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The annual DyeStat Elite XC Individual Top 25 series (formerly Foot Locker Favorites and renamed given additional options available now) are national and regional rankings of cross-country runners based on distance-running accomplishments to date, with an emphasis on XC and 3200/2M track results, rather than a projection of how the Foot Locker Finals or NXN Finals will turn out (predictions run later in the season).

NXN, Foot Locker divide top boys

Nov 20, 2009 Boys Rankings (through Nov. 14 meets)

The Top 25

6 of top 8 planning NXN, but 8 of top 12 planning Foot Locker (including doublers)

Story and rankings by SteveU

Depending on how one looks at it, both major post-season national meets - NXN and Foot Locker - can claim to be attracting the majority of top talent.

Six of the top 8, led by the Rosa twins of NJ, say they are headed for NXN.  Of the top 8, only #3 Lukas Verzbicas IL and #6 Brian Shrader appear headed exclusively for Foot Locker.  Verzbicas was going to try the double until a nagging injury compelled him to take extra rest before launching the post-season.  The Rosas are planning on NXN NE, which would exclude them from Foot Locker altogether.  Top Californians and US#7-8 Ammar Moussa and Elias Gedyon, both members of strong teams, are said to be running NXN Finals if they are picked after the California state meet. 

On the other hand, going deeper, Foot Locker has a shot at 8 of the top 12.  Craig Lutz TX and Zach Wills OH both say they will run regionals for both events, with Finals decisions pending.  US#10 Futsum Zeinasellassie IN and Shrader, the top two returnees from last year's FL Finals at 7th and 11th, are running Foot Locker only, as is #11 Shane Moskowitz WA.  #9 Matt McElroy CA and #12 Dave Oster NJ are said to be leaning toward Foot Locker, as well.

Prime Movers and newcomers
  • #2 Craig Lutz TX – Extended streak of red-hot racing by dominating Texas 5A state.  Moves up three spots.
  • #11 Shane Moskowitz WA – Impressive state meet and CR victory moves him up three
  • #12 David Oster NJ – Up seven spots from original #19 after two more fast wins. 
  • #16 Kirubel Erassa GA – Close to Girma Mecheso’s CR in big 5A state meet win
  • #17 Mark Pinales TX – Surprising runner-up in loaded TX 5A state
  • #20 Parker Stinson TX – Solid post-season sequence gets him back on list
  • #23 Brian Atkinson FL – Great American champ takes down Criscione CR in strong regional win
  • #25 Ben Johnston WA – WA 3A champ easily wins NXN Northwest

The Top 25

 1. (1) Joe Rosa, 2011, West Windsor-Plainsboro North HS, NJ - NXN NE
 2. (5) Craig Lutz, 2011, Marcus HS, TX - NXN South/FL?
 3. (3) Lukas Verzbicas, 2012, Sandburg HS, IL - Foot Locker MW
 4. (4) Jim Rosa, 2011, West Windsor-Plainsboro North HS, NJ - NXN NE
 5. (2) Zach Wills, 2011, Mason HS, OH - NXN/Foot Locker MW
 6. (6) Brian Shrader, 2010, Sinagua HS, AZ - Foot Locker West
 7. (7) Elias Gedyon, 2011, Loyola HS, CA - NXN
 8. (8) Ammar Moussa, 2011, Arcadia HS, CA - NXN
 9. (9) Matt McElroy, 2010, Edison HS, CA - Foot Locker West
 10. (10) Futsum Zeinasellassie, 2012, North Central HS, IN - Foot Locker Midwest
 11. (14) Shane Moskowitz, 2010, Central Kitsap HS, WA - Foot Locker West
 12. (19) David Oster, 2010, Verona HS, NJ - Foot Locker NE
 13. (12) Wade Meddles, 2010, Sierra Lutheran HS, NV - NXN SW/FL?
 14. (15) Pablo Rosales, 2010, San Pedro HS, CA - likely NXN
 15. (11) Jon Vitez, 2010, Haddonfield Memorial HS, NJ - NXN NE
 16. (NR) Kirubel Erassa, 2010, Grayson HS, GA - n/a
 17. (NR) Mark Pinales, 2011, Stony Point HS, TX - NXN South/FL?
 18. (16) Erik Olson, 2010, Novato HS, CA - NXN
 19. (18) Heyden Wooff, 2011, Camarillo HS, CA - undecided
 20. (NR) Parker Stinson, 2010, Cedar Park HS, TX - NXN South
 21. (21) Samuel Pons, 2011, South Pasadena HS, CA - likely NXN
 22. (22) Brad Miles, 2010, North Penn HS, PA - Foot Locker NE
 23. (NR) Brian Atkinson, 2010, Melbourne HS, FL - n/a
 24. (23) Matt Mizereck, 2010, Leon HS, FL - n/a
 25. (NR) Ben Johnston, 2010, North Central HS, WA - NXN
Honorable mention (more additions coming)
Mohamed Abushouk NC
Connor Adams TX
Blake Ahrold CA
Dylan Anthony AK
Jeff Arnier TX
Michael Atchoo MI
Reece Ayers PA
Luke Baker GA
Colin Barker FL
Aaron Bartnik MN
Aaron Beattie IL
Chris Bendtsen CT
Jacob Benn TX
Marco Bertolotti NY
Sam Bernitt PA
Kellen Blumberg CA
Sean Bone MI
Michael Brajdic OH
Christian Brown Otter ND
Tyler Byrne IN
Jimmy Clark FL
Nick Composto IL
Domenic D'Aquisto CA
Ben Demaree OR
Armando Del Valle FL
Alex Dier NY
Ryan Dohner TX
Kevin Dowd VA
Hugh Dowdy CA
Jack Driggs IL
Ryan Eaton KY
Travis Edwards CA
Jeremy Elkaim NJ
Phil Fairleigh IL
Brendan Farrell NY
Scott Fauble CO
Dustin Fay CA
Erik Fitzpatrick ID
Brandon Freyer NY
Lukas Gemar MN
Martin Grady IL
Thomas Graham NC
Johnny Gregorek MA
Luis Gutierrez CA
Curtis Hanle OH
Sherod Hardt AZ
Dan Harris NY
Cody Helbling ID
Francis Hernandez NH
Max Holman MS
Caleb Hoover MO
Nick Hughes NY
Jake Hurysz NC
Eric Jenkins NH
Tyler Jermann IL
Omar Kaddurah MI
Reed Kamyszek MI
Brett Kelly ND
Maksim Korolev MO
Pat Lesiewicz IL
Philip MacQuitty CA
Jose Madera CA
Andrew McCullen VA
James McIllece TX
Clint McKelvey TN
Anthony Manfrin IL
James Martin IN
Mike Mazzaccaro NJ
Colin Mearns VA
Chris Montoya NM
Erick Montoya FL
Vince Montoya NM
Mitch Moriarity CA
Jose Luis Munoz AZ
Danny Nicolls CO
Drew O'Donahue-McDonald WA
Hale O'Herren IN
Billy Orman AZ
David Osborn IN
Jantzen Oshier CA
Andrew Palmer MD
Conner Peloquin WA
Vince Perozzi PA
Kyle Pittman NM
Grant Pollock VA
Jacob Rainey TN
John Raneri CT
Heath Reedy CA
Curtis Richburg NJ
Daniel Rosales CA
Nick Ross RI
Garrett Rowe CA
Kurt Ruegg CA
Alex Saavedra NY
Will Sanford FL
Colin Savage NY
Walter Schafer CO
Pat Schellberg NJ
Alan Schroeder WA
Michael Scolarici IL
Jake Sienko RI
Andrew Smith IL
Neal Smith TX
Bryan Spreitzer NC
Jonathan Squeri NJ
Parker Stinson TX
Max Straneva NY
Blake Theroux VA
Adam Thorne WA
Donovan Torres TX
Otis Ubriaco NY
Tyler Udland NJ
Justin Vilhauer CA
Scott Vincenzi IN
Chris Walden IN
Michael Wallace FL
Aaron Watanabe NH
Roy Wedge KS
Lane Werley CA
Jake Wildenmann KY
Blake Williams NC
Nathan Williams CA
Mack Young WA
Pat Zacharias NM

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