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2008 Olympic Games
August 8-24, 2008 - Beijing, China

DyeStat Alums at the Olympics
30 members of the United States Olympic team came to prominence in high school on the pages of DyeStat. Here is how they fared at Beijing.


Photos and text on DyeStat Alums at the US Olympic Trials

Ritz and Ryan finish 9-10 in marathon.
DyeStat Alums prominent in US sweep of 4x400 relays.
Lashawn Merritt leads USA sweep in men's 400; both 4x100 teams fail.
Allyson Felix second to Veronica Campbell in 200 final.
Sheena (Johnson) Tosta wins silver in 400H.
Sanya Richards wins bronze in 400 meters.
Kerron Clement, Bershawn Jackson are part of US sweep of 400H medals.
Shalane Flanagan wins bronze in 10000 meters; first DyeStat Alum to medal at Beijing.
Jennifer Barringer sets AR in steeple.

400H sweep: Bershawn Jackson, Angelo Taylor, Kerron Clement. by Vic Sailer, PhotoRun

August 24
Dathan Ritzenhein, marathon, 2:11.59, 9th.
Ryan Hall, marathon, 2:12.33, 10th.

August 23
Chaunte Howard, high jump, 1.99 (6-6.25), 6th.
Shannon Rowbury, 1500 final, 4:03.58, 7th.
Matt Tegenkamp, 5000m final, 13:33.13, 13th.
4x400 final (Allyson Felix, Sanya Richards), US wins 3:18.54.
4x400 final (Lashawn Merritt, David Neville, Jeremy Wariner), US wins 2:55.39.

August 21
Erin Donohue, 1500m heat, 4:16.05, does not advance.
Shannon Rowbury, 1500m heat, 4:03.89, advances to finals.
Allyson Felix, 200m final, 21.93, 2nd.
Marshevet Hooker, 200m final, 22.34, 5th
Lashawn Merritt, 400m final, 43.75, 1st
Jeremy Wariner, 400m final, 44.74, 2nd
David Neville, 400m final, 44.80, 3rd
Chaunte Howard, HJ, 1.93 (6-4), advances to finals.

August 20
Allyson Felix, 200m semifinals, 22.33, wins heat and advances to finals showdown against Veronica Campbell-Brown 22.19.
Sheena (Johnson) Tosta, 400H final, 53.70, second to Melanie Walker JAM 52.64 OR.
Ian Dobson, 5000m heats, 14:05.47, 9th in heat, does not advance.
Matt Tegenkamp, 5000m heats, 13:37.36, wins heat and joins Bernard Lagat in finals.
Wallace Spearmon, 200m final, DQ'd as Usain Bolt 19.30 breaks Michael Johnson's world record.

August 19

Allyson Felix, 200m heats, 23.02 +0.2, wins heat.
Marshevet Hooker, 200m heats, 23.07 -1.7, wins heat.
Allyson Felix, 200m quarterfinals, 22.74 +0.0, 2nd in heat, advances to semifinal.
Marshevet Hooker, 200m quarterfinals, 22.76 +0.3, 3rd in heat, advances to semifinal.
Shalane Flanagan, 5000m heats, 14:59.69, 6th in heat, advances to finals.
Wallace Spearmon, 200m semi, 20.14 +0.1, 3rd in heat, advances, to finals.
Jeremy Wariner, 400m semi, 44.15, wins heat, advances to finals.
Lashawn Merritt, 400m semi, 44.12, wins heat in fastest time of semis, advances to finals.
David Neville, 400m semi, 400m semi, 44.91, 2nd in heat, advances to finals.
Sanya Richards, 400m final, 400m final, 49.93, 3rd.

August 18
David Neville, 400m heats, 45.22, 2nd in heat, advances.
Lashawn Merritt, 400m heats, 44.96, wins heat, advances.
Jeremy Wariner, 400m heats, 45.23, wins heat, advances.
Wallace Spearmon, 200m heats, 20.46, wins heat, advances.
Wallace Spearmon, 200m quarters, 20.39, 2nd in heat, advances to semis.
Sheena (Johnson) Tosta, 100H semi, 54.07, fastest time in semis, advances to finals.
Bershawn Jackson, 400H final, 48.06, 3rd.
Kerron Clement, 400H final, 47.98, 2nd, (US sweeps medals with Angelo Taylor winning)

Brendan Christian, Antigua, 200m quarterfinals, 20.26, wins heat. (Brendan was a great Texas and US national champion in high school)

August 17
Lauryn Williams, 100m semifinal, 11.10 -0.7, 3rd in semi, advances to finals.
Sheena (Johnson) Tosta, 100H heats, 56.12, 5th in heat, advances.
Andra Manson, high jump qualifications, 2.25 (7-4.5), loses tie breaker on extra misses, does not advance.
Jesse Williams, high jump qualifications, 2.25 (7-4.5), loses tie breaker on extra misses, does not advance.
Dusty Jonas, high jump qualifications, high jump qualifications, 2.20 (7-2.5), does not advance.
Sanya Richards, 400m semifinal, 49.90, fastest of semis, advances to finals.
Jennifer Barringer, steeplechase final, 9:22.26 , 9th, new American Record.
Leonel Manzano, 1500m semifinal, 3:50.33, last in heat, does not advance.
Lopez Lomong, 1500m semifinal, 3:41.00, last in heat, does not advance.
Galen Rupp, 10000m final, 27:36.99, 13th.

Shevon Stoddart JAM (former NY Armory star), 400H heats, 56.52, did not advance.

August 16
Michelle Carter, shot put qualifying, 18.49 (60-8), advances.
Lauryn Williams, 100m heats, 11.38, 2nd in heat, advances.
Sanya Richards, 400m heats, 50.54, fastest of round, advances.
Lauryn Williams, 100m, 2nd round, 11.07, 2nd in heat, advances to semis.
Bershawn Jackson, 400H semi, 48.02, 2nd in heat, advances to final.
Kerron Clement, 400H semi, 48.27, wins heat, advances to final.
Michelle Carter, ShotPut final, 17.74 (58-3.25), 17th place.

August 15
Ekaterina Kostetskaya RUS, 800, 1st round, 2:00.54, 3rd in heat, advances. (Kostetskaya competed in the US as a high school student in Arkansas)
Diana Pickler, heptathlon, withdrew after 100H, 14.28 939 points
Leonel Manzano - 1500 heats, 3:36.67, 6th in heat, advances
Jennifer Barringer - Steeple heats, 9:29.20, 3rd in heat, advances.
Erica McClain - triple jump qualifying, 13.52 (44-4.25), does not advance.
Bershawn Jackson, 400H heats, 49.20, wins heat and advances.
Kerron Clement, 400H heats, 49.42, wins heat and advances.
Shalane Flanagan, 10000m final, 30:22.22, third for bronze medal, new American record.
USA is 1-2-3 in 400H

Shalane Flanagan
- by PhotoRun

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