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Event summary by Mike Kennedy:

3,200 Meters


     After Jordan Hasay of Mission College Prep (San Luis Obispo) had won her classic battle with Christian Babcock of Woodbridge (Irvine)  at the Arcadia Invitational, 10:03.07 to 10:04.03 and was learned that Babcock would concentrate on just the 1,600 at the State meet and interest in the 3,200 began to faded away. That all changed one week before the State meet when Laurynne Chetelat of Davis won the Sac-Joaquin Section champions in a totally unpressed 10:05.96. There was even some thought given to Alex Dunne of San Clemente who won the Southern Section Masters Meet and showed a great turn of speed running the last lap of a 10:28.66 in 65 seconds. The two questions were, can Chetelat stay with Hasay’s long build over the latter stages of the race and how fast can Dunne run off a pace that almost surely would see a first 1,600 in close to five minutes.. The great thing was, that both questions were about to be answered. Hasay took the lead at 200 with Dunne close by. By 800 meters, passed in 2:33.4, Chetelat had taken the lead with Hasay and Dunne very close. Just before 1,600, Hasay took over and began to up the tempo. But Chetelat hung tough and was never more than a step behind. Meanwhile, the pace began to tell on Dunne, who had been right with the top two at 1,600 meters. Hasay and Chetelat ran laps three through seven between 73.4 and 75.0 and with one to go were at 8:45.8. Hasay then jumped into an all out sprint but Chetelat was up to the challenge and did not  lost a step. Hasay covered the next 200 in 33.7 and  then dropped to 32.6 for the final 200 as Chetelat, despite a valiant effort, couldn’t quite stay with Hasay as the junior was timed in 9:52.13 and Chetelat clocked 9:52.51 for the second and third fastest times of all time behind Kim Mortensen, who set a national record of 9:48.59 for Thousand Oaks on this same track twelve years ago. For Hasay it was her third straight State title. Some of the split time for Hasay (and of course for Chetelat) were mind blowing. Let’s start with a second  1,600 of 4:48.6 for Hasay which would have placed the runners second and third behind Babcock in the 1,600 final. Another indication of how the race built, were the 1,000 meter splits for the last 3,000 meters of the race. The first one was 3:12.5 followed by 3:06.1 and finally 2:58.0 for a time of 9:16.6. Hasay’s time at 3,000 was 9:19.5 and Chetelat was 9:19.6, which rank them No. 8 and No. 9 on the all-time list. Behind the dynamic duo the were a bevy of good times. Freshman Kaolin Mahoney of Saugus outdualed Dunne for third, 10:25.40 to 10:25.75 with Molly Grabill of Rancho Bernardo (San Diego), another freshman, in fifth at 10:27.97 and Maria Malone of Folsom in sixth at 10:29.92. In all 10 runners broke 10:50.0.

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CIF State Track and Field Championships - 5/30/2008 to 5/31/2008
Cerritos College

Event 17 Girls 3200 Meter Run
National: * 9:48.59 5/24/1996 Kim Mortensen (Thousand Oaks, CA)
State Meet: & 9:52.80 6/1/1996 Kim Mortensen (Thousand Oaks)
Name Year School Finals Points
1 Hasay, Jordan Mission Prep 9:52.13& 10
2 Chetelat, Laurynne 12 Davis /sj 9:52.51& 8
3 Mahoney, Kaylin 9 Saugus 10:25.40 6
4 Dunne, Alexandra 11 San Clmnt/ss 10:25.75 4
5 Grabill, Molly 9 Rncho Brn/sd 10:27.97 2
6 Malone, Maria 11 Folsom/sj 10:29.92 1
7 Collison, Claire 12 Cres. Vly/ss 10:32.55
8 Marvin, Meghan Clovis 10:40.31
9 George, Diana 11 Livermore/nc 10:47.59
10 Morgan, Megan 10 Torrey Pn/sd 10:48.23
11 Lange, Rachel 12 Cres. Vly/ss 10:53.59
12 Coe, Elizabeth 12 Fnt Vly/ss 10:55.87
13 Taylor, Jacque 10 Casa Grnd/nc 11:00.75
14 Allen, Chloe 11 Clovis West 11:03.09
15 Mayer, Allegra 11 Gunn/cc 11:04.61
16 Petersen, Jessie 09 Carlmont/cc 11:07.63
17 Houser, Kellie 11 Carondelt/nc 11:08.72
18 Burke, Jordan 12 Placer/sj 11:09.64
19 Celaya, Mallory 12 Hollywood/la 11:11.54
20 Ferrante, Marissa 10 Aptos/cc 11:11.99
21 Orders, Grace 9 Campolndo/nc 11:13.88
22 Cordisco, Amy 12 Skyline/ok 11:17.77
23 Andrews, Katy 12 La Costa/sd 11:18.75
24 Johnson, Michelle 11 West Vlly/no 11:24.31
25 Fortuna, Alexandria 9 Monroe/la 11:42.79
26 Perez, Kendra 12 Bravo Med 11:44.98