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2008 Foot Locker - the 30th
National Finals
12/13/08 at Balboa Park, San Diego CA

Donna on the Side
Friday at Foot Locker

by Donna Dye

Media Breakfast - Course Walk

Media Breakfast - Down Memory Lane

The day before the races, several former Foot Locker athletes sat with members of the press for questions and reminiscing.  The group included (year in Foot Locker) Matt Giusto (1983), Reuben Reina-Course Record Holder (1985), Todd Williams (1986), Melody Fairchild-Course Record Holder set in 1990 (1990,1989,1988), Carrie Tollefson (1992, 1993), Sara (Bei) Hall (2000, 1998, 1997), Jorge Torres (1998, 1997), Edwardo Torres (1998), Ian Dobson (1999), Ryan Hall (2000), Molly Huddle (2001).


"Getting up in the nicest hotel I had been in at that point in my life, having lunch with Alan Webb and others after the race..."  Ryan Hall

"Meeting friends that you will have for a lifetime."  Most Everyone

"A most distinct memory is meeting other runners from around the country."  "I was amazed at the whole (Foot Locker) production.  The way Foot Locker put on the event made us feel like it was the Olympic Games!  Sara Bei Hall

"Beauty of the Hotel del Coronado during the Championship weekend.  I used time on the beach to gather strength and inner-peace to prepare for the challenge of race day."  Melody Fairchild.

"The experience was amazing having won the 'biggest race' of my life up until that point.  It is a memory that I carry with me today."  Matt Giusto


 Melody Fairchild and
Sara Bei Hall

 Ryan Hall
 Matt Giusto and Molly Huddle

 Sara Bei Hall
 Todd Williams and Ian Dobson
 Jorge Torres
 Carrie Tollefson
  Reuben Reina 

 It's back on the course.
Jorge Torres, Edwardo Torres, Callie Tollefson, Sara Bei Hall, Molly Huddle, Melody Fairchild