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Each year, one of the highlights of the Millrose Games, and the entire indoor season, is the High School Invitational Mile for boys and girls. In order to earn a place on the starting line, athletes must run a time that will get the attention of the race selection committee. This year, DyeStat will follow six runners as they try to earn an invitation to the January 30th race.
Below, you'll find blogs from some of the rising stars in US high school distance running.

Finally first!

With 2 to go on the backstretch, Brett made a big move to get into second, and I went right with him to get into third. At the bell I let out a year’s worth of frustration and waiting to get back into this situation, and I finally came out on top.  To finally cross the finish line first is just an amazing feeling, especially at Millrose…it means so much more! MORE

Back in the game

So, this week I made a return to the roads after taking a little more than a week off. I hate taking time off in the middle of the season, because it just throws off my whole routine. Going from running 9 miles fairly easily, to struggling through an “easy” 5 miler is pretty frustrating. More

Gracious competitor

Congrats to Rocky (Robby for those that don't know) and Jill on two great races. That's really all I can say about that. I hate losing; it’s nothing against anyone, but if I lose I get really down on myself. I actually watched the race last night, my friend recorded it for me, and I made so many mistakes, things that my coach and I went over that I didn't do. MORE

Speedy split

Before the race, my coach told me I had to get out quick to avoid getting boxed in. I was told that I had to go out in 68 and just try to maintain. I didn’t find out till after the race that I went out in 66! I didn’t get boxed in at all, and I ran much smarter than last year. Overall, I was pleased with the results of the race; I came in third with a time of 4:57. MORE

Travel trauma

After a delay in the air we arrived in Dallas, everything seemed to be going fairly smooth. After another hour of ground delays, we finally boarded our plane. The pilot then came on the intercom only to inform us the landing gear was broken and we would have to change planes. We deplaned and were lucky enough to switch flights from LaGuardia to JFK, the catch was we only had 15 minutes to reach the opposite side of the airport. MORE

Love for Lagat...and gummy worms

The last race of the night was the Wanamaker Mile. Bernard Lagat won, AGAIN! Willis gave him a race, but Lagat’s kick was no match for him. All the races were great and a lot of to watch. On the way home we had a little bit of time before our train, so I got to stop in Hudson News and get the best gummy worms ever. I get them every time I’m in Penn Station. MORE