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 Track EC at NIN: They've Got a Good Thing Going - Opportunities facilitated by Coaches Nick Sparks and Dave Simpson has made a big difference on and off the track for these relay standouts
 Ashley Brasovan: She just had to get there - Overcoming the obstacle of McAlpine and Foot Locker South was a key to the 2007 Foot Locker champ getting the chance she needed.
  Inspiration and Sadness at the Trials - Loss of Ryan Shay saddens us after inspirational triumphs of
"DyeStat Alums" Hall and Ritz, and Sell
 Hold Nothing Back: Chanelle Price -  The DyeStat 2007 Girls Athlete of the Year found an approach that worked for her.
 Jordan’s Journey - An up-and-down sophomore year in both cross and track comes to a close with the Mission Prep CA soph back on top and a lot of lessons learned
 2006 DyeStat Athletes of the Year - The creme de la creme are juniors Gabby Mayo NC and Walter Henning NY, who both went to China for the World Juniors and have their eyes on national records in the girls 100m and the boys hammer throw as seniors
 Fantastic Francena: An AppreciationFrancena McCorory beat the national record of Sanya Richards (52.10) and NSSF chairman emeritus Mike Byrnes told the crowd, "This was the greatest high school performance I have ever seen."
 Jordan Hasay: A Work in Progress - Is there anywhere to go but down after winning a Foot Locker title as a freshman? On the contrary, Hasay and her coach have already scaled some challenges, but they have only just begun.
 It's AJ's World - ... Are we just living in it? All of the crazy stories you’ve heard about AJ Acosta are probably true, but there’s more to the new Foot Locker boys champion than you might think
 Clarkston: The best team you'll never see - The Michigan XC powerhouse, ranked as high as US#2,  was forever denied a chance at Nike Team Nationals by a state ruling.
 Andrew Perkins: Fulfilling Promise - The Waterown WI freshman had long shown potential before his indoor freshman mile record of 4:21.20. 
 The Posters’ Champion - Whether he’s rapping with the wired world – or “wrapping” a new victim’s yard with his FMR crazies – “Scuba Steve” Magness of Klein Oak HS (Texas) is a kinda crazy, but perfectly accessible regular guy. He plays hard … and runs harder.
 Brad Prins Pill-Dispensing Controversy - Following allegations that Prins, the coach of national prep distance power Rockford MI - dispensed over the counter, non-prescriptions pills to his athletes, interviews were published with a key parent, Prins himself, and Rockford alum Dathan Ritzenhein.
 Checking in with the Distance Gods - Report from the NCAA Pre-Nats at Furman to check up on how "The New Distance Gods" are doing in college, a year and a half after the original feature.
 The Distance Gods are Back! - The original introduction to "A Look At The 2000 Prep Distance Resurgence (Ritz, Webb, Hall, etc.) And The Countdown To Raleigh!"
  On A Mission In Mizzou - Matt Tegankamp
  Eric Logsdon - Rising to the Top
  Those California Girls - Bei-Barrientos-Siraki
  Ryan Hall - Overcoming the Odds from Big Bear Lake
  Unleashed in the East  - Shalane Flanagan and Erin Donahue
  Pre-Bound - Don Sage, the Dukes of York and the Great Tim Keller Rivalry
  Ritz, Rockford Reign Supreme, in the Long Haul - Ritzenhein: It's What's Inside that Counts; Rockford Girls: The Juggernaut Team
  Wyoming's Alicia Craig, queen of the mile in 2000 - Physically and spiritually fit junior year ends with her Number 1 in the US
  Book Reviews
 God on the Starting Line by Marc Bloom - "a wonderful gift to the world of prep distance running. It's kind of like eating, oh, a premium triple chocolate fudge brownie ice cream sundae. You might feel stuffed and a little woozy, but like you've never devoured anything so delicious."
  Slinger Sanchez Running Gun by Bruce Glikin -  "it's clear this novel wants to go beyond the story of a star athlete overcoming the odds. It wants to get real with what the author considers the environment of world-class track and field. That is both its bounty and its burden."
  Sub-4:00 by Chris Lear - "Lear has the additional task of capturing and holding our interest for a story we know reasonably well (Alan Webb's freshman year at Michigan) and that has a bummer ending. Not an easy thing to do."
  Run with the Champions by Marc Bloom - "The appeal of super veteran running writer Marc Bloom's new book, Run with the Champions, is as diverse as the superstars he profiles."
  Running with the Buffaloes by Chris Lear - "Insider" sports diaries have been around a long time, but unless I'm forgetting something, I can't -- in almost 25 years of being a runner and running fan -- recall a book like this, that takes you inside the proverbial locker room of a nationally contending college cross country team."