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As the 2008-2009 high school competition year draws to a close, we asked five staff members who spend a great deal of their time at meets to look back over the last twelve months and select their five favorite events, moments, match-ups, interactions, observations, confrontations or celebrations. The things that stood out, stayed with them, stuck to memory long after the coverage was over and the headlines had faded. The only catch was that they had to actually have been there. Stunned by Anna Jelmini's throws double at her California sectional, but heard about it on the internet like almost everyone else? Doesn’t count. Head spinning when you got word of Albemarle's 4x800 battle against Morris Hills, but you were covering a meet elsewhere in the country? Not good enough. Five favorites you saw with your own eyes.

So, without further ado… a week’s worth of moments we were “in the house” to see.

Donna Dye | donna on the side
With all the photos Donna takes "on the side" at meets all over the country, what else would you expect? The pictures say it all!

Buffalo Babes at Foot Locker West - The Babes get the nod for the best, most colorful and original outfits "on the side" at Foot Locker West in California. 

If the colors don’t get ya, then the glasses, hats and midriffs will.  Buffalo Babes is a group of 75 all-star girls distance runners from Northern California.  They are part of the Buffalo Chip Running Club in Sacramento California. 

Jordan Hasay—the celebrity!   While I’ve seen high school athletes signing autographs before, I’ve never seen anything like the scene at the 2008 Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational.  As Jordan left the finish area, kids rushed to ask for her autograph.  More kids came running, and soon Jordan was surrounded by a very enthusiastic crowd.  She was encircled and smothered as the crowd moved in for her autograph on programs, napkins, cups…..anything that could be written on.  After several minutes of this, her dad, Joe, came to her rescue and literally fished her out of the crowd.  In all of this, Jordan was quite the lady -- polite, calm and very accommodating.

At first, the crowd was small….

But it soon grew.  That's Jordan's blonde hair in the middle.


Davis Fraker of the Throws 1 Deep Club from GA at Simplot - Davis was so happy about winning the weight throw on Thursday that he and his friends dyed a gold star in his hair.  The star would be the motivating force for tackling the shot put the next day...and it worked.  Davis won the shot put too.

Davis Fraker flashes a smile (left), while teammate Nabil Mubarak points to some creative work by Throw 1 Deep group to mark Davis Fraker's double win.


The Wave of the Year!

Forest Hills High School at the Hispanic Games at the New York Armory is the Wave of the Year!


Donna’s Scrapbook – On the other side of the Camera
1) Track Moms talk to Donna - I spent a few hours with some great track moms; learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

(from left) Andrea Wilson, Suzanne Walsh, Cheri Spigner, Donna Dye, Jeana King-Beach

2) Donna gets a hug from Tavaris Tate - Can’t let this one go!  I met Tavaris Tate and his Dad, Russell, this year at the Great Southwest.  It didn’t take long to develop a friendship.  After Tavaris won an MVP at the Great Southwest, he gave me a hug while dad took the picture.  This goes in my personal Donna on the Side scrapbook! 

 All photos by Donna Dye

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