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DyeStat XC Region Review SW

Summary of Southwest Top Ten, Week Ending Oct. 13, 2007

By Sal Gonzales, Dyestat SW Regional Editor

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SW#1/US#2 Albuquerque Academy, New Mexico

SW#10 Cibola, New Mexico

Highland Invitational
Bullhead Park, Albuquerque, NM

Academy 25 Cibola 65 Sandia 91 Los Lunas 103 Manzano 152 (10 Complete Teams)

For the second week in a row Academy was able to outperform #10 Cibola by a similar margin. Taylor Murray returned to the varsity lineup for the Red Army and helped place 5 runners in the top 10 within a 1:17 gap. Throughout the first 6 meets the Chargers have utilized 6 different varsity lineups using 12 different guys. Coach Kedge is in the process of ironing out his top 7 for the stretch run. Cibola has shown that they have a capable group that will challenge for the 5A title.

Coach Ken Henry was pleased with the fact that his top two (twins) were able to defeat Academy’s #3 runner. This was an obstacle they did not achieve a week ago. Their pack time was not as impressive (50 seconds this week) but that may have been due to a better performance by the Montoya’s. Both Academy and Cibola will be at the Rio Rancho Cross Country Jamboree this weekend. The race will be run on the state meet course. 58 schools from across the state will be in attendance. Cibola and Academy will be participating in the 24 team Large School Division.

Top 10 Individuals:

1. Ben Johnson, Academy 15:29
2. Pat Zacharias, Academy 16:11
3. Vince Montoya, Cibola 16:36
4. Chris Montoya, Cibola 16:36
5. Anthony Lauriello, Academy 16:39
6. Michael Montoya, Manzano 16:41
7. Patrick Lueris, Los Lunas 16:42
8. Kyle Cooper, Academy 16:46
9. Taylor Murray, Academy 16:46
10. Marcus Porter, La Cueva 16:46

SW#2/US#5 Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Jefferson County League Meet
Clement Park, CO

Wheat Ridge 28 Dakota Ridge 48 Pomoma 71 Chatfield 126 Bear Creak 139 (11 complete teams)

Wheat Ridge remained un-defeated by winning their League meet by 20 points over an improving Dakota Ridge squad. Wheat Ridge’s top 4 finished within 18 seconds of each other. All Colorado Schools will be running their Regional meets this weekend.

Top 10:

1. Evan Appel, Dakota Ridge 15:41
2. Henry Cowhick, Wheat Ridge 16:18
3. Dart Schwader, Wheat Ridge 16:29
4. Scott Fauble, Wheat Ridge 16:35
5. Brian Heiney, Wheat Ridge 16:46
6. Darian Sanchez, Pomona 16:47
7. Michael JHohnson, Chatfield 16:48
8. Sabegin, Pomona 16:35
9. Austin Appel, Dakota Ridge 16:41
10. Jimmy Mohrbacher, Dakota Ridge 17:13

SW#3/US#15 Los Alamos, New Mexico

Capital High School
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Los Alamos 27 St. Mike's 82 Pecos 101 West Mesa 101 West Las Vegas 154 (10 Complete teams)

For the second week in a row the Hilltoppers from Los Alamos were able to dominate the competition in the Capital City. Last week Los Alamos was not at full strength due to illness and testing. This week they unleashed their full squad on the local competition. The Hilltoppers are idle next week and do not compete again until they host their annual meet on October 26.

Los Alamos
2. Allen Pitman, 16:19
3.Kyle Pittman, 16:29
5.Tom Bowidowicz, 17:00
7. Gareth Gilna, 17:06
10. Kevin Hemphill, 17:29
12. Andrew Vierra, 17:39
14. Nat Gustafson, 17:51

SW#4 American Fork, Utah

Region IV Championship
Scera Park, Orem, UT

American Fork 22 Timpanogos 55 Lone Peak 97 Spanish Fork 107 Pleasant Grove 107 Lehi 119

The boys from American Fork continue to dominate. They have ascended to the top without encountering a speed hump. This week they dominated their regional competition by placing their top 5 in the top 10 within a 25 second spread.

American Fork
2. Ben Felix 15:07
3. Robby Lee 15:20
4. Ryan Bradshaw 15:26
6. Evan Melville 15:30
7. Shawn Crane 15:32
14. Spencer Craft 15:59
31. Josh Stewart 16:54

SW#5 Mingus, Arizona

Bud Davis Invitational
Tuba City, AZ 

Mingus 17   Tuba City 72    Ganado 96   Chinle 136    Coconino 146  (15 complete teams)

The top 5 Marauders continue to dominate the competition but the performance by their #6 and #7 leave no room for error. Their spread from 1-5 is 1:00
but their spread from 5-6 is 5:42!!

1. Freriks, Tim, 17:51
2. Logan, Bruce, 18:25
3. Hayes, Sam, 18:31
5. Cutbirth, Wilson, 18:47
6. Mickelson, Ky, 18:51
86. Boyd, Justin, 24:33
91. Romfro, J., 25:14

SW#6 Timpview, Utah
No meet this week. Next Week Utah State Championship

SW#7 Orem, Utah
No meet this week. Next Week Utah State Championship

SW#8 Rampart, Colorado

Colorado Springs Metro League 5A

Rampart 29 Coronado 30 Palmer 86 Lewis-Palmer 124 Air Academy 129

Rampart was able to slip by Coronado at the 5A section of the Colorado Springs Metro League Meet. Rampart was led by their usual top 3 who ran well in the small meet. Next week Rampart will compete in the Region V championship where they will again face off against Coronado.

Top 10 Individuals:
1. Sols (Coronado) 16:40
2. Brennan Jarvis (Rampart) 16:42
3. Jeffrey Cook (Rampart) 16:47
4. Nick Saulnier (Rampart) 16:48
5. Vaske (Coronado) 16:46
6. Lesser (Coronado) 17:10
7. Taylor Jarvis (Rampart) 17:11
8. Webster (Coronado) 17:18
9. Brown (Sand Creek) 17:19
10. Sanchez (Coronado) 17:23

SW#9 Rio Rico, Arizona

The Rio Rico Boys Varsity have not competed since their win at the Doug Conley Invite. They are competing in a quad on Tuesday before they take to the road for a trip to California. Rio Rico is entered in the Division 3 Sweepstakes race at Mt. SAC this weekend.


SW#1/US#2 Eldorado, New Mexico

Eldorado Invitational
Albuquerque, NM

Eldorado 30 Gallup 64 Rio Rancho 66 St Pius 111 Albuquerque High 132

Eldorado Coach Jimmy Butler believed that the course conditions and weather for his home invite were, “almost identical to last year.” With that in mind we can make some interesting comparisons to last year’s performance. Four runners ran at both the 2006 and 2007 invitationals. Of the four runners Kristy Hannah was the only runner who showed dramatic improvement. She ran 1:15 faster than last year. Couple that with the fact that Rachel Velarde (rested this week) has already proven that she is over 1:00 better than last year shows Eldorado’s improvement. Of the other three runners who ran both years only Julie Brasher ran slower (28 seconds). Allison Bedonie and Erin Madden both improved their times by about 10 seconds. Eldorado will be back in action this Saturday at the Rio Rancho Cross Country Jamboree. They will be competing in the Big School Division. Their toughest competition will once again be Albuquerque Academy.

1) Kristy Hannah, Eldorado 20:50
2) Allison Bedonie, Eldorado 20:52
6) Julie Brasher, Eldorado 21:52
8) Erin Madden, Eldorado 22:31
13) Katelynn Zibbon, Eldorado 22:44
14) Lauren Burnham, Eldorado 22:52

SW#2/US#7 Fort Collins, Colorado
Idle this week. Up Next for Fort Collins is the 5A Region 4 Championship.

SW#3 Greeley West, Colorado
Idle this week. Up Next for Greeley West is the 4A Region 2 Championship.

SW#4/US#23 Davis, Utah

Regional Championship

Davis 26 Fremont 62 Weber 74 Syracuse 86

The Davis girls continued to dominate the completion in the Beehive state. Davis was once again paced by the dynamic duo of Natalie Haws and Candace Eddy. The pair has not meet a pack that they haven’t wanted to run away from. Injuries aside the Davis girls are poised to win a state championship on Wednesday.

1. 18:36 Natalie Haws, Davis
2. 18:37 Candace Eddy, Davis
6. 19:05 Emily Hansen, Davis
7. 19:19 Meghan Hedquist, Davis
10. 19:33 Loren Storey, Davis
11. 19:36 Julianne Wirthlin, Davis
12. 19:40 Hollie King, Davis
14. 20:02 Kelsey Valentine, Davis

SW#5 Dakota Ridge, Colorado

Jefferson County League Meet
Clement Park, CO

Dakota Ridge 15 Green Mountain 46 Wheat Ridge 91 Chatfield 118 Bear Creek 154

The return of Katie Vanatta provided an unanticipated result. Most have believed that Vanatta would be able to win every meet that Dakota Ridge entered this fall. At the Jefferson County League Meet Vanatta finished fourth behind three of her teammates. The Dakota Ridge girls were able to cruise to a perfect score victory at League so the entire team may have been out for a tempo run. That strategy may not work at next week’s Region 2 Championship where Dakota Ridge will have to face off against an improving Cherry Creek team.

1. Natasha Rogers 18:56
2. Alexa Rogers 18:58
3. Paige Lillo 19:21
4. Kaitie Vanatta 19:23
5. Katie Carney 20:14
7. Vicky VanAlstine-Taue 20:24
10. Nicole Ceja 20:20

SW#6 Xavier Prep, Arizona

Thunderbird Invitational
No Team Scores

Xavier prep held out Jessica Tonn (rest for individual run at Mt. SAC) at the Thunderbird Invite this weekend. Team Scores are not kept at this invitational.

Kristina Vanderhout 16:47
Sarah Penney 17:19
Katie Penney 18:15
Daylee Burr 18:19
Jessica Fizgerald 18:26
Megan Cannon 19:02
Annie Kuni 19:05

SW#7 Mountain View-Mesa, Arizona
No Report

SW#8 Sandra Day O’Connor, Arizona
Idle this week. The O’Connor girls are not running at full strength until Mt. SAC on October 20, 2007

SW#9 Mountain Ridge, Arizona

The top 7 runners did not run this week. They will be back in action Wednesday for their District meet.

SW#10 Timpanogos, Utah

Region IV Championship
Scera Park, Orem, UT

Timpanogos 42 American Fork 48 Spanish Fork 65 Lone Peak 78 Pleasant Grove 122 Lehi 179

The Timpanogos girls were able to slip by an improving American Fork Team. Timpanogos was paced by Brooke Hodson who was ablo to outrun American Fork's Alexis Laws by 5 seconds. This battle will be fought out again at Wednesday's State Championship.

1. Brooke Hodson 17:14
4. Suzanna Sorensen 17:56
7. Hannah Groom 18:18
13. Kimberly Bringhurst 18:42
17. Lecy Skousen 19:05
19. Amber Hart 19:21
20. Terra Hawkins 19:23

American Fork
2. Alexis Laws 17:19
6. Danielle West 18:12
11. Arista Sommers 18:37
14. Kaovae Belt 18:51
15. McCall Harward 18:52
22. Amy Riddle 19:36.
26. Shaylynn Baugh 19:50

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