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2007 Great Southwest
June 2, 2007 - Albuquerque NM
DyeStat on-site coverage


Boys - Girls

Chase Dalton OR 199-0
Brittany Borman MO 155-1
Marc Davis video

by Sal Gonzalez

Ian Trimble of Shawnee Heights Kansas scratching from
the event made for an easy victory for Chase Dalton of
Tigard, Oregon. The BYU bound athlete was feeling the
effects of the GSW decathlon and the absence of
Trimble, “It was really hard to come back (from the
decathlon) but I was looking forward to watching him
(Trimble) throw…I was looking forward to the
competition…and when there’s not very much competition
it is hard to bring out the best.” It may have not
been Dalton’s best but it was good enough for the gold
on Saturday.

by Sal Gonzalez, Southwest Regional Editor

Brittany Borman (MO) out slung 8th grade sensation
Hannah Carson (Willis, AZ) 155-01 to 150-6. The throws
were a big improvement from a year ago where 139-0 won
the competition. Borman and Carson’s throws were 2nd
and 3rd all time at the Great Southwest.

photos by John Dye



Boys Javelin Throw
Sponsor: Fleet Feet
Gr Southwest: + 217-05 2005 Preston Chathan, Covington, LA
HS National: * 241-11 1988 Tommi Viskari, Amsterdam, NY
Name Year School Seed Finals Points
1 Dalton, Chase Tigard, OR 00-00.00 60.65m 199-00.00
60.60m FOUL 57.14m 60.65m 59.72m FOUL
2 Kosecki, Matthew Humble, TX 58.97m 193-06.00
52.69m 53.68m 54.76m FOUL 56.91m 58.97m
3 Draper, Daniel Moriarty, NM 86-09.00 57.79m 189-07.00
57.79m FOUL 56.89m 56.04m FOUL 53.58m
4 Ramos, Eddy Albuquerque, NM 72-02.00 56.40m 185-00.00
48.58m 49.74m 56.40m FOUL 53.76m 55.11m
5 Jones, Nick Albuquerque, NM 77-08.00 55.56m 182-03.00
54.17m 52.41m FOUL 55.56m 51.20m FOUL
6 Nielson, Russ Nephi, UT 85-00.00 55.43m 181-10.00
51.48m 51.02m 53.63m 55.43m 53.33m 54.05m
7 Kennedy, Colin Laguna Blanca, CA 85-00.00 53.48m 175-05.00
48.79m 51.00m 53.48m 51.79m FOUL FOUL
8 Fiaseu, Daniel Albuquerque, NM 70-03.00 52.01m 170-08.00
FOUL 50.86m 51.98m 47.08m 52.01m FOUL
9 Mondoza, Jordan Clovis, NM 82-00.00 51.96m 170-06.00
51.15m 51.96m 50.68m
10 Williamson, Derek Aztec, NM 70-00.00 51.71m 169-08.00
47.62m 46.51m 51.71m
11 May, Chase Aztec, NM 75-00.00 49.14m 161-03.00
46.46m 49.14m 45.50m
12 Bartlett, Joe Reno, NV 44.72m 146-09.00
38.62m 43.25m 44.72m
13 Hartwick, Landon Forney, TX 41.45m 136-00.00
39.98m 38.72m 41.45m
14 Springall, Brent Las Vegas, NV 39.91m 130-11.00
39.91m 38.80m 39.78m
15 Vanden Heuvel, Zack Reno, NV 31.46m 103-02.00
30.18m 30.93m 31.46m


Girls Javelin Throw
Sponsor: Ann DeHart
Gr Southwest: + 167-05 2005 Rachel Yurkovich, Newberg, OR
HS National: * 176-05 2005 Rachel Yurkovich, Newberg, OR
Name Year School Seed Finals Points
1 Borman, Brittany DeSoto, MO 35-08.00 47.28m 155-01.00
42.67m 47.28m 46.29m FOUL 42.24m 44.83m
2 Carson, Hannah Willis, AZ 54-01.00 45.87m 150-06.00
40.32m FOUL 45.87m 41.34m 42.42m 38.61m
3 Malouff, Patricia Aztec, NM 19-00.00 36.04m 118-03.00
36.04m 29.81m 33.35m 31.61m 33.82m 31.96m
4 Ferguson, Taylor Las Cruces, NM 19-08.00 35.73m 117-03.00
34.25m 34.14m 30.70m 33.91m 34.45m 35.73m
5 Christiansen, Erin Stansbury Park, UT 29-05.00 35.53m 116-07.00
29.67m 35.53m 30.35m 34.53m 33.47m 34.10m
6 Flores, Shayla Albuquerque, NM 23-05.00 35.45m 116-04.00
32.80m 34.47m FOUL 33.37m 35.45m 35.12m
7 Burnett, Katie Desert Ridge, AZ 25-00.00 34.67m 113-09.00
FOUL 30.77m 34.60m 31.35m 34.67m 30.84m
8 Sedivec, Morgan Littleton, CO 35-00.00 30.29m 99-04.00
30.20m 30.29m 29.33m FOUL FOUL FOUL
9 Robinson, Ada Centerville, UT 10-01.00 29.34m 96-03.00
27.63m 25.76m 29.34m
10 Jones, Jaclyn Delta, UT 20-05.00 26.60m 87-03.00
26.38m 26.60m 23.08m
11 Roach, Kelley Houston, TX 85-05.00 25.69m 84-03.00
20.67m 25.69m 25.58m
12 Ellison, Whitley Arlington, TX 05-00.00 25.63m 84-01.00
22.91m 25.63m 24.61m

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