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Sunflower League

Olathe East boys, Leavenworth girls take team titles, Kendra Bradley (Leav.) wins four golds

5/11/07 Shawnee Mission South District Stadium, Overland Park KS

by Tony Bozarth

Sunflower League

Girls Highlights:

*Kendra Bradley (Leavenworth) 12.25p 12.40/ 25.67/ 57.66/ 47.92 4 x 100 wins

*Kristen Gillespie (SM South) 2:17.60/ 58.04 (2nd)

*Deedee Cabry (Leavenworth 2:17.77/ 9:44.77 4 x 800 runner-ups

*Christine Nelson (SM Northwest) 5:18.84 1600

*Kelly Renfro (Lawrence) 5:18.85 (2nd); 11:34.07

*Breanna Coleman (Olathe East) 14.84 100H/ 12.59 100 (2nd)

*Courtney Barber (Lawrence) 5-6 HJ/ 44.93 300H

*Lawrence 4:01.90 4 x 400

*SM South 9:35.16 4 x 800; Leavenworth 9:44.77; SM East 9:53.28; Olathe East 9:57.70

*Abby Jones (Lawrence) 11-0 PV

*Katlyn Merrill (Olathe Northwest) 17-6.5 LJ/ 37-2.75 TJ (2nd)

*Courtney Reinke (Olathe East) 37-2.75 TJ

*Lauren Busch (SM South) 139-9 JT

Boys Highlights:

*Dee Bell (Olathe East) 10.90 100

*Keron Toussaint (Free State, Lawrence) 22.05/ 48.87 sprint wins/ low 47 split on 3:20.93 4 x 400

*Robin Kresinszky (SM East) 1:58.04 800

*Jimmy Ward (SM West) 4:31.43 1600 over Raynard Smith (Olathe East 4:31.98)

*Daniel Munro (SM Northwest) 9:50.96 3200

*Andrew Pennington (SM East) 14.86/ 38.66 hurdle wins

*SM West 8:03.62 4 x 800 over SM Northwest (8:04.34).

*Daniel Beattie (SM Northwest) 14-6 PV

*Aryan Long (Olathe North) 22-4 LJ/ 46-4.75 TJ/ 49.83 400 (2nd)

*Victor Butler (Leavenworth) 55-5 SP

*Justin Holmes (SM South) 180-9 DT

*Mike Beeler (SM West) 187-11 JT over Travis Tannahill (Olathe East 186-0)

The Olathe East boys and Leavenworth girls won the Sunflower League Track and Field titles on a warm, humid night at Shawnee Mission South District Stadium. The league, consisting of suburban Kansas City schools on the Kansas side, is widely considered the strongest and deepest in Kansas.

Leavenworth's Kendra Bradley led her squad to the win, taking four gold medals. Bradley ran a 12.25 100 to lead qualifying, then won the 100 (12.40), 200 (25.67 over team-mate Lashanda Sims 25.91), and a tight fast 400 in 57.66, with Kristina Taylor (Lawrence 58.04) and Kristen Gillespie (SM South 58.60) close behind.Gillespie won a fast 800 in 2:17.60, with Leavenworth's Deedee Cabrey a close second at 2:17.74. Close and deep distance races were the rule of the night, with Christine Nelson (SM Northwest) winnng the 1600 in 5:18.84, edging Lawrence's Kelly Renfro (5:18.85) in a photo. Renfro got her own photo win in the 3200, winning in 11:34.07 from Lisa Imgrund (SM Northwest 11:34.11). In the 100H, Olathe East's Breanna Coleman rocketed out of the blocks to a 14.84 win, then placed second in the 100 (12.59). Courtney Barber (Lawrence) took the 300H in 44.93, edging Sarah Meyers (SM West 44.98). Barber also won the HJ at 5-6, with Olathe East's Ashley Reid second at 5-4. In the relays, Bradley's anchor keyed Leavenworth to a 47.92 4 x 100 win, with Olathe East second at 48.55. Shawnee Mission North won the 4 x 200 in 1:46.80, with Olathe East second at 1:48.70. Lawrence won the 4 x 400 at 4:01.90, with SM South second at 4:06.81. A dynamite 4 x 800 saw SM South follow up last week's 9:30 at the SM North relays with a 9:35.16. Early leader Leavenworth was second at 9:44.77, with SM East (9:53.28) and Olathe East (9:57.70) also under 10:00. SM Northwest won the Sprint Medley Relay in 4:22.30, with Olathe East anchor Amanda Miller bringing her team to second in 4:25.56 after a fall and dropped baton in the 200 legs had put East well back of the field. Abby Jones (Lawrence) won the PV at 11-0, over a pack of three at 10-0. Katlyn Merrill (Olathe Northwest) won the LJ at 17-6.5, with Hillary Hoffman (SM Soth) second at 16-10. Merrill was second in the TJ at 37-2.75, as Olathe East's Courtney Reinke popped a career best 37-6 to win. Natashia Caffey (SM North) won the SP at 38-4.5 with Lindsey Sims (Free State, Lawrence) second at 37-2. Erica Brand (SM Northwest) won the DT at 125-4 with Chey Harper (Leavenworth 118-1) second. In the JT, Lauren Busch (SM South) launched a soaring throw of 139-9 to win, with team-mate Holly Myers (112-5) second.

Olathe East's boys won with a team effort emphasizing the teams depth both on the field and the track. Dee Bell got East off to a fine start, winning the 100 in 10.90 in a photo over rival Evan Pierson (Olathe South 10.90). Keron Toussaint (Free State, Lawrence) won the long sprints, running 22.05 to win the 200 from Trevor Cochran (SM West 22.30), and running 48.87 to win the 400 from Aryan Long (Olathe North 49.83). Toussaint also ran a low 47 split on his 4 x 400 anchor, leading Free State to a 3:20.93 win of SM Northwest 3:23.05. In the 800 Robin Kresinszky (SM East) used a big move on the backstretch to break away from the field and win in 1:58.04, with Jimmy Ward (SM West 2:00.14) edging Cody Fraizer (Olathe East 2:00.14) for second. Earlier, Ward had won the 1600 in 4:31.43, edging Olathe East's Raynard Smith (4:31.98) in an exciting homestretch battle. Daniel Munro (SM Northwest) won the 3200 in 9:50.96 after wearing down a large pack, with Bill Martin (SM West 9:53.90 and Diego Ladron (SM Northwest 9:55.14) second and third. Andrew Pennington (SM East) swept the hurdle races, winning the 110H (14.86) in a close race over Brian Woods (Olathe Northwest 14.94). Pennington then dominated the 300H, winning in 38.66, with Jake Catloth (Olathe North 40.35) edging Andrew Longanecker (Olathe East 40.44) for second. Olathe South took the 4 x 100 in 42.79 off Evan Pierson's big anchor leg, with SM North (43.13) second. Free State (Lawrence) won the 4 x 200 in 1:30.48, edging SM South (1:30.82). In the 4 x 800, SM West ran 8:03.62, with SM Northwest (8:04.34) second and Olathe East (8:10.42) third. 1600 runner-up Raynard Smith anchored Olathe East to victory in the Sprint Medley Relay in 3:41.35, with SM Northwest 3:44.56 second. Jermaine Bransford (Olathe North) won a tight high jump battle at 6-4 on misses from Peter Helmuth (SM East, 2nd) and Andrew Meschke (SM South 3rd). Daniel Beattie (SM Northwest) won the vault at 14-6, with team-mate Josh Sommerfeld second at 13-0. 400 runner-up Aryan Long (Olathe North) dominated the horizontal jumps, winning the LJ at 22-4, with Leland Lindsey (Olathe Northwest) second at 21-11.25 and three more over 21 feet. Long triple-jumped 46-4.75 to win by over two feet, with Malcom Brown (Lawrence) second at 44-3.5. In the throws, Victor Butler (Leavenworth) throw 55-5 to win a tough SP competitng from Travis Tannahill (Olathe East 52-11), Dillon Goins (SM East 52-8.5) and Bryan Smith (Olathe East 52-2). Justin Holmes (SM South) launched the DT 180-9 to easily win the competition, with Goins second at 152-0. Mike Beeler (SM West) won the JT at 187-11, with Tannahill (186-0) second and Johannes Swanepool (SM South) third at 182-3.

Boys Team Scores: 1. Olathe East 99; 2. Shawnee Mission East 97.25; 3. Shawnee Mission West 90.5; 4. Olathe North 85; 5. Shawnee Mission Northwest 80; 6. Free State (Lawrence) 75.75; 7. Olathe South 58; 8. Shawnee Mission South 53.75; 9. Olathe Northwest 45; 10. Lawrence 43.75; 11. Leavenworth 23; 12. Shawnee Mission North 19

Girls Team Scores: 1. Leavenworth 140; 2. Olathe East 105; 3. Shawnee Mission South 103; 4. Lawrence 90; 5. Free State (Lawrence) 66.5; 6. Olathe Northwest 59;

7. Shawnee Mission Northwest 54; 8. Shawnee Mission North 38; 9. Shawnee Mission West 37; 10. Shawnee Mission East 27; 11. Olathe South 26.5; 12. Olathe North 11

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