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DyeStat's Summer Camp Postcard Contest

Submissions are rolling in!
  We've been getting mail. Runners from around the country have been sending us a favorite camp pic and a short, 50-word story from camp, and we're posting them here.  Want to win DyeStat T-shirts for yourself and 6 teammates?  Send us your best camp photo and a recap from camp, and we'll enter you in the 2009 DyeStat Camp Postcard Contest.  SUBMIT YOURS NOW!

What to do:  Write to DyeStat, sharing your best camp story in 50 words or less. Include a photo from camp with a description of who or what is pictured.  We'll put the photo and the story together in a postcard like the one above, and then post the best submissions on DyeStat, where they'll be voted on by our readers.  When you submit, be sure to include:

Your Name:

School & Location:


Camp Name & Location:

What to write about: DyeStat T-shirts will be awarded in the following categories:

      Best description of a run or workout

      Funniest camp story

      Most memorable counselor

      Most embarrassing moment

      Best photo

Deadline: Send all entries via email (with photos attached as jpegs) to Laura Magee. Entries should be in by August 14.  Voting will take place from August 17-19 and contest results will be posted on Friday, August 21.

Thanks for your time & happy camping!