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Bailey Wagner | Georgia Tech

There is always time for whatever you want to do at Georgia Tech and the surrounding Atlanta area, as long as you manage your time.  It is healthy to set aside time to have a social life and enjoy it because otherwise college life will pass you by so fast.
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Kristin Sutherland | University of Illinois

College training is harder than it was in high school, but it is not impossible. The biggest difference is the mileage; in general, we run a lot more in college than I did in high school. In high school we used to have workouts 3 days in a row which could be really hard on your body and in college our workouts are much better spaced out
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Carly Seymour | Duke University

The Duke track athletes are just regular people that have a passion for running and work really hard to achieve success. A lot of the girls on my team are really laid back and fun, they do not get too serious or worked up over a bad workout and have a good perspective of the sport
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Jordan Clarke | Arizona State University

You can definitely have a social life. During the fall is when you have the most time, but you don’t want to go overboard, because it will affect your training. That’s what most freshmen learn. You have to have fun, everyone does, but just don’t get too crazy...If you want to be successful, you have to make sure you get everything else done before going out and having fun
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Mary Kate Champagne | Providence College

My typical Saturday night is pretty basic.  My roommate Hannah and I are normally too tired if we have just come home from a meet to do much.  We will hang out with the team for a while, all go out to eat, or go see a movie and go to bed.  It is especially important for us to get our sleep before our Sunday long runs.  One night of bad sleep can and has led to sickness and is not worth it at all - MORE

Donn Cabral | Princeton University

I didn’t compete in the fall because I tore my plantar fascia waterskiing over the summer. Having to call my future coach and tell him I ruined my season waterskiing when I already had plantar fascitis was miserable. The fall season wasn’t much better. I got sick of the bike, elliptical and pool pretty quickly and it was difficult to get into the swing of things in school because I was going through running withdrawals.  - MORE
Ashley Verplank | University of North Carolina

My first semester at UNC went really well, but when I started traveling a lot with the track team in the spring it took a slight toll on my grades.  You really learn to manage your time when you have to balance schoolwork with running.  I never had time just to sit down and watch television I was either running or doing homework.  - MORE
Cory Leslie | Ohio State University

I couldn’t have asked for a better school or running program to be a part of. I chose Ohio State because of Coach Gary and the program he is building...He’s a great coach. We talk quite a bit, when were not at practice; it’s often through text messaging.  - MORE
Toni Graham | University of Alabama

College training is hard! It is definitely hard work. I thought I had days in high school where I just didn't know if I was going to make it. College makes you think twice about it! But my friend and I always say this is what we signed up for!! Major differences for me were the amount of lifting and that breaks were few and far between. Also training in high school started in January; in college it starts in September and you go all year round. - MORE
Kyle Smith | University of Southern Mississippi

Javelin at the college level is a whole different level. Most javelin throwers in high school do not train year round. I started training for this season last August. I was used to it because of how I trained in high school, but many of the other throwers were not used to it. Competition was a big difference for me. I did not lose a prep meet [in high school]. Going into most meets this year, I knew I had to be on my A-game to come out with a win. - MORE
Nicole Cochran | Harvard University

Schoolwork and running were definitely more difficult to balance in college than in high school. Both demand more and more of time until you practically run out of hours in the day. Time management and efficiency become huge and it took me about a semester to really get a handle on how to budget my time most effectively. It’s funny when I tell people where I go to school and they expect me to some sort of genius. - MORE
Hilary May | Harvard University

Heading off to Harvard for cross-country pre-season was the most exciting day of my life.  I was about to spend the next four years of my life in Cambridge, the college student’s dream town, and training with a brilliant young coach and ‘wicked smaht’ teammates.  Unfortunately my confidence soon fizzled when I couldn’t seem to perform to my expectations. - MORE