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Midwest Region NTN Review

week 7

week ending October 22 2006

by Scott Bush, NTN regional editor

The end of the Midwest cross country regular season is finally upon us. Wisconsin and Indiana have their state meets this coming Saturday, while Ohio, Michigan and Illinois all have their state qualifying meets. This past weekend provided little suspense, as a few teams lost close battles, but the overall picture did not change up top, as all of the top contenders to grab those two NTN births ran well. This time of year is always fun too because new teams can arise from out of nowhere and things can change dramatically in the rankings from week to week (who can forget last year's Naperville North girls squad). So as the season comes to its biggest and most important meets, it is time to see just who are the top teams in the region.

Boys - Girls


1. Dexter, MI 
Another clean sweep of the top five spots proved that Dexter is on a mission to prove they are one of the top teams in the land. With a 31 second split in hand, and with their number two man Dan Jackson looking better each week, Dexter demolished their competition at their conference meet this week.

1. Bobby Aprill - 15:32
2. Dan Jackson - 15:35
3. Jason Bishop - 15:57
4. Ryan Neely - 16:02
5. Ben Steavenson - 16:03
7. Alex Hess - 16:51
8. Andrew Martin - 16:53

Meet Results: None.

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

2. York, IL
After seeing what Dexter did last week, and getting moved down to the second position, York knew they wanted to do something special at the Proviso West Regional on Saturday. So just like Dexter, they came out and swept the field, scoring a perfect 15 and showing once again just how dominating they can be. Running as an obvious pack for much of the race, the Dukes placed 1-6, with sophomore stud Steve Sulkin moving up to varsity and turning in a solid performance. Mike Fry led the way running an easy 16:08, while after him it was a great seven second split 2-5. The Dukes have a mission now...to prove they are the top team in the Midwest.

1. Mike Fry - 16:08
2. Alan D'Ambrogio - 16:15
3. Tom Achtien - 16:15
4. Nick Kuczwara - 16:21
5. Mark Sulkin - 16:22
6. Steve Sulkin - 16:34
12. Kevin Spicer - 17:28

Meet Results: http://go.ihsa.org/reports/ccb38599.htm

Next Meet: Niles West Sectional, 10/28/06.

3. Woodridge, OH
Woodridge looked unbeatable Saturday as they took home the team title 23-96 at the Malone College District Meet. Placing their top five in the top nine and their top seven in the top twelve, Woodridge showed just how tough they will be the rest of the season.

2. Scott Hilditch - 16:28
3. David Petrak - 16:30
4. Brian Himelright - 16:53
5. Joey McCoy - 17:02
9. Daniel Petrak - 17:17
10. Tony Marette - 17:20
12. Matthew Weiss - 17:28

Meet Results: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/dist/ne/malone/2006/b2.htm

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

4. LaSalle, OH
Just like MW #3 Woodridge, LaSalle scored in the mid-20's to easily win their district race. The team ran at Voice of America Park and won 25-67 over Cin. Elder. With their top five all in the top ten, LaSalle looked very good, as they march their way into regional competition. Nusekabel, Lang and Spriggs all ran great races.

2. Jake Nusekabel - 16:23
3. Kyle Lang - 16:29
4. Corey Spriggs - 16:32
6. Ricky Lupp - 16:57
10. Michael Inderhees - 17:10
15. Michael Huesman - 17:20
20. Sean Comer - 17:31

Meet Results: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/dist/sw/wc/2006/d1b1.htm

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

5. St. John's Jesuit, OH
SJJ has been running well all season, and once again went head to head with competition they knew they could beat as they won their district meet 28-78 over the next closest team. Joe Miller led the charge as he placed second, while Chris Lemon was nine seconds back. Matt Lemon was a little further back than normal in their third spot in sixth place. Their 4-5 runners ran a bit better than the past few weeks, as they placed 8-9. SJJ is looking good as they travel to regionals this coming weekend.

2. Joe Miller - 16:42
3. Chris Lemon - 16:53
6. Matt Lemon - 17:05
8. Ben Schoonmaker - 17:09
9. Brett Wagner - 17:18
14. Chris Madaras - 17:43
22. Ben Miller - 17:54

Meet Results: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/dist/nw/clay/2006/d1b1.htm

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

6. Palatine, IL 
Palatine has won some close races all year, and up to this past weekend only lost to York. However, after sitting out their number four runner and number 5/6 runner this past weekend, the Pirates lost to IL ranked Hersey at the Wheeling Regional 40-44. Running two runners on varsity for the first time this season and with a gap of 27 seconds from 4-5, Palatine did not have enough depth to hold off a fast-charging Hersey squad, who ran perhaps their best race of the season.

3. Mat Smoody - 15:16
4. Sagar Patel - 15:18
5. Matt Dettloff - 15:24
9. Alex Mourousias - 15:54
23. Tom Laskowske - 16:21
33. Kevin LeClair - 16:37
41. Juan Perez - 16:55

Meet Results: http://go.ihsa.org/reports/ccb38590.htm

Next Meet: Schaumburg Sectional, 10/28/06.

7. Pinckney, MI
Did not compete this past weekend as they prepare for their state series.

Meet Results: None.

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

8. Bloomington North, IN
Being healthy and mental toughness are the two keys that win a team a state trophy when you are at the top level. Bloomington North is healthy and are running strong week after week. They have incredible momentum as they travel to Terra Haute this coming weekend for the state meet. BN easily won their semi-state race, beating Silver Creek 73-118 for the win. Michael Hoffmann placed second in the team standings, while William Autio also placed well. While their 1-5 split was over a minute, they still looked strong and should be the favorites this coming weekend.

2. Michael Hoffmann - 16:22
8. William Autio - 16:51
15. Andrew Buzzelli - 17:08
17. Ryan Jackson - 17:16
31. Tim Schoch - 17:32
54. Trent Downey - 18:02
57. Wes Drake - 18:04

Meet Results: http://www.ihsaa.org/b-cross-country/2006-07/0607BloomingtonSemiState.txt

Next Meet: State Meet, Terra Haute, 10/28/06.

9. Sandburg, IL
Just like MW #2 York, Sandburg knew they could simply coast through their regional this past weekend. They did just that, as they placed all seven of their varsity runners in the top eleven and ran as packs for much for the race, as they won 21-99. Next week will be their first big test since the Palatine Invitational, which was four weeks ago. They will have their chance to square off against a handful of the top ten ranked teams in the state. They will need an honest effort out of their top three runners, and will need another solid pack behind them.

2. Tom Sideras - 15:50
3. Kevin Adamowski - 16:06
4. Justin Smith - 16:06
5. Brad LaRocque - 16:09
7. Mike Marbach - 16:32
9. Chuck Archer - 16:36
11. Mike Young - 16:43

Meet Results: http://go.ihsa.org/reports/ccb38576.htm

Next Meet: Sectionals, 10/28/06.

10. Warren Central, IN
After nearly slipping up last week at their regional, Warren Central proved their vulnerability at semi-state, as they took third scoring 129 points and losing to Carmel (123 points) and team champions Franklin Central (112 points). Despite placing two in the top six, including individual champion De'Sean Turner, WC simply had too far of a gap from 2-3 (49 seconds). At times this team has looked like the state champions so many expected of them, but the past few weeks has shown that they are in desperate need of a big race from their 3-4 runners. This coming weekend is their state meet and they will need to step it up big if they hope to win.

1. De'Sean Turner - 15:09
6. Ondraius Richardson - 15:38
27. Caleb Pack - 16:29
37. Cody Smith - 16:38
58. Orion Wenrich - 16:50
65. Micah Aldrich - 17:01
75. Joel Mathews - 17:08

Meet Results: http://www.ihsaa.org/b-cross-country/2006-07/0607FranklinCentralSemiState.htm

Next Meet: State Meet, Terra Haute, 10/28/06.


1. Westfield, IN
Each week Westfield has had to go up against some of the top teams in the state. The past few weeks it was against Carmel, while this week it was against newly ranked #10 Center Grove. Westfield, using a score of only eight points between their top three runners, won their semi-state 75-94 over Noblesville. Maggie Bingham showed once again why she is a threat to win the state title, as she ran a gutsy race to take home the individual title. Breanne Ehrman also ran a great race, finishing in the four spot for Westfield in 15th. However, from 4-5 there was a huge 41 second gap, which will have to close next weekend at state if they hope to hold off fast-closing Valporaiso and other top ranked squads. Westfield has looked great all season long and their momentum heading into state should be at the highest it has been all season long.

1. Maggie Bingham - 14:17
3. Kristina Krasich - 14:28
4. Kaitlyn Love - 14:36
15. Breanne Ehrman - 15:07
52. Dana Christie - 15:48
65. Brittany Rutledge - 16:04
72. Kimmy Robertson - 16:08

Meet Results: http://www.ihsaa.org/g-cross-country/2006-07/0607FranklinCentralSemiState.htm

Next Meet: State Meet, Terra Haute, 10/28/06.

2. Minster, OH
In Ohio, it is very hard to sweep your competition. No matter what level you compete on there is always tough competition. Minster on Saturday came incredibly close to sweeping, as they scored 19 points to take home the Spencerville District title. Their next closest competition was over fifty points away, as Minster once again used a great 1-5 split to pound the rest of the field.

1. Bernadette Burke - 19:44
2. Brigitte Sherman - 19:52
3. Lei Bornhorst - 19:59
5. Katie Dahlinghaus - 20:05
8. Jenna Fausey - 20:27
9. Lauren Fausey - 20:48
10. Jessica Albers - 20:57

Meet Results: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/dist/nw/spence/2006/g3.htm

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

3. Waukesha West, WI 
Running in packs, Waukesha West won their sectional race 26-79 over Whitnall at the Waukesha South Sectional. Packing it up front like they have all season, West scored a nice 2-3-4 and then 8-9, with a great 47 second split 1-5. Perhaps the most impressive was that they really packed it up with their 2-3 combination, 4-5 and 6-7 all running identical times to one another. This was great practice as they head into their state meet this coming weekend, where they will have to run in similar fashion if they hope to win.

2. Alyssa Beste - 15:18
3. Laura Koch - 15:29
4. Karlye Wolff - 15:29
8. Michelle Joubert - 16:05
9. Ashley Vonck - 16:05
13. Mia Joubert - 16:15
14. Krista White - 16:15

Meet Results: http://www.wiaawi.org/x-countrygirls/2006/sectionals/waukeshasectional.html

Next Meet: State Meet, 10/28/06.

4. Bowling Green, OH
A dominating performance it was for BG at their district championships on Saturday. With Christy Titus and Barbara Powers again leading the charge, Bowling Green won easily scoring a 20-66 win over their nearest competition. This team has been running better and better each week, and this week was just another stepping stone to their goal of a state title.

1. Christy Titus - 18:59
2. Barbara Powers - 19:20
4. Anne-Marie Simon - 19:47
5. Shannon Titus - 19:47
8. Alyssa Glenn - 20:09
12. Andrea Renny - 21:04
13. Kelly Titus - 21:10

Meet Results: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/dist/nw/clay/2006/d1g1.htm

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

5. Rockford, MI 
Rockford has been inconsistent all season long. They have looked like world beaters at times, and have looked incredibly beatable at other times. This past week they looked very beatable. Katie Hines ran very well to win the OK-Red Meet Conference Meet in 19:03, but the next closest Rockford runner was a minute back. Rockford still won 44-58 over West Ottawa, but they will need both Brittany Dixon and Emma Crosby healthy if they hope to win state.

1. Katie Haines - 19:03
7. Kelcie Severson - 20:03
8. Brittany Dixon - 20:05
11. Kelly Brown - 20:24
17. Emma Crosby - 21:00

Meet Results: N.A.

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

6. Hinsdale Central, IL
Last week Hinsdale Central had quite a scare, as they beat IL ranked York off of the sixth runner rule. At regionals this week, HC had an ax to grind and ran very well. Their 1-3 combination up front did the job and their 4-5 runners ran much better as well, as they beat many state ranked squads at their regional scoring 36 points. Second place Benet Academy scored 63 points.

2. Rosemary Hines - 18:31
3. Lauren Zumbach - 18:41
4. Gina Kapusta - 18:43
13. Emily Cleary - 19:10
14. Heather Stevens - 19:11
33. Elaine Kuckertz - 19:53
38. Emily Kane - 20:05

Meet Results: http://go.ihsa.org/reports/ccg38503.htm

Next Meet: Lockport Sectional, 10/28/06.

7. Barrington, IL
After nearly losing the week before to Fremd, Barrington bounced back in a big way and beat Fremd considerably at the Rolling Meadows Regional on Saturday 46-61. Running their top four within fifteen seconds of each other was a big spark for the squad, especially the performance of Molly Glantz as their number four. She improved dramatically from last week, which made the difference. If they are going to trophy in two weeks at state however, they need consistency from Glantz, and they need their number five to step up in a big way, as their 4-5 split was nearly a minute.

5. Samantha Learch - 18:36
6. Danielle Locascio - 18:38
7. Rebecca Tracy - 18:41
8. Molly Glantz - 18:51
20. Valery Taylor - 19:48
29. Kala Bingham - 20:06
50. Melissa Brindise - 20:54

Meet Results: http://go.ihsa.org/reports/ccg38510.htm

Next Meet: Schaumburg Sectional, 10/28/06.

8. Livonia Churchill, MI
Won conference meet. More information coming.

Meet Results:

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

9. Magnificat, OH
Running on one of the toughest courses in Ohio, full of hills, turns and muddy footing, Magnificat ran well at their district race, placing four in the top eight, as they won 35-62 over Brunswick. A nice 59 second split seperated their top five, while Katherine McHenry again led the way for the team. Madeline Chambers had a very good race in fourth, second for her team.

3. Katherine McHenry - 20:57
4. Madeline Chambers - 21:06
7. Karen Sovacool - 21:35
8. Mary Whitmore - 21:40
13. Erin Riley - 21:56
17. Elise Capone - 22:04
22. Abby Fischer - 22:14

Meet Results: http://www.baumspage.com/cc/dist/ne/lorain/2006/g1.htm

Next Meet: Regionals, 10/28/06.

10. Center Grove, IN
Despite some mighty impressive performances this season and a solid top end finish at their semi-state, Center Grove did not have what it would take to run with MW #1 Westfield. While Westfield won the race, Center Grove placed third, nine points behind Noblesville, scoring 105. Shelbi Burnett and Kristen Marley again led the squad, both placing in the top ten, but then the 22 second split after them made all the difference, as other teams placed most of their top runners in between.

2. Shelbi Burnett - 14:25
10. Kristen Marley - 14:55
25. Sophie Paguette - 15:17
32. Sarah Higgens - 15:25
36. Whitney Johnson - 15:32
48. Nicole Kreuzman - 15:42
64. Charlotte Fuillenwarth - 16:01

Meet Results: http://www.ihsaa.org/g-cross-country/2006-07/0607FranklinCentralSemiState.htm

Next Meet: State Meet, Terra Haute, 10/28/06.

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