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NM 3 A-AA District Championships

Navajo Pine Wins District Championships

Rehoboth, NM

results from Tim Host

Girls /team

Boys /team 

Course Comments
 Very hilly and sandy course.  Numerous parts of the trail became single lane as rocks and drop offs made running in pairs exceedingly dangerous.  The temperature was 60 degrees, sunny, with a very slight wind.  3.1 miles exactly at about 6700 feet elevation.   

Girls Commentary
    Navajo Prep's pack took an early lead, but Guin Benally made a strong charge on the course's first downhill just before the first mile to break away from the group.  Hannah Chee and Shahanna Begay gave pursuit.  Marqia Begaye of Navajo Prep and Chantel Hunt of Navajo Pine ran strong in the second half of the race to break into the top five.  Navajo Pine and Navajo Prep dominated the meet by placing 14 runners in the top 16.
 Boys Commentary
    Ryan Nez, Randy Nez, and Gabe Lilly packed together at the front of the race for the first mile.  The strategy didn't pay off for the warriors, as Gabe Lilly fell back to 6th and Stephen Jochem finished closer to Randy Nez than he has all year.  Chris Weaver of Gallup Catholic also helped to break up the warriors' pack.  The warriors three through six runners all finished within eight seconds of each, with Timmy Chee donating his lunch to the finish line immediately following the race.  Note to self, don't eat an apple right before the race.
 Girls Team Results
 1)  Navajo Pine 28
 2)  Navajo Prep 37
 3)  Rehoboth 77
 4)  Galup Catholic 116
 5)  Tse'Yi'Gai 128
 Girls Individual Results
 1)  Guin Benally 21:29 Navajo Pine
 2)  Hannah Chee 21:49 Rehoboth
 3)  Chantel Hunt 21:56 Navajo Pine
 4)  Marqia Begaye 22:04 Navajo Prep
 5)  Shahanna Begay 22:17 Navajo Prep
 6)  Gabby Lilly 22:18 Navajo Pine
 7)  Kendrea Begaye 22:21 Navajo Prep
 8)  Tamara Hardy 22:54 Navajo Pine
 9)  Simone Ironshell 22:55 Navajo Prep
 10) Moe Laughing 22:57 Navajo Pine
 Boys Team Results
 1)  Navajo Pine 21
 2)  Gallup Catholic 50
 3)  Rehoboth 84
 4)  Navajo Prep 86
 5)  Tse'Yi'Gai NS
 Boys Individual Results
 1)  Ryan Nez 17:45 Navajo Pine
 2)  Randy Nez 18:08 Navajo Pine
 3)  Stephen Jochem 18:15 Gallup Catholic
 4)  Chris Weaver 18:48 Gallup Catholic
 5)  Thomas Martinez 18:55 Navajo Pine
 6)  Gabe Lilly 18:56 Navajo Pine
 7)  Brian Hardy 18:58 Navajo Pine
 8)  Timmy Chee 19:03 Navajo Pine
 9)  Levi Hale 19:14 Rehoboth
 10) Brian Chee 19:14 Rehoboth
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