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NJ Prep State Relays

NJ season opens in the rain as Lawrenceville pours it on with 14 victories
, 9 on the boys side and 5 for the girls

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 -  Lawrenceville, N.J.

Results - courtesy of the Lawrenceville coaching staff

  • Patrick Barron split 1:59.7 to bring the Lawrenceville boys sprint medley team across first in  3:41.7, and also ran on the winning 4x800 (8:28.2).

  • Leonard Hayes had a big day for Lawrenceville, blazing a 21.6 200 on the SM and a 21.7 in the 4x200, and clearing 5-6 on the winning high jump team. Lamar Hayes made 5-6 in the high jump and soared 20-8 in the long jump.

  • Also for Lawrenceville, freshman Charles Kerr split 60.0 on the winning 4x400 and he tripled jumped 43-0. Nehemiah Paramore came up leadoff legs of  2:01 in the 4x800 and 52.7 in the 4x400 for Lawrenceville.

  •  Caroline Williams anchored the winning girls distance medley relay and contributed to the first-place 4x800 relay for Mount St. Mary.

  •  No team scores were kept.





400-METER RELAY: 1-Hun (Nicholas Williams, Brian Leffler, Altar and Julian Copeland) 47.9. 2-Lawrenceville 48.1. 3-St. Benedict’s Prep 48.9.


800-METER RELAY: 1-St. Benedict’s Prep (Otieno, Roberts, Jean-Jacques, and Smith)   1:31.7. 2-Hun 3:38.8. 3-Pennington 1:42.8.


1,600-METER RELAY: 1-Lawrenceville (Nehemiah Paramore, Bobby Doll, Leonard Hayes and Max Fagelson) 3:38.5. 2-St. Benedict’s Prep 3:39.6. 3-Pennington 3:39.8.


3,200-METER RELAY: 1-Lawrenceville (Nehemiah Paramore, Bobby Doll, Patrick Barron) 8:28.2. 2-Peddie 8:41. 3-St. Benedict’s Prep 48.9.


SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: Lawrenceville (Markhuis Lacroix, Leonard Hayes, Devon Batiz and Patrick Barron) 3:41.7. 2-Peddie 3:54.4. 3-Pennington 4:00.2.


DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY: 1-St. Benedict’s Prep (Jensen, Gabriel, Miller, Mason) 11:11.6. 2-Peddie 11:14.4. 3-Blair 11:16.5.


SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1-Lawrenceville (Chris Tenev, Taylor Coles, Charlie Kerr, and Max Fagelson) 1:07.4. 2-St. Benedict’s Prep 1:22.6.


TEAM INTERMEDIATE HURDLES: 1-Lawrenceville (Sinjiha Smith, Max Fagelson and Charlie Kerr) 3:15.3. 2-St. Benedict’s Prep 3:20.3.


TEAM HIGH JUMP: 1-Lawrenceville (Leonard Hayes and Lamar Hayes) 11-0. 2-Gill St. Bernard’s 10-9. 3-Hun 10-6.


TEAM LONG JUMP: 1-Hun (Julian Copeland and Kirozik) 40-2 ½. 2-Peddie 38-8 ½. 3-Lawrenceville 38-4.


TEAM TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Lawrenceville (Charlie Kerr and Jin Hoon Huh) 77-4. 2-Morristown-Beard 75-9. 3-Hun 74-9 ½.


TEAM SHOT PUT: 1-Lawrenceville (Kadeem Lyttle and Quinn Shelton) 91-6 ½. 2-St. Benedict’s Prep 83-3. 3-Peddie 81-1 ½.


TEAM DISCUS: 1-Peddie 216-8. 2-St. Benedict’s Prep 213-7. 3-Lawrenceville 202-9.


TEAM JAVELIN: 1-Blair (Stocker and Maninein) 280-1. 2-Peddie 260-4. 3-Lsawrenceville 260-2.


TEAM POLE VAULT: 1-Lawrenceville A (Taylor Coles and Nick Wasilov) 20-2. 2-Lawrenceville B 19-0.





400-METER RELAY: 1-Morristown-Beard (Guempel, N. Blumerkehl, L. Capo, S. Johnson) 53.3. 2-Hun 54.4. 3-Lawrenceville   55.3.

800-METER RELAY: 1-Wardlaw-Hartridge ((K. Pyne, J. Gill, J. Barbeito, J. Delzo) 1:54.1. 2-Lawrenceville 1:55.8. 3-Oak Knoll        1:55.4.

1,600-METER RELAY: 1-Gill St. Bernard’s (K. Guai, R. Link, S. Murphy, L. Zureis) 4:26.5. 2-Pennington 4:30.4. 3-Hun 4:32.4.

3,200-METER RELAY: 1-Mount St. Mary (S. Glockenmeir, K. O’Neill, P. Whitehead, C. Williams) 11:09. 2-Gill St. Bernard’s 11:25. 3-Blair 12:03.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Lawrenceville (Khara John, Taylor Bloom, Christine Anene, Hyland Murphy) 4:39.7. 2-Oak Knoll 4:40.4. 3-Gill St. Bernard’s 4:41.3.

DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Mount St. Mary     (K. O’Neill, K. Vlrichet, P. Whitehead, C. Williams) 13:26.6. 2-Gill St. Bernard’s 13:36.6. 3-Peddie 14:05.2.

TEAM SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1-Lawrenceville (Rebecca Wojciechowicz, Allison Otis, Joanna Kuang, Madeline Smit) 1:16.3. 2-Mount St. Mary 1:25.6. 3-Stuart Day 1:29.6.

TEAM INTERMEDIATE HURDLES: 1-Gill St. Bernard’s (C. Mirest, V. Bernardo, S. Murphy) 3:45. 2-Lawrenceville 3:49. 3-Stuart Day 4:35.

TEAM HIGH JUMP: 1-Hun (J. Ahceahlzuis, C. Couch) 8-11. 2-Lawrenceville 8-9. 3-Blair 4-9.

TEAM LONG JUMP: 1-Lawrenceville (Taylor Bloom, Tyler Simpson) 29-11 ¼. 2-Hun 28-7. 3-Oak Knoll 27-2 ½.

TEAM TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Gill St. Bernard’s (C. Mireski, K. Galli) 60-6. 2-Lawrenceville 58-1 ¼. 3-Morristown-Beard 52-8 ½.

TEAM SHOT PUT: 1-Morristown-Beard (N. Blumenkeho) 65-4. 2-Peddie 53-8 ½. 3-Mount St. Mary 48-11.

TEAM DISCUS: 1-Mount St. Mary (C. Banks, L. Pierre) 127-2. 2-Gill St. Bernard’s 121-3. 3-Stuart Day 109-11.

TEAM JAVELIN: 1-Lawrenceville (Tyler Simpson, Kailey Izard) 164-11. 2-Mount St. Mary 156-0. 3-Blair 148-10.

TEAM POLE VAULT: 1-Lawrenceville (Madeline Smit, Rebecca Wojciechowicz) 15-0. 2-Blair 13-0. 3-Gill St. Bernard’s 12-3.






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