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Essex County Relays

Seton Hall Prep boys win minus Parros, 76-74 over West Orange, Millburn distance crew smashes a pair of records; Columbia girls repeat

Friday, May 1, 2009 - Livingston, NJ

Results - Boys - Girls provided by John Schwartz

  • Without All-America Clayton Parros (prom),sophomore quarter-miler Justin Hill came through with a huge 800-meter anchor leg for Seton Hall Prep's first-place sprint medley team, and the Villanova-bound Laz Tiant anchored the third-place 4x200 relay team, which clinched the meet and a sixth team title in eight years for the Prep last night in Livingston.
  • With West Orange finishing fifth in the 4x200, Seton Hall vaulted to the top of the standings with 76 points, beating West Orange by two points, while Bloomfield placed third with 67.

  • Another big key for Seton Hall was North Carolina-bound senior Chris DiLorenzo, who posted meet bests in the shot put (53-4) and discus (a school-record 151-6) and helped his team win those events despite the fact that he was making his first appearance since last spring due to shoulder surgery. DiLorenzo missed the entire indoor season this past winter.

  • The Milburn distance crew won the 4x1,600-meter and distance medley relays with meet- and school-record performances.
  • The 4x1,600 foursome of Blake Udland (4:33), Danny Kirshner (4:31.7), Brian Robinson (4:27.0) and Tyler Udland (4:26.8) won in 17:58.40, breaking the meet record of 18:31.1 set by Seton Hall in 1996 and the school record of 18:36 set last spring.

  • The DMR quartet of Brian Robinson (3:13.5 for 1,200 meters), Abbas Tapal (49.9 for 400), Danny Kirschner (2:03 for 800) and Tyler Udland (4:21.2 fo 1,600) won in 10:27.4, smashing the 32-year-old meet record of 10:36.7 set by Essex Catholic in 1977, and the school record of 10:31.0 set in 1979.




TEAMS: 1-Seton Hall Prep 76. 2-West Orange 74. 3-Bloomfield 67. 4-Irvington 49. 5-Livingston 46. 6-St. Benedict’s Prep 40. 7-Columbia 28. 8-Montclair Immaculate 26. 9-Millburn 20. 10-East Orange Campus 13. 11-Montclair and West Essex 10. 13-Caldwell 9. 14-West Side 7. 15-Cedar Grove 6. 16-Science Park, Barringer and Verona 2. 19-Glen Ridge 1.


400-METER RELAY: 1-Irvington (Rashon Evans, Wilverson Baptiste, George Hamilton, Josh Evans) 43.00. 2-St. Benedicts 43.40. 3-East Orange and Bloomfield 43.60. 5-Columbia 43.70. 6-West Side 43.90.


800-METER RELAY: 1-St. Benedict’s Prep (Jackson Roberts, Leighton Smith, Walter Jean-Jacques, Martin Otieno) 1:30.3. 2-Bloomfield 1:31.7. 3-Seton Hall Prep 1:31.8. 4-Columbia 1:32.0. 5-West Oranfge 1:33.1. 6-West Essex 1:35.9.


1,600-METER RELAY: 1-Irvington (Wilverson Baptiste, Josh Evans, Jeff Austin, George Hamilton) 3:20.8. 2-St. Benedict’s Prep 3:22.2. 3-West Side 3:24.3. 4-Columbia 3:25.3. 5-Seton Hall Prep 3:26.7. 6-East Orange 3:29.6.


3,200-METER RELAY: 1-West Orange (Mekail Endashaw, Ben Kaplan, Joshua Martin, Curtis Richburg) 8:06.50. 2-Columbia 8:10.60. 3-Livingston 8:14.0. 4-Seton Hall Prep 8:25.30. 5-East Orange 8:29.50. 6-Glen Ridge 8:44.40.


6,400-METER RELAY: 1-Millburn (Blake Udland, Danny Kirshner, Brian Robinson, Tyler Udland) 17:58.40, meet record; former record, Seton Hall Prep, 18:31.1, 1996. 2-Livingston 18;34.7. 3-West Orange 19:03.1. 4-Seton Hall Prep 19:07.0. 5-Montclair 19:14.9. 6-Verona 19;26.3.


SPRINT MEDLEY: 1- Seton Hall Prep (Badajide Akinronbi, Kyle Webster, Horton Sears, Justin Hill) 3:37.6. 2-West Orange 3:38.1. 3-Irvington 3:38.7. 4-St. Benedict’s Prep 3:39.3. 5-Science Park 3:41.6. 6-East Orange Campus 3:44.0.


DISTANCE MEDLEY: 1-Millburn (Brian Robinson, Abbas Tapal, Danny Kirschner, Tyler Udland) 10:27.4. 2-West Orange 10:43.6. 3-Livingston 10:46.6. 4-Montclair 10:58.3. 5-Columbia 10:59.4. 6-Seton Hall Prep 11:04.6.


SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1-Irvington (Evan Baytops, Fred Calixte,Ibn Morton, Joshua Evans) 1:02.80. 2-Bloomfield 1:02.90. 3-Columbia 1:04.70. 4-Seton Hall Prep 1:09.40. 5-Caldwell 1:12.10. 6-West Essex 1:13.0.


TEAM INTERMEDIATE HURDLES: 1-Livingston (German Valdez, Michael Leiwant, Charles Zou) 2:59.70. 2-Bloomfield 3.00.0. 3-Seton Hall Prep 3:04.60. 4-Irvington 3:04.70. 5-West Orange 3:04.90. 6-Columbia 3:10.70.


TEAM HIGH JUMP: 1-West Orange (Stevenson Vilas and Gerald Silvera) 11-9. 2-Montclair Immaculate 11-3. 3-St. Benedict’s Prep 11-0. 4-Seton Hall Prep 11-0. 5-Barringer 10-6.


TEAM LONG JUMP: 1-Bloomfield (Stefon Williams and Jonathan McKoy) 43-0. 2-Montclair Immaculate 42-11 ¼. 3-Seton Hall Prep 41-8 ¾. 4-West Orange 40-4 ¾. 5-Irvington 38-0 ¼. 6-Columbia 38-0.


TEAM TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Immaculate Conception (Isaiah Harris and Matthew Sunga) 86-2 ¼, meet record; former record, 85-6, Irvington, 2008. 2-West Orange 84-6. 3-Irvington 82-2. 4-Bloomfield 81-7 ¾. 5-Livingston 78-0. 6-Seton Hall Prep 77-11 ¾.


TEAM SHOT PUT: 1-Seton Hall Prep (Chris DiLorenzo and Paul DiGaetano) 96-9. 2-Bloomfield 91-11 ¾. 3-West Orange 88-5 ¼. 4-East Orange 87-5 ½. 5-St. Benedicts 86-8. 6-Irvington 83-10 ½.


TEAM DISCUS: 1-Seton Hall Prep (Chris DiLorenzo and Michael Connor) 293-10. 2-West Orange 265-0. 3-Bloomfield 260-1. 4-Montclair 234-4. 5-St. Benedicts 229-3. 6-West Essex 216-4.


TEAM JAVELIN: 1-Bloomfield (Dwayne Varner and Esteban Morales) 311-8. 2-Seton Hall Prep 294-9. 3-Cedar Grove 273-8. 4-Livingston 264-4. 5-West Orange 247-6. 6-Verona 240-4.


TEAM POLE VAULT: 1-Livingston (Gary Stetz and James Pineda) 24-6. 2-West Essex and Caldwell 19-6.



Not too many underclassmen would figure prominently into a program as balanced and as deep as the Columbia girls track team, but freshman Brittany Padmore is giving it her best shot.

Padmore, just one of coach Lisa Morgan’s promising young athletes, contributed to the first-place sprint medley team and the fourth-place intermediate hurdles team as Columbia grabbed its fourth title in six years at the Essex County Relays last night in Livingston.

Columbia won five of nine track events and scored 91 points to defeat defending champion Livingston with 58 ½.

``It feels really good to be able to help the team because there’s so many good runners coach could pick,’’ Padmore said. ``To help win a championship is a big confidence boost.’’

Padmore split 1:00 for 400 meters in the sprint medley and her 1:07 fueled the intermediate hurdles team which placed fourth in 3:38.6.

Another big cog in the Columbia machine was junior Kelsey Jackson, who split 24.6 on the first-place 4x200 relay, and 57.4 on the first-plalce 4x400 relay. She also manned the second leg of the third-place 4x100.

``Every person on the team knows they need to do their best, even when we’re supposed to win,’’ Jackson said. ``And even when everyone thinks we’re the team to beat, it’s fun winning championships.’’

The Columbia girls 4x800 relay team of Jade Johnson (2:27.2), TyVonna Johnson (2:19.9), Brittney Jackson (2:16.9) and Melissa David (2:25.9) won the 4x800 in 9:29.6, but came up just short of their goal of breaking the meet record, which is 9:28.9 set by Vailsburg in 1982.

Montclair’s Shantal Athill and Taylor Newman put on a show in the jumps. Athill sailed a meet-best 17-10 ¾ as she and Newman (15-11 ¾) won the long jump. Better yet, in the triple jump, Athill (a meet-best 33-11 ¾) and Newman (33-5 ¾) combined for a winning total of 67-5 ½, a meet record.

Irvington senior Azudei Dubois enjoyed a terrific meet, going 1:05.7 for the second-place intermediate hurdles team and splitting 14.9 as the anchor for the first-place shuttle hurdles team (1:03.6). Dubois, who is considering Rutgers, Seton Hall and Florida, also posted the second-best long jump (16-3) and helped her team place fourth there, and she also helped her team win the high jump by clearing 5-0, tying Columbia’s Brittney Jackson for the best mark of the meet.


TEAMS: 1-Columbia 91. 2-Livingston 58 ½. 3-West Orange 48. 4-Irvington 41. 5-Verona 40. 6-Montclair 38. 7-Caldwell 32 ½. 8-Bloomfield 26. 9-Montclair Immaculate 18. 10-Nutley 17. 11-Mount St. Dominic 14. 12-Montclair Kimberley and East Orange Campus 10. 14-Cedar Grove 8. 15-Shabazz, Glen Ridge and Millburn 6. 18-Science Park and Weequahic 4. 20-West Essex and Newark Academy 2. 22-Belleville 1.


400-METER RELAY: 1-Columbia (Kayann Richards, Jasmine Carter, Whitney Jackson, Kelsey Jackson) 48.2. 2-Montclair Immaculate and Bloomfield 49.1. 4-Shabazz 50.3. 5-Montclair 51.0. 6-Belleville 51.4.


800-METER RELAY: 1-Columbia (Kelsey Jackson, Kayann Richards, Jasmine Carter, TyVonna Johnson) 1:32.3. 2-Bloomfield 1:44.1. 3-Montclair Immaculate 1:46.7. 4-Science Park 1:48.4. 5-Montclair 1:48.9. 6-West Orange 1:49.6.


1,600-METER RELAY: 1- Columbia (Jasmine Carter, TyVonna Johnson, Kelsey Jackson, Ayaana Smith) 4:03.4. -Mt. St. Dominic 4:06.6. 3-East Orange 4:09.3. 4-Montclair Immaculate 4:10.5. 5-Shabazz 4:10.6. 6-Montclair 4:11.0.


3,200-METER RELAY: 1-Columbia (Brittney Jackson, TyVonna Johnson, Melissa David, Jade Johnson) 9:29.6. 2-Caldwell 10:06.3. 3-Livingston 10:09.1. 4-Montclair Kimberley 10:28.2. 5-Montclair 10:32.9. 6-Nutley 10:44.0.


6,400-METER RELAY: 1-Livingston (Eloissa Cusi, Hallie Farber, Jen Brodsky, Sara Lederman) 22:51.4. 2-Columbia 23:13.5. 3-Mount St. Dominic 23:15.1. 4-Millburn 23:31.2. 5-West Orange 23:42.1. 6-Montclair 24:04.1.


SPRINT MEDLEY: 1-Columbia (LaSha Johnson, Jessica Lubintus, Brittany Padmore, Brittney Jackson) 4:13.3. 2-Verona 4:21.7. 3-Glen Ridge 4:31.9. 4-East Orange 4:32.0. 5-West Essex 4:32.5. 6-Livingston 4:32.7.


DISTANCE MEDLEY: 1-Livingston (Sara Lederman, Jerri Miller, Eloissa Cusi, Hallie Farber) 13:05.0. 2-Columbia 13:20.5. 3-Caldwell 13:43.8. 4-Verona 13:44.5. 5-Montclair 13:45.3. 6-Millburn 13:46.5.


SHUTTLE HURDLES: 1-Irvington (Brianna Lovell, Christelle Clermont, Eleanor Ojinnaka, Azudei Dubois) 1:03.6. 2-Bloomfield 1:04.6. 3-Verona 1:10.2. 4-West Orange 1:10.3. 5-Montclair 1:13.1. 6-Livingston 1:13.3.


TEAM INTERMEDIATE HURDLES: 1-West Orange (Janiece Muirhead, Shontel Clarke, Alexis Miller) 3:31.6. 2-Irvington 3:36.0. 3-Livingston 3:37.3. 4-Columbia 3:38.6. 5-Montclair 3:42.2. 6-Millburn 3:55.4.


TEAM HIGH JUMP: 1-Irvington (Azudei Dubois and Brianna Lovell) 9-3. 2-Cedar Grove, Verona and Columbia, 9-3. 5-Nutley 9-3. 6-Caldwell and Livingston 9-0.


TEAM LONG JUMP: 1-Montclair (Shantal Athill and Taylor Newman) 33-10 ½. 2-Verona 30-3 ¾. 3-Columbia 29-9. 4-Irvington 29-1 ½. 5-Livingston 28-2 ¼. 6-Caldwell 26-5 ¾.


TEAM TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Montclair (Shantal Athill and Taylor Newman) 67-5 ½, meet record; former record, 65-7, Columbia, 2007. 2-Irvington 64-11. 3-Livingston 60-9 ¾. 4-Verona 59-7 ½. 5-Cedar Grove 59-1 ¼. 6-West Orange 59-0 ½.


TEAM SHOT PUT: 1-West Orange (Elana Lemon and Nia Barnes) 67-1. 2-Caldwell 66-7 ¾. 3-Montclair Kimberley 61-10 ¾. 4-Bloomfield 61-7 ¾. 5-Weequahic 61-0 ½. 6-Columbia 59-10.


TEAM DISCUS: 1-West Orange (Elana Lemon and Sydney Gimes) 201-8. 2-Caldwell 191-5. 3-Livingston 179-2. 4-Montclair 179-1. 5-Weequahic 179-0. 6-Irvington 159-3.


TEAM JAVELIN: 1-West Orange (Nia Barnes and Elana Lemon) 198-11. 2-Columbia 187-10. 3-Nutley 167-2. 4-Verona 165-6. 5-Newark Academy 161-0. 6-Caldwell 150-8.


TEAM POLE VAULT: 1-Livingston (Esther Lin and Alex Vecchio) 16-6. 2-Nutley 15-0.

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