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33rd Great Southwest Classic

Albuquerque NM

Thu.-Sat., June 5-7, 2008

DyeStat on-site coverage with SteveU, John Nepolitan, Sal Gonzales

The Fantastic 15 - Saturday Preview

Almost every event is national-class in the Great Southwest Classic,
but here are SteveU's 15 highest-ranked storylines for Saturday

Quick List of Top Names

1. Clash of the Titanesses – The #1, #2, and #4 300-meter hurdlers in the country – Donique’ Flemings TX (40.92), defending champ Jackie Coward TN (41.11/40.83 last year), and Ryann Krais PA (41.60) – match up for the best race of the meet and an outside shot at the USR.

2. Wyatt’s Record ShotReggie Wyatt CA, who ran 35.90 300H last year for a soph-class record but has raced 400H this year (US#1 50.46) on a non-school-team schedule, takes his only 300H shot with the USR just 0.62 away.

3. America’s Fastest Girl – US#1 this year and #5 all-time at 100m Victoria Jordan TX (11.16) leads a great 100 field and is in the midst of another fine group at 200, where she has not yet matched her great 22.84w from last summer.

4. Patriarchs of the Platter – US#1 this year and #3 all-time discus man Mason Finley CO (222-3) will battle the Tabors of Oklahoma (Geoff US#3 210-08) in both the DT and SP.

5. Jackie Coward, Part I – Before the brutal 300H challenge, 100H US#1 Jackie Coward TN (13.26/13.11w) leads a field of 8 listed at 14.00 or better.

6. Fan Favorites – Fans love the pole vault, and Jack Whitt OK, local favorite Dan Gooris NM (tied for US#5 16-9) and US#8 (16-07) Chase Cooper CO battle for the win and 17 feet.

7. Fifty-Foot Frenzy – Four of the eight triple-jump 50 footers in the country, including US#2 and #3 in Arizonan 52-footers Will Claye and Bryce Lamb, will battle in the TJ. Most of the top leapers are in the long jump, too, where Roman Holmes CO has the top mark.

8. How Far Can Carson Chuck It? – AZ frosh Hannah Carson is US#1 in the javelin at 167-11, but is still looking to top her amazing 173-07 #4 all-time last year at USATF JOs after her 8th-grade year.

9. Rachel’s Back … – … and Shade Weygandt is not, but US#1 (14-0, #2 all-time) Rachel Laurent LA goes for USR, despite not having her friend and top competition back here.

10. Super Stewarts – US#2 (former #1) Natalie Stewart UT tries to improve her 53.39 PR against some tough 54-second foes. Her sister Nachelle leads the 800 field at 2:08.

11. One Fast Floridian In, One OutBrandon O’Conner FL has the best 400 in the field at 46.50, formerly the US#1 and now #3, and his wind-aided 20.63 is the best any-conditions FAT mark this year. He’ll get stiff tests from Maurice Mitchell MO in the 200 and Coloradoans Dominick Roberts and Matthew Butcher in the 400. With Jeff Demps Fl opting to compete at Prefontaine Classic instead of her, Mitchell leads the 100 field.

12. Sub-9 in Rare Air is Rare – Defending champ Kevin Williams CO will attempt to join Luke Puskedra UT with sub-9:00 3200s at high altitude.

13. Sixes and Sevens – Both the 6-foot and 7-foot barriers will be tested in the girls and boys’ high jumps, respectively. US#1 and #2 Texans Victoria Lucas and Shanae Brisco are both over 6’ this year, while Floridians Fred Miller (7-2) and Brian Knight (7-0) both have cleared that standard.

14. A Lexus and a Rose – Texans A’Lexus Brannon (top all-conditions LJ of ’08 at 21-00.50w) and Whitney Rose (US#2 legal 41-10.75 TJ) lead the LJ and TJ fields)

15. Relays – Might be #1 on your list, if you really love relays – the All-Star kind. Names have not been submitted with most relay groups, especially the fast Texas teams in the short relays. But you can expect there will be performances to “ooh” and “ah” about before the night is over.


Quick List of Top Names (listings come from previews from meet management and registration lists; all athletes are not guaranteed to compete in these or any events)
  • 9 Current U.S. Leaders
    • Hannah Carson AZ 167-11 JT
    • William Claye AZ 52-04.75 TJ
    • Jackie Coward TN 13.26/13.11w 100H
    • Donique' Flemings TX 40.96 300H
    • Victoria Jordan TX 11.16 100
    • Rachel Laurent LA 14-00 PV
    • Victoria Lucas TX 6-00.25 HJ
    • Reggie Wyatt CA 50.46 400H (in 300H)
    • Kyle Smith AL 223-08 JT
  • 6 Former US#1s
    • Roman Holmes CO 24-05 LJ (24-11 nwi)
    • Bryce Lamb AZ 52-02 TJ
    • Brandon O'Conner FL 20.82 (20.63w) 200 / 46.50 400
    • Dominick Roberts CO 400
    • Blake Shaw TX 1:49.41 800
    • Natalie Stewart UT 53.39 100
  • Some of many other high rankers
    • Evan Appel CO 3200
    • Allante Battle AZ 47.12 400
    • A'Lexus Brannon TX 20-00.50/21-00w LJ
    • Chance Casey TX 13.87 110H / 36.32 300H
    • Ashley Collier TX 23.58/23.47w 200
    • Chase Cooper CO 16-07 PV
    • Daniel Gooris NM 16-09 PV
    • Ben Johnson NM 2k ST
    • Ryann Krais PA 41.60 300H
    • Larisa Matthews AZ 13.86 100H
    • Fred Miller FL 7-02 HJ
    • Maurice Mitchell MO 10.40 100 (9.96h/nwi) /200
    • Howard Shepard TX 800
    • Nachelle Stewart UT 2:08.48 800
    • LeKeidra Stewart TX 23.26nwi 200
    • Geoff Tabor OK 210-08 DT/SP
    • Cameron Tabor OK throws DT/SP
    • Brandon Tucker TX 13.86/13.44w 110H
    • Jack Whitt OK 16-09 PV
    • Kevin Williams CO 3200

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