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Nike Indoor Nationals
March 13-15, 2009 - Reggie Lewis Center, Boston MA

NIN moves to Boston this year for its 11th running.  DyeStat has been on-site every year of NIN -- from Columbus OH to Bloomington IN to Landover MD to Boston MA -- and will be present in force again this year.

the first 10 years of NIN

Five national records in 3 incredible days
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by Jeannette Seckinger
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Knights TC (4x1M) Interview
Jordan Hasay Interview
Stephen Saenz interview
Lukas Verzbicas (5k) Interview
Conor McCullough Interview

Hammer TC (DMR) Interview
David Wilson Interview

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B-4x800 Tale of the Tape
Rich Gonzalez on New Bern NC
Melody Fairchild Interview
Which is better, NIN or NSIC?
Mike Kennedy 7 storylines
B-SP Tale of the Tape

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the First 10 Years of NIN

the meet's own web site
Redemption Sunday at NIN - STEVEU Story - It wasn't just the record-setters like Albemarle VA's boys (7:36.99 4x800) and Wayne Davis II NC (7.60 60H), but many others feeding off specific motivations that go beyond the headlines.  Milers Emily Lipari (US#1 4:47.44) and Andrew Springer (US#1 4:08.47) set the tone with dramatic mile victories and many others followed.

Doubt turns to confidence: Hasay dominates the 2M - It didn't take a US record, says Rich Gonzalez, to dissolve Jordan's post-Foot Locker concerns as she ruled the NIN deuce.

From crutch to clutch: Davis hurdles into history - Rich Gonzalez tells how Wayne Davis went from "crutch to clutch" at NIN, and became the best indoor HS hurdler in history.

Deep into the all-time lists - Check out the Nationals Stat Sheet to see where some of the all-time marks fall (like those below)

Photos by Vic Sailer, photorun

Saturday- Super Saturday proves NIN cashing in on new venue - Knights TC (WWPN NJ) sets US 4x1 mile record 17:21.58, followed by blazing DMRs: Albemarle VA 10:02.13 #2 a-t, Hammer TC (S. Regional NJ) 11:41.12 (#3 a-t); great triple jumps by David Wilson and Ciarra Brewer, double relay wins by Track EC/New Bern NC and Blazin' Raiders/Eleanor Roosevelt MD - Rich Gonzalez story

Boys Distance Relay Drama -  In Acts I and II, WWPN got the 4x1 Mile record, but Albemarle won the showdown...what will happen in Act III? - SteveU story

Saturday PHOTOS Winners | Boys | Girls

Jim Rosa leads Knights TC (WWPN NJ) to USR
Photo by Jeannette Seckinger

Friday: McCullough, Verzbicas make it a day to remember - As great as Hasay and Co. might make the rest of the weekend action, the USRs 92-07.50 in the weight throw by Conor McCullough and the 14:18.42 5k by Lukas Verzbicas should not be soon forgotten - SteveU story

Other highlights included Chelsea Oswald OH 17:03.82 5K, with Samantha Nadel NY US freshman class record 17:15.38 behind her, and Lauren Chambers GA 58-10.25 weight throw.

Lukas Verzbicas - 5k Race | Interview

Conor McCullough Interview

Friday PHOTOS by Jeannette Seckinger

Photos right by Vic Sailer, photorun.net

Winners Table - click on event for details.
 BOYS Event
 Devon Smith MD 6.63 - Video
60 Chalonda Goodman GA 7.42 - Video
 Fuqauwn Greene NC 21.53 - VideoR1 - VideoR2 200 Chalonda Goodman GA 23.96 - VideoR1
 Tavaris Tate MS 47.84 - VideoR1 - VideoR2
 400 Briana Nelson SC  54.15 - VideoR1 - VideoR2
 Bill Ledder VA 1:52.75 - Video
 800 Laura Roesler ND 2:08.80 - Video
 Dustin Wilson PA 4:32.61
Fr Mile
 Samantha George NC 5:09.37
 Andrew Springer RI 4:08.47 - Video
 Mile Emily Lipari NY 4:47.44 - Video
 Lukas Verzbicas IL 8:57.44 Freshman NR - Video
 2-Mile Jordan Hasay CA 10:10.89 MR - Video - Interview
 Lukas Verzbicas IL 14:18.42 USR - Video - Interview
 5000 Chelsea Oswald OH 17:03.82 - Video
 (Samantha Nadel NY 17:15.38 - Freshman NR)
 Wayne Davis II NC 7.60 USR - Video
 60H Jasmin Stowers SC 8.30 - Video
 Track EC (New Bern NC) 1:27.91 MR - Video
 4x200 Blazin' Raiders (E. Roosevelt MD) 1:39.33 MR - Video
 Track EC (New Bern NC) 3:15.02 MR - Video
 4x400 Blazin' Raiders (E. Roosevelt MD) 3:43.52 MR - Video
  Albemarle VA 7:36.99 USR - Video 4x800 Hammer TC (So Regional NJ) 8:54.11 MR - Video
 Knights TC (WWPN NJ) 17:21.58 USR
Video - Interview
 4xMile Newton South MA 20:25.90 - Video
 Sheepshead Bay NY 30.13
 Western Branch VA 34.05
 Track EC (New Bern NC) 3:27.64 MR - Video
 SMR Blazin' Raiders (E. Roosevelt MD) 4:02.32 - Video
 Albemarle VA 10:02.13 MR - Video
 DMR Hammer TC (So Regional NJ) 11:41.12 MR
 Interview - Video
 Erik Kynard OH 7-03.00 - Video
 HJ Zan Morgan AL 5-08.50 - Video
 Zach Smith WA 23-11.00 - Video
 LJ Brittany Porter GA 20-07.25 MR - Video
 David Wilson VA 51-05.75 MR - Video - Interview TJ Ciarra Brewer CA 42-00.50 - Soph USR - Video
 Chase Cooper CO 16-00.00 - Video
 PV Arian Beaumont-Corteau CAN 13-08.25 - Video
 Stephen Saenz TX 71-00.50 MR - Video - Interview
 SP Julie Labonte CAN 51-09.75 - Video
 Conor McCullough CA 92-07.50 USR - Interview WT Lauren Chambers 58-10.25 - Video
 Neaman Wise FL 3805 pts. Penta Shakeia Pinnick IL 3627 pts.
 Alejandro Chavez TX 6:39.79
 Walk Ashley O'Shea NY 7:42.36

  • 3 Quick Questions with Cas Loxsom - DyestatMetro interviews Casimir Loxsom, US #2 600, scheduled to race in an outstanding 800 field at NIN - Interview by Sean Nestor
  • Success by Trials - 800 top seed Laura Roesler ND, like Hasay, enjoyed Olympic Trials success and is learning and growing from it - SteveU Story
  • Boys SP Tale of the Tape: Big men weigh in - US#1 shot putter Stephen Saenz, US#4 Hayden Baillio and US#6 Wesley Lavong agree: bumper cars are best.
  • Seven Boston storylines to savor - Record attempts and emerging stars are all part of the expected picture, according to Mike Kennedy
  • Internal Dialogue - Dave Devine argues the annual question with himself . . . which is better, NIN or NSIC?
  • Flashback with Fairchild - With Jordan Hasay poised for a record attempt, Melody Fairchild revisits her 1991 record-setting 2 mile - Interview by Laura Magee
  • One More Record Shot - Track Eastern Carolina (New Bern NC) relay squad zeroes in on Muir CA marks, with one final chance in Boston - by Rich Gonzalez
  • Boys 4x800 Tale of the Tape: Albemarle VA vs. Morris Hills NJ - As US#1 4x800 Albemarle VA and US#2 Morris Hills NJ prepare to vie for the NIN title, they go head-to-head here first

Francena McCorory 51.93 400m USR
NIN 2006 at Landover MD

photo by John Dye
Nike Indoor Nationals - The First 10 Years

From Casey Combest's rocket 60 in the inaugural meet to Fantastic Francena's incredible 51.93, Nike Indoor has been the home of US records and other sensational performances. DyeStat has been present from the beginning.

Mike Byrnes, who was present at the creation of NSSF and high school national championship meets, called McCorory's run the greatest high school performance he had ever seen. 

This was a classic “Where were you when….” moment in high school track history as McCorory did the unthinkable and broke a sprint record on a flat track.

This year, NIN sprinters will not have the flat track disadvantage as the meet moves to Reggie Lewis Center in Boston.


FINAL time schedule will be available at registration - no significant changes are expected.
Women's events will precede Men's events unless otherwise noted. Seeded sections will be run last.

Friday, March 13, 2009

6:30pm    G - 5,000 Meters    FINAL
7:15pm    B - 5,000 Meters    FINAL
2:00pm     G - Weight Throw     FINAL
4:30pm     B - Weight Throw     FINAL

Saturday, March 14, 2009

60m Hurdles     G - 9:00am    B - 9:15am
Long Jump     G - 3:00pm (estimated)     B - 10:15am (estimated)
Shot Put     G - 1:15pm (estimated)     B - 11:45am (estimated)
High Jump     G - 10:00am (estimated)     B - 1:30pm (estimated)
800m / 1000m     G - 4:30pm (estimated)     B - 3:30pm (estimated)

9:30am     G - One Mile Walk     FINAL
9:45am     B - One Mile Walk     FINAL
10:00am     Freshman 1 Mile Run     G/B FINALS (2 sections each-Max)
10:30am     G - 4x200m Relay     FINAL (timed)
10:55am     B - 4x200m Relay     FINAL (timed)
11:25am     G - Shuttle Hurdles     FINAL
11:55am     B - Shuttle Hurdles     FINAL
12:25pm     G - 4x1 Mile Relay     FINAL
1:05pm     B - 4x1 Mile Relay     FINAL
1:45pm     G - 400m     Trials
2:30pm    B - 400m    Trials
3:15pm    G - 200m    Trials
4:00pm     B - 200m    Trials
4:45pm    G - Distance Medley    FINAL
5:15pm    B - Distance Medley    FINAL
5:45pm    G - Sprint Medley    FINAL
6:15pm    B - Sprint Medley    FINAL

12:00noon     B - Pole Vault     FINAL     Unseeded
12:30pm     B - Triple Jump     FINAL
3:00pm     B - Pole Vault     FINAL     Seeded Section
3:30pm     G - High Jump     FINAL
3:30pm     G - Triple Jump     FINAL

Sunday, March 15, 2009

7:30am    2 Mile Runs    G/B Unseeded Sections
8:00am    800m    G/B all but top 2 sections
8:30am    60m Hurdles    G/B Trials
9:30am    60m Dash    G/B Trials
10:15am    G - 60m Hurdles    Semis
10:25am    B - 60m Hurdles    Semis
10:35am    4x800m Relay    G/B all but top section
11:10am     G - 60m Dash    Semis
11:20am     B - 60m Dash    Semis
11:30am    One Mile Run     G/B All but top 2 sections - if any
11:50am     G - 4x400m Relay    FINAL - all but top 2 sections
12:10pm    B - 4x400m Relay    FINAL - all but top 2 sections
12:30pm    Opening Ceremonies
12:40pm    G - One Mile Run     Top 2 sections
1:00pm    B - One Mile Run    Top 2 sections
1:15pm    G - 400m     FINAL
1:23pm    B - 400m     FINAL
1:30pm    G - 60m Dash    FINAL
1:38pm    B - 60m Dash    FINAL
1:46pm    G - 60m Hurdles    FINAL
1:54pm    B - 60m Hurdles    FINAL
2:02pm    G - 800m     Top 2 sections
2:16pm     B - 800m     Top 2 sections
2:30pm    G - 2 Mile Run    Seeded section
2:50pm     B - 2 Mile Run    Seeded section
3:08pm    G - 200m    FINAL
3:16pm    B - 200m    FINAL
3:24pm     G - 4x800m Relay    FINAL "Top" Section
3:36pm     B - 4x800m Relay    FINAL "Top" Section
3:48pm    G - 4x400m Relay    Top 2 sections
4:00pm    B - 4x400m Relay    Top 2 sections

10:00am    G - Pole Vault    FINAL     Unseeded
10:00am    B - Long Jump    FINAL
10:30am    G - Shot Put    FINAL
1:00pm    G - Long Jump     FINAL
1:00pm    G - Pole Vault    FINAL     Seeded Section
2:00pm      B - Shot Put       FINAL
2:30pm    B - High Jump     FINAL