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Reebok Boston Indoor Games
Reggie Lewis Center, Boston
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Race Sequence - Girls Mile
Action pix by John Dye and Jeannette Seckinger of race won by Jessica Parry of Canada.
 1 Lap 1 - Emily Lipari goes right to the front

 2 Lap 2 - Lipari and Cory McGee still setting the pace

 3 Start of Lap 4 - still a tight pack behind Lipari and McGee

 4 Lap 4 at top of stretch

 5 Lap 5 - Cory McGee and Jessica Parry take the lead

 6 End of lap 6 - Lipari regains the lead and Stephanie Brown is making a move on the outside.

 7 Lap 7 - Brown leads but Parry is starting her winning move.

 8 Last lap - Parry is in command at top of stretch.

 9 Parry Wins