couldn’t figure out a way for Shalina Clarke and Bianca Knight to race each other. This isn’t a criticism of anyone, just some indulgent whimsy. Yes, their talents and specialties are different, but not so much so that the mind isn’t compelled to try and imagine the possibilities. In any case, these queens of the oval gave the crowd probably their biggest thrills of the weekend.

Yet, amazingly, despite the way each dominated their events, each girl likely left the ABQ with a bittersweet taste in her mouth. Clarke won three times, including a US#2 40.40 in the 300 hurdles, but by hitting the 9th hurdle hard and stumbling slightly, the Evanston IL sr probably missed a fantastic chance at Lashinda Demus’s US record 39.98.

Meanwhile, Knight headed up each of the Elite sprint event fields and was shooting for that atmospheric 11.1 territory in the 100. After managing “just” 11.28, despite the aide of a 3.5 wind, she was pretty glum. But she bounced back for a truly dominating US#1 legal 23.14 in the 200, against a stunning field, to give her the sweep.

left, with Sandia Mountains in background, Shalina Clarke wins 300m hurdles in 40.40, US#5 all time.

2005 details - J-Mee Samuels NC and Sarah Matthews CO claim MVP awards with all-time ranking performances - Samuels 10.07w and 20.32 (US#5 all time) - Matthews 21-2 LJ (US#7 all time) in greatest HS girls LJ competition ever, 3 girls 20-8 or better, 4 more girls 19-5 or better - 6 US#1 performances overall.

J-Mee Samuels
Sarah Matthews

2004 details - Sprinters steal the show. Doubles by Ashley Owens, Jason Richardson, Cedric Goodman, Zach Lloyd, Erica McLain. Three US#1 marks (Owens 11.20, Richardson 13.38, Shantia Moss 13.51).

Ashley Owens
Jason Richardson

2003 details - 16 new meet records!
Alief Elsik girls 44.63 4x100 - new US record! Texas hurdlers sweep MVP honors: Kerron Clement 13.61 and 35.73, and Alandra Sherman 13.30 and 42.88. More stars of the Great Southwest: Dominique Zeigler 25-10 (US#1); Earvin Parker doubles 10.31 and 20.89; Zack Lloyd 66-7.75 (US#1); Alan Thomas 1:51.19; Amber Harper doubles 1500/3200; Michelle Carter doubles 52-0.5 and 155-6; Leif Arrhenius doubles DT/HT; and Texas sweeps team titles.

Alandra Sherman
Kerron Clement

2002 details - Texas boys fly high - Willie Hordge 10.21 (Kellie Willie 10.24, Jonathan Wade 10.29). Texas relays 40.54 and 3:12.33. Kellie Willie 20.49. Ivie Williams 47.64. Terry Beard 37.25. Josh Jordan 24-3. Stan Montoya 200-7.25 JT. Soph Leif Arrhenius 185-8 DT and 193-4 HT. Girls aren't bad either - Peoria AZ jr Jessica Onyepanuka 11.61 (7 under 12 seconds) and 24.01. Amber Harper 4:39.28 1500m. Texas relay 45.43. Utah relay 3:49.58. Katie Morgan 12-0.25 PV. Francheska Ketchum 20-1.75. Kelli Burton 48-9 and 149-8.25.

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