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USA Junior National Championships
June 20-22, 2008 at Jesse Owens Stadium, Ohio State U., Columbus OH

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Hammer Throw (rescheduled from Saturday)
What 2 Watch 4: Like the shot, it’s a mess in terms of ordering these guys, with collegiate, “junior” and prep implements to consider. But the known quantities out there make it easier – namely Walter Henning and Conor McCullough. Henning, now listed as an LSU Tiger (he transferred from UNC, and did not compete most of outdoor for them), will be looking to make his 2nd World Junior team and McCullough would love to join him. Zack Richards WA is another top prep entry.

Predictions: 1. Henning, 2. McCullough, 3. Jordan Stray, Oregon – Winning Distance: 243-6

What 2 Watch 4: Like the other men’s throws, the differences in the collegiate, junior, and prep weight platters makes predictions pretty difficult. The top preps in the field are US#2 Geoff Tabor OK (who threw at NON), Chris Adams TX, and Dan Block IL (who was 2nd in Saturday’s shot). All have thrown between 200 and 210 feet. Colin Boevers looks like the best on the collegiate side, with a PR of 181-04.

Predictions: 1. Block, 2. Boevers, 3. Tabor – Winning Distance: 192-07

High Jump

What 2 Watch 4: The field is dominated by preps, with Erik Kynard OH leading the list from his indoor 7-3.75. He has been mostly stuck around 7-feet outdoors, which brings him back to the pack. The hottest two jumpers have been Ryan Fleck OH, who won the Midwest Meet of Champs at 7-02, and Dwight Barbiasz, who won NON yesterday with 7-01 after getting his first 7-footer at state.

Predictions: 1. Fleck, 2. Barbiasz, 3. Kynard – Winning Height 7-01.50

400 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): With scratches and others underperforming, it took just 47.48 to make the final, even though there were 11 sub-47s on the declared list. Collegians O’Neal Wilder and Marcus Boyd were the top qualifiers, as expected, and Robert Simmons TX was the top prep to make it in. But John Guagenti OH and Clayton Parros NJ (with a big 47.20 PR) came up big to make it.

Predictions (revised): 1. Wilder, 2. Boyd, 3. Simmons – Winning Time: 46.07

1500 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): Cory Leslie OH was the lone prep to make the final, and although he had the #2 qualifier (3:51.89), it will be a difficult race to project. It all depends if anyone wants to run fast. Leslie needs a slow pace to have a chance to place high. Collegians Evan Jager and Nectaly Barbosa are probably the best talents in the field and can leave less to chance with a pace closer to 3:40.

Predictions (revised): 1. Jager, 2. Barbosa, 2. Tom Robbins – Winning Time: 3:46.40

200 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): Collegians Terrell Wilks and Antonio Sales, and post-HS club runner Ryan Bailey lead the prelims, with Wilks trying to nail down the 100-200 double. Markus Henderson TX, Maurice Mitchell MO, and soph Blake Heriot OH all qualified near the back, and will need big PRs to get in the top 3 or 4.

Predictions (revised): 1. Wilks, 2. Sales, 3. Bailey

3k Steeplechase
What 2 Watch 4: The field is almost exclusively collegians, with Ben Johnson the main prep of note with a seed coming off his 6:05 2k winner at Great Southwest. In a unique 2-section final, he’ll have to try and do his best out of the “slow” heat. The top collegians in the field are Dylan Knight, Curtis Carr, and David Adams.

Predictions: 1. D. Knight, 2. Carr, 3. Adams – Winning Time: 9:01.00


Heptathlon (Day 2)

What 2 Watch 4 (Day 2): Ryann Krais PA has a real battle on her hands, with slightly sub-par marks in each event Saturday and with strong hurdler (and shot putter, as it turns out) Jessica Flax TX leading her by six points after a day. Flax won just one event on Day 1, the shot, but she won that by a convincing margin and was close in the other three. Chelsea Carrier of WVU is close, too. The key will likely be how close to her PRs Krais can get in the LJ and 800, and how much Flax can win by in the Jav, and stay close in the others.

Predictions (revised): 1. Krais, 2. Flax, 3. Carrier – Winning Score: 5353

Pole Vault
What 2 Watch 4: Rachel Laurent LA is the heavy favorite to earn the top spot for the Poland trip. She’s got more than six inches on the rest of the field. The field is full of other preps who will likely be fighting for second, along with a few collegians. Elizabeth Stover CO (13-04), Jessica Doyle TX (13-03.75) and new NON champ Leslie Brost SD (13-03) lead the former, while Melissa Gergel and Allison Stokke (13-05.75) lead the latter.

Predictions: 1. Laurent, 2. Gergel, 3. Brost – Winning Height: 13-07.50

Triple Jump
What 2 Watch 4: Could be a good battle between the top prep – Vashti Thomas CA at 43-01.5 – and the top collegian entered – TiAra Walpool of Kansas State at 43-02. The other top Cali preps are also in, with Alitta Boyd (coming of a disappointing LJ) and Briana Stewart. Collegians Jamesha Youngblood and Gabby Baiter will also be dangerous.

Predictions: 1. Thomas, 2. Walpool, 3. Youngblood – Winning Distance: 42-11.50

Shot Put
What 2 Watch 4: Kamorean Hayes, who dominated prep throwing her last two years, goes for her 2nd USATF title in 3 years. US#1 Becky O’Brien ME comes back from her shot and discus competitions at NON earlier this weekend to try and make it a shot double, while NIN champ Karen Shump PA – still with the best overall prep throw of the year – is also a top contender. Yet another 51-footer is prep Daniella Bunch IL; both Shump and Bunch come in fresh.

Predictions: 1. Hayes, 2. Bunch, 3. O’Brien – Winning Distance: 52-04

400 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): Official records aren’t kept, but it’s a pretty safe bet that if Texas A&M frosh Jessica Beard wins the 400 final, she will join a very small club of 3-time champions. She and hammer thrower Walter Henning might be the charter members. Beard was only 0.16 ahead of Florida prep Lanie Whittaker, but the latter doesn’t have the 51-second wheels to compete with her in the final. Whittaker and fellow preps Akawkaw Ndipagbor CA and Erica Alexander TX all have a shot at 2nd, but collegian Porsche Byrd has the inside track. A big disappointment in the prelims was prep Meshawn Graham’s DQ for running inside the line in her lane.

Predictions: 1. Beard, 2. Byrd, 3. Whittaker – Winning Time: 52.15

1500 (final)
What 2 Watch For (revised): The 1500 trials was cancelled on Thursday, leaving just the final on Sunday. Jordan Hasay also said her main goal was the 1500, and will likely not run the 3000 unless she somehow misses making the 1500 team. Missing the 1500 team is very unlikely. If the weather’s decent, a shot at Christine Babcock’s new HSR will probably take place (Jordan’s just 0.56 away). Collegians Nichole Jones and Alex Kosinski, and preps Stephanie Morgan, Cory McGee, and Sarah McCurdy will try and give her a battle.

Predictions: 1. Hasay, 2. Morgan, 3. Jones – Winning Time: 4:18.50

200 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): A lot changed with the 200 prelims in forecasting this event. 100 winner Jeneba Tarmoh and 400 prep standout Akawkaw Ndipagbor scratched, while collegian Dominque Maloy missed making the final. Ashton Purvis CA stepped up after a disappointing 100 and was 2nd in qualifying behind collegian Tiffany Townsend – who herself raised questions when she passed on the 100. Four other preps made the final, including Victoria Jordan TX, Candyce McGrone IN, Jessica Davis CA, and Ashley Collier TX. Fascinating stuff.

Predictions (revised): 1. Townsend, 2. Purvis, 3. Davis – Winning time: 23.27

What 2 Watch 4: The event definitely loses some star power without Hasay, but the small field (six declared) still includes Laurynne Chetelat, who stunned with her 9:52 3200 in finishing right behind Hasay 3 weeks ago at CIF. She may be running solo, though, unless Emily Sisson NE bounces back big time from the previous night’s 5k. One other possible entrant is NJ prep Kathleen McCafferty, who ran in the NON 2M Friday night – her entry was last listed as pending.

Predictions: 1. Chetelat, 2. Sisson, 3. Alex Banfich IN

Saturday Events


What 2 Watch 4: (revised, Day 2) Curtis Beach NM should be in good shape for the victory after his 6-8 high jump sparked his day 1 effort and a 129-point lead. Key rival Ben Davies TN ended the day with a NH in the HJ and a DNF in the 400, ending his bid. Watch for a strong 2nd day from Dan Gooris NM as he tries to move up from 9th.

Predictions (revised): 1. Beach, 2. Gooris, 3. Chase Dalton, BYU – Winning Mark: 7310

Shot Put
What 2 Watch 4: With the different-weighted “junior” implements, the throws are hard to predict. Based on USATF entry lists, the prep entries with the prep qualifiers are led by NIN champ Michael Barbas, who has had a quiet outdoor season, and Illinois star Dan Block. Qualifiers with the “junior” shot are led by Curtis Smith and Matt Dechant. Princeton’s Eric Plummer is the top entry with the collegiate shot at over 59-11.

Predictions: 1. Plummer, 2. Block, 3. Dechant – Winning Mark: 61-10

400 (first round)
What 2 Watch 4: From a prep perspective, the most intriguing entry is Reggie Wyatt CA, who passed on the 400H, where he is US#1, to compete in the flat 400. But the field is no less daunting for a 46.63 runner that he is. Mississippi State’s O’Neal Wilder has brought his time down to 45.54 this year and there are four at 46.2 or better on the collegiate side. Robert Simmons TX, the fastest prep returnee from 2007, ran 46.40 that year but hasn’t gotten there yet in 08. There’s some other good preps here, like Ohio revelation John Guagenti (46.95), Allante Battle AZ (47.12), and Kendall Gregory (47.29), but the collegiate entries are so good it will be tough for them to make the final.

Predictions: 1. Wilder, 2. Brian Miller, TX A&M, 3. Marcus Boyd, Baylor – Winning Time: 45.95

Triple Jump
What 2 Watch 4: After a somewhat disappointing 3rd in the titanic long jump battle, Christian Taylor GA looks for big things in his favorite event, the triple jump. But it won’t be easy, with collegians Tyron Stewart and Austin Davis both over 53 feet this year to Taylor’s 52-6 – but Taylor hasn’t really been pushed. Arizona prep stars William Claye and Bryce Lamb look to be in the mix, though Claye scratched out of the long jump yesterday. Omar Craddock TX, who won Friday’s NON triple jump, is expected here, too. If last weekend’s NCAA meet is an indication, Davis may have the edge over Stewart.

Predictions: 1. Davis, 2. Taylor, 3. Stewart – Winning Distance: 52-10

400H (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): William Wynne is in good position to make the Junior team, but he’ll have to beat South Carolina freshman Johnny Dutch to do it. NCAA champ Jeshua Anderson led qualifying in 50.19, to Wynne’s US#2 50.77 and Dutch’s 51.05. The rest of the field will only have a chance of one of these big three falters badly.

Predictions (revised): 1. Anderson, 2. Wynne, 3. Dutch – Winning Time: 49.05

Hammer Throw
What 2 Watch 4: Like the shot, it’s a mess in terms of ordering these guys, with collegiate, “junior” and prep implements to consider. But the known quantities out there make it easier – namely Walter Henning and Conor McCullough. Henning, now listed as an LSU Tiger (he transferred from UNC, and did not compete most of outdoor for them), will be looking to make his 2nd World Junior team and McCullough would love to join him. Zack Richards WA is another top prep entry.

Predictions: 1. Henning, 2. McCullough, 3. Jordan Stray, Oregon – Winning Distance: 243-6

800 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): Yesterday’s prelims set up what should be a thrilling final. Elijah Greer OR looked stunningly comfortable in his heat- and prelims-leading 1:50.15, but you have to wonder if Delaware State’s Donte Holmes, who ran 1:47.47 earlier in the season but disappointed in NCAAs, has one more good one. Arkansas frosh Chris Bilbrew and the other three preps who made the final – Dylan Ferris NC, Blake Shaw TX, and Zach Mellon MN – are all capable of getting in there.

Predictions (revised): 1. Greer, 2. Bilbrew, 3. Ferris – Winning Time: 1:49.15

200 (first round)
What 2 Watch 4: Club Northwest’s post-prep Ryan Bailey looked good enough in the 100 yesterday (2nd) that his top seed role looks good. 100 winner Terrell Wilks is also in the field, but Bailey is more of a 200 man. The prep to watch should be Markus Henderson TX, who led the 200 lists part of the year and is ranked 3rd at 20.84 on the seeding. Other preps entered include Justin Murdock MD (5th 100), Marcus Rowland SC (DNS 100 final), and Robert Simmons TX (also running 400 prelims today).

Predictions: 1. Bailey, 2. Henderson, 3. Antonio Sales, South Carolina – Winning Time: 20.74

What 2 Watch 4: Prep fans will focus their eyes on Don Cabrall, the rare elite prep distance runner who’s bypassing NON for a longer distance and national team. He tested himself early in the spring and ran a solid 30:53.08, but there are several collegians who have run 30:00 to 30:30. On the other hand, a sub-9:00 runner like Cabrall should be able to improve on a 30:53 if his endurance is where it should be, so look for him right in the mix.

Predictions: 1. Cabral, 2. Lane Boyer, Arkansas, 3. Dylan Hatcher, Arizona State – Winning Time: 30:20.00


Long Jump
What 2 Watch 4: An outstanding group of preps is in the field, but US#1 Vashti Thomas has scratched (only running 100H). This opens the door for other preps, like Constance Ezugha OK (20-06 nwi), Tynita Butts VA (20-04.50), Karyn Dunn CA, and Alitta Boyd CA. On the other hand, collegians Kassandrea Son (20-10), Shakia Forbes, and Jamesha Youngblood are going to make it tough for any prep to make the team. Most of their best marks were achieved early, though, and none of them made the NCAA final, making it a real crapshoot.

Predictions: 1. Butts, 2. Boyd, 3. Youngblood – Winning Distance: 20-03.50

What 2 Watch 4: Two weeks ago, Ryann Krais PA scored 5522w at Great Southwest and was just 11 points outside of the all-time best score in the 7-eventer. Now the question is, with the World Juniors just a few more weeks away, would Krais want to try and conserve where she can, or make an all-out effort for another record? She should get more competition here, with U. of Kentucky’s Erin Sampley sporting a PR of 5377 (Krais’s winning score last year here) and three more above 5000, including US#2 Shakeia Pinnick IL. Sampley was 21st at NCAAs last week with 5266.

Predictions: 1. Krais, 2. Chelsea Carrier WVU, 3. Pinnick – Winning Score: 5467

100H (first round)
What 2 Watch 4: This field is loaded with most of the top preps and some solid collegians to boot. Jackie Coward TN is the queen of this event, until someone beats her. Her 13.00w at Great Southwest 2 weeks ago was perhaps her best performance ever. But Vashti Thomas CA, who owns the best legal PR of 13.03, is passing on both jumps to only compete here and would love to knock her off. Other top preps include Julian Purvis CA and Briana Stewart CA, while Teona Rodgers and Letecia Wright lead collegians trying to make the team.

Predictions: 1. Coward, 2. Thomas, 3. Rodgers – Winning Time: 13.05

400 (first round)
What 2 Watch 4: There are some great preps in the field, including former US#1s Akawkaw Ndipagbor CA (53.35) and Meshawn Graham OH (53.30), plus Erica Alexander TX and Lanie Whittaker FL. But Texas A&M star Jessica Beard is going for her third straight title here and only severe injury or illness can stop her; she has two seconds on everyone else.

Predictions: 1. Beard, 2. Ndipagbor, 3. Graham – Winning Time: 52.05

400H (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): While everyone usually wants to conserve in the prelims, Friday’s 400H heats were curiously slow; NCAA bronze winner Takecia Jameson (56.75), for example, was almost four seconds off her best. Still, you have to respect that PR until someone beats her. Jackie Coward led the prelims in her secondary event (59.21), and she and Kori Carter CA (1:00.26) look good for 2nd and 3rd, maybe better if Jameson falters.

Predictions (revised): 1. Jameson, 2. Coward, 3. Carter – Winning Time: 57.25

High Jump
What 2 Watch 4: If you are a prep high jump fan from Texas, you should be absolutely riveted to this event, as the tremendous trio from the Lone Star State that cleared 6-feet or better at Great Southwest are all in the house. Super soph Shanay Briscoe, who went 6-01.25, leads the way, with collegian Jessica Merriweather the only other who has achieved that height. The other two Texas preps, seeded 3rd and 4th overall, are Victoria Lucas and Bridgetta Barrett.

Predictions: 1. Briscoe, 2. Merriweather, 3. Lucas – Winning Height: 6-01.25

800 (final)
What 2 Watch 4 (revised): With LSU’s Brittany Hall opting out, this event is wide-open, with 7 of the 9 making the final being preps – most of which had PRs between 2:09-2:11 coming in. Cydney Ross produced a nice PR 2:08.51 to lead the way. On the other hand, the fastest ever out of this group is Sarah McCurdy NY, who ran 2:06.96 in the semis last year, but hasn’t really come close to that this year. She is actually the only one of the top ten eligibles in the field. Almost all of the finalists have a chance to win.

Predictions (revised): 1. Camilla Dencer CA, 2. Ashley Verplank IL, 3. Sarah McCurdy NY – Winning Time: 2:07.80.

200 (first round)
What 2 Watch 4: While this doesn’t quite have the magic and drama of the 100, the women’s 200 field is pretty much just as strong, with most of the 100 principles, as welll as some ladies doubling from the 400. A lot of questions need to be answered. Will collegian and top seed (22.75) Tiffany Townsend, who scratched out of the 100, be ready? Can prep Victoria Jordan TX get back to last summer’s form (22.84)? Can 100 winner Jeneba Tarmoh complete the double? Can other top preps like Candyce McGrone IN, Lakeidra Stewart TX, Jessica Davis CA, Ashton Purvis CA, Erica Alexander TX, Terra Evans AZ, Akawkaw Ndipagbor CA, and Ashley Collier TX make the final and battle for the team? Or will it be collegians like Dominique Maloy and Shayla Mahan? A lot of good sprinters will be watching the final from the stands.

Predictions: 1. Tarmoh, 2. Maloy, 3. Davis – Winning Time: 22.98

What 2 Watch 4: Prep Emily Sisson NE is the defending champ, but the field is a little tougher this year, with collegians Catherine White, Ashley Higginson, and Lara Crofford all under 16:30. Sisson should be faster than last year, too, though, and could get in the top three.

Predictions: 1. White, 2. Higginson, 3. Sisson – Winning Time: 16:21.00

Friday’s Events



What 2 Watch For: This is the showdown multis fans have been waiting for, with Ben Davies TN – with the best mark the last 2 years from 2007 of 7379 – against Curtis Beach NM, World Youth 4th-place finisher and two-time Great Southwest champ. Beach’s comrade from NM, Dan Gooris, is seeded 3rd, but could get a top-two if someone falters. The key is how far is Davies back from injuries and is he ready to put up a big mark.

Predictions: 1. Beach, 2. Gooris, 3. Davies – Winning Mark: 7150

100m (1st round and final)
What 2 Watch For: Collegians like Terrell Wilks and Ryan Bailey probably have the inside track for the World Junior Team, but prep standouts like D’Angelo Cherry GA (10.19w), Marcus Rowland SC (10.28), Isaiah Sweeney TX (10.32; World Youth team last year) and others will at least make them earn it, if not grab a spot.

Predictions: 1. Bailey, 2. Cherry, 3. Wilks – Winning Time: 10.27

110H (1st round and final)
What 2 Watch For: An event difficult to handicap, given the different hurdle heights athletes compete at. Preps to watch include Wayne Davis NC, Jamele Mason TX, and Booker Nunley NC.

Predictions: 1. Mason, 2. Davis, 3. Tim Bush – Winning Time: 13.52

Pole Vault

What 2 Watch For: The collegians will be very tough to beat here, with stunning NCAA champ and 18-footer Maston Wallace of Texas leading the way. Joe Berry of Tennessee has done 17-9, as has Spencer McCorkel. The top preps are Justin Miller CA 17-0, and IL vaulters Mitchell Erickson IL 16-10, Josh Winder IL 16-09, Mick Viken 16-06.

Predictions: 1. Wallace, 2. Berry, 3. McCorkel – Winning Height: 17-08.50

800 (1st round)
What 2 Watch For: 1:47.47 revelation Donte Holmes of Delaware State is the top seed, but will have to overcome a disastrous NCAA meet last weekend (1:53.93). Preps Blake Shaw TX and Zach Mellon MN have both broken 1:50, though Shaw did it very early in the year and Mellon is very inexperienced at this level. Dylan Ferris NC ran 1:49.27 last year, but his best in 08 is a second outside of that. Elijah Green OR and Jared Hall OH hope to at least make the final, but it will be tough with the depth of collegians here.

Predictions: 1. Holmes, 2. Bilbrew, 3. Mellon – Winning Time: 1:49.25

Long Jump
What 2 Watch For: Just 11 jumpers are competing here, but the field is loaded with the nation’s best preps. In particular, the showdown between 2007 NON/ 2008 NIN champ Marquise Goodwin TX and NSIC champ Christian Taylor GA is compelling. But you’ve also got other 25-foot types like Ryan Butts CA, Bryce Lamb AZ, Roman Holmes CO, and Will Claye AZ. This is truly one of the best prep events of the meet.

Predictions: 1. Goodwin, 2. Taylor, 3. Lamb – Winning Distance: 25-10.50

400H (first round)
What 2 Watch For: The megawatt star power of this event took a bit of a tumble with Robert Griffin of Baylor deciding not to compete and Reggie Wyatt opting for the open 400, but you’ve still got exciting new NCAA freshman champ Jeshua Anderson (48.69), fellow sub-49 freshman star Johnny Dutch, and top prep (2007 World Youth champ) William Wynne. Wynne hasn’t matched his 400H and 300H marks from last year yet, so we’ll see if he steps up. Dutch missed the NCAA regional and national meets, so we’ll see if he’s ready.

Predictions: 1. Anderson, 2. Wynne, 3. Dutch – Winning Time: 49.10

What 2 Watch For: The battle for the team should be between U. of Arkansas freshman Luke Laird and preps Kyle Smith AL and Justin Shirk PA. This will be the first meeting of Shirk and Smith, so the competitive gears should really be rolling.

Predictions: 1. Smith, 2. Shirk, 3. Laird – Winning Distance: 224-06

1500, (1st round)
What 2 Watch For: Not as big an event for preps as in years past, with the conflict in dates with NON, but prep distance fans will still want to watch last year’s stars, Matt Centrowitz, Evan Jager, Duncan Phillips and 800 specialist Nectaly Barbosa, duke it out. Corey Leslie OH is the top prep and will do well to get in the final and make a respectable showing there.

Predictions: 1. Centrowitz, 2. Jager, 3. Phillips – Winning Time: 3:44.50

What 2 Watch For: This event has very few preps, but Chris Schwartz CA and Walter Luttrell OH, have both dipped under 9:00 for 3200 and will give it a shot here. Centrowitz is slated to go for what would be a tough double. U of Virginia’s Ryan Collins has the best mark of preps entered at 14:12.

Predictions: 1. Centrowitz, 2. Collins, 3. Adam Vess – Winning Time: 14:16.00


What 2 Watch For: US#1 Allison Horner GA goes for what she hopes will be a USATF/NON double here. She’s only about six inches behind the top-seeded Irene Cooper from Western Michigan. Her Throw 1 Deep teammate Lauren Chambers GA is seeded 3rd.

Predictions: 1. Horner, 2. Cooper, 3. Chambers – Winning Distance: 191-10

What 2 Watch For: Penn State standout Karlee McQuillen is the top seed at 176 ft., but prep freshman Hannah Carson AZ is next, just 3 feet away (167-11 best this year) and it will be fun to see the young prep star compete against the older girls and see if she can get a World Team spot. Rozanne Grizzle KS is right behind Carson on this year’s list, so she will be competitive, too.

Predictions: 1. McQuillan, 2. Carson, 3. Grizzle – Winning Distance: 173-06

100m (1st round and final)
What 2 Watch For: It will be exciting to see if US#1 Victoria Jordan can match her amazing 11.16 100 from her state meet, but her last outing in the century was a tough loss at Great Southwest. The start is a big key for her here. She does have the best time in the field, but it’s a deep, tough group, with collegians like Jeneba Tarmoh, Shayla Mahan, and Tiffany Townsend, vying for the two meager team spots with prep stars like Jordan, Ashton Purvis CA, Candyce McGrone IN, Terra Evans AZ, and Texans Erica Alexander, Ashley Collier, and LaKeidra Stewart. Just making the final will be brutal in one of the meet’s best fields.

Predictions: 1. Tarmoh, 2. Jordan, 2. McGrone – Winning Time: 11.19

800 (1st round)
What 2 Watch For: Certainly not the event it could be with top preps Chanelle Price and Laura Roesler, who would be favored to make the team – the top 7 eligible, in fact, are not here – but it should still be competitive and exiting. The favorite’s role falls on LSU’s Brittany Hall, while the best preps look to be Ashley Verplank IL, Chelsey Sveinnson TX, and Sarah McCurdy NY

Predictions: 1. Hall, 2. Verplank, 3. Sveinnson – Winning Time: 2:06.30

400H (1st round)
What 2 Watch For: With this event falling in the middle of her multi-event series, Ryann Krais PA is passing on the 400H, squashing a bit of the drama, but still look for a great battle with preps Jackie Coward TN and Kori Carter CA battling with U. of Miami freshman and NCAA 3rd-place finisher Takecia Jameson.

Predictions: 1. Jameson, 2. Coward, 3. Carter – Winning Time: 56.85

What 2 Watch For: This should be a fascinating competition on a couple of levels. You have last year’s prep discus superstar, Emily Pendleton, now a freshman at Michigan, battling her sister Erin, now US#2 at 168-10. With Emily not having matched her mark from last year, Erin’s chances of finally beating sis are not far-fetched. Both will have to work, however, to match this year’s best DT’er, Anna Jelmini CA, whose 183-11 is eight inches better than what Emily threw last year.

Predictions: 1. Jelmini, 2. Emily P., 3. Erin P. – Winning Distance: 174-11

1500 (1st round)
What 2 Watch For: The beginning of a fascinating weekend watching Jordan Hasay will be in the 1500 prelims, as she tries to conserve energy for Sunday’s 1500 and 3k finals. If she chooses on Sunday, she can try and take the HSR from fellow Californian Christine Babcock, whose mark of 4:16.42 is 0.56 ahead of Jordan. Collegians Nichole Jones and Alex Kosinski, and preps Stephanie Morgan, Cory McGee, and Sarah McCurdy will try and give her a battle.

Predictions: 1. Hasay, 2. Morgan, 3. Jones – Winning Time: 4:18.50

3k ST
What 2 Watch For: Collegians will probably dominate this race, but Kauren Tarver has already made two international teams in her prep career in XC and track and could do it again.

Predictions: 1. Rebecca Wade, 2. Elizabeth Graney, 3. Liz Dier – Winning Time: 10:33.00

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