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DyeStat XC Region Review SW

Summary of Southwest Top Ten, Week Ending Oct. 27, 2007

By Sal Gonzales, Dyestat SW Regional Editor

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SW#1 Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico

SW#3 Los Alamos, New Mexico

SW#10 Cibola, New Mexico

Los Alamos Invitational
Los Alamos New Mexico

Academy 38 Los Alamos 45 Cibola 91 Gallup 95 Eldorado 154

If any team in the Southwest Region has room for error; it’s Academy. The Red Army returned to the Duke city with a 7 point victory even though Taylor Murray had a less than stellar performance. His slack was picked up by an improved performance by Kyle Cooper and a usual performance by the rest of the Chargers. Next week Academy will compete in their district championship in a meet that will have little team drama. As for individuals there will drama galore as the top 7 runners for state and Tempe must be ironed out. Coach Adam Kedge will let the runners decide their own fate by pitting them against each other while resting a couple of his top guns. For those of you traveling to St. Pius you will see Benjo run a pre-state romp.

Pittman, Pittman and Gilna continued to show that they are a front running force. Bowidowicz and Witherell continued to close the gap. It still wasn’t enough to dethrone the Chargers as they took another trophy and set of t-shirts down off of the hill. The Hilltoppers have defiantly closed the gap on the Red Army but they will need get Bowidowicz and Witherell in front of Academy’s #5 to dethrone the Chargers at Rio Rancho.

Cibola v. Gallup is what Cross Country is all about. At Los Alamos the Cougars were able to escape with a miniscule 4 point victory. Next week we will see a classic battle of pack v. pack as the two top teams in 5A will re-do this current battle for a district crown. The Cougars and Bengals will be joined by Rio Rancho in what has become the toughest district in New Mexico. Luckily for that troika; 3 teams qualify for state. Un-lucky for West Mesa, 3 teams qualify for state.

Boys Individual Top 10
1. Ben Johnson, Academy 15:30
2. Allen Pittman, Los Alamos 16:12
3. Kevin Palmer, Eldorado 16:22
4. Kyle Pittman, Los Alamos 16:23
5. Pat Zacharias, Academy 16:30
6. Kyle Cooper, Academy 16:36
7. Gareth Gilna, Los Alamos 16:37
8. Michael Montoya, Manzano 16:38
9. Vince Montoya, Cibola 16:41
10. Chris Montoya, Cibola 16:43

1. Ben Johnson 15:30
5. Pat Zacharias 16:30
6. Kyle Cooper 16:36
12. Anthony Lauriello 16:53
14. Ryan Clark 17:00
19. Taylor Murray 17:13
25. Neil Longenbaugh 17:31

Los Alamos
2. Allen Pittman 16:12
4. Kyle Pittman 16:23
7. Gareth Gilna 16:37
15. Tom Bowidowicz 17:00
17. Tom Witherell 17:08
29. Andrew Vierra 17:45
32. Kevin Hemphill 17:53

9.Vince Montoya 16:41
10. Chris Montoya 16:43
21. Josh Plank 17:17
24. Thomas Debenedittis 17:25
27. Andrew Stearns 17:39
30. Jesse Darling 17:47
31. Josh Clark 17:49

11. Donovan Jim 16:44
16. Vernard Martinez 17:05
20. Sammy Smith 17:15
22. Cody Carlston 17:18
26. Donavon Jackson 17:37
36. Justin Bahe 18:01
37. Damon Flannery 18:02

SW#2 Wheat Ridge, Colorado

SW#6 Rampart, Colorado

++SW(Bubble) Cherry Creek, CO; Coronado, CO; Dakota Ridge, CO

5A Colorado State Championship
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wheat Ridge 100 Arapahoe 132 Cherry Creek 148 Fairview 185 Regis Jesuit 210 (24 Teams Total)

A year of experience can help a ton. This year’s version of the Wheat Ridge Farmers ended the season with a solid victory that gave them the title that eluded them a year ago. Their pack time is very similar to the last two performances by the Farmers. Which leads people to wonder if the team’s #4 and #5 are getting slower or are the top two runners getting faster. Those questions may be answered in a couple of weeks when the Farmers finally get their head to head shot against the best that the Southwest Region has to offer.

Top 10 Individuals
1. Evan Appel JR Dakota Ridge 15:54
2. Charles White SR Cherry Creek 16:10
3. Martin Medina SR Grand Junction 16:18
4. Bobby Nicolls  JR Regis Jesuit 16:24
5. Dart Schwarderer JR Wheat Ridge 16:24
6. Scott Fauble FR Wheat Ridge 16:25
7. Clif Campbell JR Fort Collins 16:40
8. Walter Schafer SO Cherry Creek 16:45
9. Trevor Blackman SR Fairview 16:48
10. Andrew McGee SR Rocky Mountain 16:52

Wheat Ridge (16:54.48--1:24:32.40)
5.  Dart Schwarderer 16:24
6.  Scott Fauble 16:25
19.  Henry Cowhick 17:02
23.  Bryan Heiny 17:08
47.  Micky Nelson 17:31
93. Aaron Goldfain 18:06
163. Patrick Williams 19:02

Arapahoe (17:10.43--1:25:52.15)
12.  Kyle Lyons 16:53
24.  Doug Winter 17:08
30.  Jason Kearns 17:15
31.  Chris Holt 17:16
35  Jackson Brainerd 17:18
142) Matt Ryan 18:37
166) Tyler Lira 19:08

Cherry Creek (17:05.10--1:25:25.50)
2.  Charles White 16:10
8 . Walter Schafer 16:45
22.  Brian King 17:07
44.  Douglas Brady 17:30
72.  Jens Olson 17:51
98. James White 18:07
120. Zeb Hanley 18:23

SW#4 Timpview, Utah
No meet this week

SW#5 Mingus, Arizona

4A-II Grand Canyon Regional Championship
Clarkdale, AZ

Mingus Union 19 Flagstaff 92 Bradshaw Mountain 96 Sinagua 97 Coconino 103 Page 104

The boys from Mingus Union have yet to skip a beat. They once again dominated the competition as they placed all of their scoring 5 in top 10. Next week they will face the best that 4A-II has to offer at the state championship. They will also have to race the clock to prove that they are the best team in Arizona.

1. Tim Frericks 16:44
3. Sam Hayes 17:13
4. Bruce Logan 17:19
5. Ky MIckelsen 17:29
6. Wilson Cutbirth 17:29
12. Daniel Jaimes 18:29
15. Alex Stratz 18:43

SW#7 Galena, Nevada

4A Northern Nevada Championship
Rancho San Rafael

Galena 26 Reno 72 Carson 84 Bishop Manogue 108 South Tahoe 135 (8 Teams Total)

Galena has been considered by many to be the best team in Nevada. Their impressive performances at Stanford and Mt. SAC finally earned them a spot in the SW Top 10. This week they made short work of the best 4A teams in Northern Nevada. Galena was, and has been all season, paced by Bryan Tibaduiza who is also the favorite to take the 4A individual state title this Saturday.

1. Tibaduiza, Bryan 16:38
3. Schelling, Joshua 17:18
4. Abbott, Joseph 17:24
7. Jordan, Nathan 17:35
14. Tatro, Nicholas 18:22
16. Tayour, Anthony 18:26
17. Jordan, Bryan 18:29

SW#8 Mountain View, Utah
No meet this week

SW#9 Mountain Crest, Utah
No meet this week

---Also in Action

Battle Mountain, Colorado

4A Colorado State Championship
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Battle Mountain 55 Liberty 111 Nowot 154 D’Evelyn 172 Rock Canyon 226 (24 Complete teams)

Battle Mountain(17:04.81--1:25:24.05)
3.  Jonny Stevens 16:42
4.  John O'Neill 16:46
14.  Crisofulli Tony 17:14
15.  Fahrmeyer Jamie 17:15
19.  Gonzalez Mario 17:24
56. Wallace Connor 18:02
64. Hill Andrew 18:11


SW#1 Eldorado, New Mexico

Los Alamos Invitational
Los Alamos New Mexico

Eldorado 32 Gallup 77 Los Alamos 94 Cibola 109 Academy 128

Eldorado continued to make winning look easy with their 45 point victory over Gallup and the rest of the field in Los Alamos. The Eagles were added to the meet this year and further increased the already competitive field. Eldorado was paced by 5A state favorite, Rachel Velarde, who took home the 1st place awards and a course record. Velarde was joined in the top 10 by 3 of her teammates.

Eldorado’s closest competition at Los Alamos (and for the 5A state title) was and is the Gallup Bengals. The Bengals seem to be rounding into shape at the right time. Last week they defeated, previously ranked, La Cueva on La Cueva’s home course. And this week they were able to better another SW Bubble team in Academy. They had a 43 second gap from their #2-#5 which helped place all of the top 5 in the top 30 and Jordan Brown is running like a front-running contender.

1. Rachel Velarde, Eldorado 18:58
2. Jordan Brown, Gallup 19:32
3. Kristy Hannah, Eldorado 19:42
4. Allison Bedonie, Eldorado 19:46
5. Sophia Torres, Pojoaque 19:53
6. Holly Walker, Los Alamos 20:02
7. Julie Brasher, Eldorado 20:13
8. Gabby Ellison, Cibola 20:19
9. Camille Martinez, Pojoaque 20:31
10. Emma Hamilton, Santa Fe Prep 20:35

1. Rachel Velarde, 18:58
3. Kristy Hannah, 19:42
4. Allison Bedonie, 19:46
7. Julie Brasher, 20:13
17. Laynee Valverde, 21:03

2. Jordan Brown, 19:32
13. Vinita Joe, 20:54
15. Alexandra Gillson, 20:58
20. Brandi Garnenez, 21:11
27. Desdine Roberts 21:37
35. Cammish Shischilly 22:10
36. Tashena Chatto 22:10

SW#2 Fort Collins, Colorado

SW#4 Dakota Ridge, Colorado

++SW(Bubble) Chaparral, CO; Cherry Creek, CO

5A Colorado State Championship
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dakota Ridge 28 Fort Collins 87 Palmer 149 Cherry Creek 181 Chaparral 230 (23 Teams Total)

Here are some interesting numbers that describe Dakota Ridge’s dominance at the state meet. (4) girls in the top 10! (3) girls in the top 4! (49) point victory over one of the top teams in the nation, Fort Collins. (54) points scored by the team without Kaitie Vanatta!! (20) years from now the details of their season will be forgotten but the single day of dominance will live on. On the (17)th of November Dakota Ridge will be one of the favorites in the Southwest Regional Championship.

The Fort Collins Lambkins fell just short of their ultimate goal but they completed a very successful season. At state the team’s 1-2 punch of Lisa Reyna and Miranda Benzel delivered just as they did all season. So did Kelsey Follett. The Fort Collins pack changed throughout the year. During their early dominance Rachel Viger, Kirsten Follett and Tati Ogan could be seen near the front and at state they were #4 and #5 for the team respectively. At Harrison Viger ran #2 and Follett ran as the team’s #4. At Liberty Bell Ogan was the team’s #3 and Kirsten was the team’s #5.

Top 10 Individuals
1. Alexa Rogers SR Dakota Ridge 18:41
2. Kaitie Vanatta JR Dakota Ridge 18:48
3. Lisa Reyna SO Fort Collins 19:02
4. Natosha Rogers JR Dakota Ridge19:14
5. Jen Bremser JR Sand Creek19:16
6. Camille Logan JR Littleton 19:24
7. Miranda Benzel JR Fort Collins 19:29
8. Allie McLaughlin JR Air Academy 19:29
9. Lynnea Sjoerdsma JR Doherty 19:38
10. Vicky VanAlstine-Tauer SO Dakota Ridge 19:50

Dakota Ridge (19:18.61--1:36:33.05)
1.  Alexa Rogers 18:41
2.  Kaitie Vanatta 18:48
4.  Natosha Rogers 19:14
9.  Vicky VanAlstine-Tauer 19:50
12.  Paige Lillo 19:59
28. Katy Carney 20:23
67. Nicole Ceja 21:08

Fort Collins (19:54.33--1:39:31.65)
3.  Lisa Reyna 19:02
6.  Miranda Benzel 19:29
14.  Kelsey Follett 20:01
24.  Rachel Viger 20:17
40.  Tati Ogan 20:40
49.  Kirsten Follett 20:50
66.  Denise Chilson 21:06

Palmer (20:24.91--1:42:04.55)
11.  Meg Rudy 19:58
19.  Emily Smith 20:11
21.  Annie Whitford 20:12
42.  Kylee Firlit 20:43
56.  Katie Whitford 20:58
80.  Erika Karsh 21:18
107. Marle Grovenstein 21:43

Cherry Creek (20:33.80--1:42:49.00)
16.  Lauren Johnson 20:07
17.  Clare Gallagher 20:08
35.  Nicole Berman 20:34
53.  Julia Taussig 20:57.21
60.  Mackenzie Kjeldgaard 21:01
73. Kara Odum 21:13
78. Katherine Hanlin 21:16

Chaparral (20:42.11--1:43:30.55)
18.  Caroline Hine 20:10
27.  Katelyn Wojan 20:22
31.  Kelsey Dutton 20:26
62.  Lexie Pavlich 21:04
92.  Melanie Bergen 21:26
101. Karlie Larsen 21:40
102. Kelli Hanrahan 21:40

SW#3 Davis, Utah
No meet this week

SW#5 Greeley West, Colorado

SW#10 Thompson Valley, Colorado

++SW (Bubble) Cheyenne Mountain, CO

4A Colorado State Championship
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Greeley West 86 Thompson Valley 104 Greeley Central 181 Summit 187 Mullen 188 (23 Complete Teams)

In 1970 Willis Reed limped out of the locker room to emotionally lead the New York Knicks to an NBA title. In 2007 Kendra Gerk stepped out onto the cross country course and muscled out a 37th place finish that ended up being the difference between gold and silver for Greeley West. The good news for Gerk and Greeley West is the 3 week layoff between the Colorado state meet and the Southwest Regional in Tempe. Greeley West will need a healthy Gerk, who is capable of running close to the front of the pack, if they hope to earn a trip to Portland in early December.

Only 4 Colorado teams had combined times better than Thompson Valley (Dakota Ridge 1:36.33, Ft. Collins 1:39.31, Greeley West 1:40.29 and Classical Academy 1:40.59). Between Thompson Valley and Greeley West the difference was the Thompson Valley’s gap between their #3 and their #4 and #5. In one of the deepest year in Colorado history Thompson Valley had a stellar and consistent season. They will be a tough group in Tempe.

Top 10 Individuals
1. Erica Hinchcliffe SO Greeley West 19:13
2. Ashlee Smalley JR Greeley West 19:30
3. Becky Schmitt SO Thompson Valley 19:35
4. Alicia Nelson JR Moffat County 19:36
5. samantha Thompson JR Sierra 19:39
6. Janelle Martinez FR Greeley Central 19:42
7. Allie Parks FR Greeley Central 19:47
8. Kellyn Craig FR Denver South 19:50
9. Laura Tremblay JR Thompson Valley 19:52
10. Brianne Beemer SR Mountain View 19:59

Greeley West (20:05.91--1:40:29.55)
1. Erica Hinchcliffe 19:13
2. Ashlee Smalley 19:30
13. Sarah Swenson 20:15
33. Hilary Hurst 20:41
37. Kendra Gerk 20:48
88. AdrianneNicol Larson 21:50
124. Michaela Leach 22:39

Thompson Valley (20:17.26--1:41:26.30)
3. Becky Schmitt 19:35
9. Laura Tremblay 19:52
18. Alicia Randall 20:21
32. Emma Howard 20:40
42. Liz Tremblay 20:55
58. Katie Biedron 21:13
71. Hannah Pensack-Rinehart 21:30

SW#6 Xavier Prep, Arizona

SW#9 Mountain Ridge, Arizona

5A-I Desert Valley Regional Championship
Glendale, AZ

Mountain Ridge 27 Xavier Prep 29 Desert Mountain 85

Two of the top 4 teams in Arizona met in Regional Competition this week and Mountain Ridge came out just a little better than Xavier Prep. The Bishton twins have gone 1-2 in every meet this year and will be looking to duplicate that performance at state next week. Xavier Prep’s Jessica Tonn will be looking to stop that streak. Following her performance at Mt. SAC Tonn was instructed to run “Tempo” pace at the regional contest. The result of those instructions was a 5th place finish and a time of 20:30. Next week’s individual battle will be interesting. So will the battle for the position of top team. At the regional Mountain Ridge was able to ride their 1-2 to finish to victory. At state they will have to contend with a much larger back pack and the gap between their #2 and #3 will be filled with runners. If Xavier Prep hopes to defeat the Mountain Lions they will have to pack their runners in front of Mountain Ridge’s #5. They were not able to do this at the regional.

Mountain Ridge
1.Bishton, Nadya 18:03
2.Bishton, Nastia 18:04
7.Radosevich, Katelin 20:17
8.Robinson, Natalie 20:27
9.Nguyen, Nathalie 20:30
11.Trent, Marina 20:45
15.Catania, Franki 21:42

Xavier Prep (1.48)
3.Penney, Sarah 19:10
4.Vanderhout, Kristin 20:08
5.Tonn, Jessica 20:08
6.Penney, Katie 20:15
12. Daylee 20:58
13.Fitzgerald, Jessica 21:15
14.Cannon, Megan 21:21

SW#7 Mountain View-Mesa, Arizona

5A-1 East Valley Regional Championship

Mt. View 22 Red Mountain 50 Dobson 75 Mesa 101 Westwood 134

Mountain View-Mesa dominated the competition at their regional championship. The Lady Toros were led by the dominant 1-2-3 combination that finished within 30 seconds of each other. For Mountain Veiw-Mesa to compete with Xavier Prep and Mountain Ridge they will have to close the gaps between their 3-4 and 4-5. Those gaps will be filled with runners at state and the Lady Toros may not be able to match the low scores up front that Xavier and Mountain Ridge will post.

1. Cami Jackson 18:42
2. Hailey Hanna 18:54
3. Jennifer Larsen 19:12
6. Shayna Norberg 19:53
10. Brittany Hoffman 20:28
13. Melissa Peters 20:46
14. Mary Massey 20:56

SW#8 Sandra Day O’Connor, Arizona

4A-1 Western Sky Region Championship
Skunk Creek XC Course

O’Connor 16 Apollo 80 Sunnslope 90 Prescott 91 Thunderbird 118 Independence 140

The O’Connor girls followed up the trip to California with an easy victory in their regional meet. The Eagles utilized 1:20 gap time from their #2 to their #5 with Lindsay Prescott blazing a trail way out in front of the pack. Next week these girls will be looking for back to back state titles to culminate their season. They will also have to run against the clock as people like me will be comparing times from all of the division races.

1. Prescott, Lindsay 18:24
2. Rumbo, Kailey 20:42
3. Riley, Jade 21:03
4. Peck, Renee 21:13
6. Brist, McKenzie 22:02
9. Walsh, Shannon 22:37
14. Arland, Emily 23:35

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