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GSW Multi Events

Albuquerque - June 2007

by Donna Dye

The multi events is a general term used in track and field to refer to combined track and field events that together make up a separate competition. These events are held over two consecutive days and are scored by combined performance in all events. Events are scored by a point system for performance, not by position achieved. There are three kinds of multi events: decathlon, heptathlon and the pentathlon.

The Decathlon is 10 track and field events contested by male athletes. The events are ordered by day with each day focusing on certain skills and abilities. The first day focuses on speed, power and jumping ability: 100 meter run, long jump, shot put, high jump and 400 meter run. The second day focuses on technique and endurance: 110 meter hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1500 meter run. The Heptathlon, as the name indicates is 7 events, contested by female athletes. The events on the first day are the 100 hurdles, high jump, shot put, and 200 meter run. On the second day the events are the long jump, javelin and 800 meter run. The Pentathlon is 5 events and contested by both male and femaile athletes, usually indoors.

The multi events are not held too often, mainly because of the time and cost of conducting an event over two consectutive days for few participants. Also, many high schools do not include the javelin in the athletic program.

(Thanks to Wikipedia,, for some details.)

Now on to the Meet

The Great Southwest Track and Field Classic is conducted at the University of New Mexico, home of the Lobos.


The Wave
The Wave is a fun thing. It says hi to those who couldn't make it: mom, dad, fans and friends. It says I'm having fun.



On the Side

On the side cheering for Curtis Beach NM is his mom, Jeana and grandparents Don and Dorothy King. Curtis finished in 1st place.
Ross Aragon NM
Ross is a track fan and who came to watch and enjoy the athletes. He loves track and participates in the Senior Olympics in the javelin and discus.


Cinco Ranch TX Coach Gary Derks with his daughter Brittany.
Coach Derks has had many successful athletes at Cinco Ranch TX, including a state championship team. When in high school, Brittany was the team manager. Now after one year at Kansas State, she will be transferring to the University of Houston and major in psychology. But she still loves track and was with dad at the GSW.

Athletes on the Side


Marisa Kefalidis NY with her coach Doug Feinberg (r) and throws Coach Michael Isaacs


Brian Wilson NM with mom, Susan and friend Victoria Barner


Ian Jansen Ut and Alex Holcombe PA


Arizona was very well represented in the Decathlon.
(from left) Michael Bolligar, Collin Pape, Matt Tormey


More from Arizona
(from left) Adam Thayer, Corey Dysick, Thomas Parides, Jeremy Marcinko


Kim Vandergeest NM with her coach Derek McDonald


Gals from Salt Lake UT enjoying the shade.


Holly Odneal CO a sophomore, finished 12th.
(from left) Eric Fasulo, Coach Joey Kowalczyk, Holly and Mom, Linda



Lovely Heptathlon Ladies: (from left) Kelley Roach TX, Patricia Malouff NM, Alexa Anderson NV, Kisa Bernau NV and Marisa Kefalidis NY


Kresta Rogers AZ (l) and Ashley Aitken AZ
Over the years of competition, they have developed a friendship. But next year Breta kisses Ashley good bye as Ashley goes off to US Naval Academy where she will compete in Track and Field.


Some of Texas' finest
(from left) Keenan Turner, Clayton chaney, Isaac Murphy, Coach Gary Derks and
Carolyn French (in front)


Neamen Wise FL keeping warm.


Heptathlon Champions
(from left) 3rd Samantha Collins AZ, 1st Jessica Flax TX , 2nd Mindy Robins UT, 4th Ashley Aitken AZ and Jante McNeil MO 6th Kresta Rogers AZ

1st Jessica Flax jr TX
with mother, Carylon and dad and coach Brant Flax


2nd Mindy Robins UT with mom, Tamy


3rd Sam Collins AZ with mom, Sally Pickett


4th Ashley Aitken AZ with mom, Jennifer


Ashley Aitken with her coaches:
Coach Walter Mc Clain (l) and Coach Ralph Farr


6th Kresta Rogers AZ with her parents Laura and Lynn


7th Marisa Kefalidis NY with mom, Laurie
Marisa has spent the last year coming back from foot surgery. In December 2005, Marisa started having problems with her foot. The thinking was that she had a stress fracture. So she sat out basketball to let the fracture heal. But she did not improve. In 2006, after a run with her mother, she found she could not walk on the foot. Concerned, her mother took her to a podiatrist. After an MRI and interpretation from an orthopedic surgeon, she was told that she had a tumor in her foot. The prognosis ranged from benign to cancer. She had surgery but had to wait out ten days before she learned that the tumor was benign. Now, Marisa is on the mend and grateful for the diagnostic and surgery skills of her doctors.


Decathlon Champions
(from left) 5th Alex Holcombe PA, 3rd Daniel Gooris NM, 1st Curtis Beach NM, 2nd Chase Dalton,
4th Andre' McDonald MO, 6th Ian Jansen UT


1st Curtis Beach NM with his family
(from left) dad, David; grand mom Gloria Beach; mom, Jeana; brother A.J.; granddad, Don King; grand mom Dorothy King; Curtis; granddad, Joe Beach and Uncle Arthur Beach


Curtis Beach with Grand mom Gloria Beach and Grand mom Dorothy King


2nd Chase Dalton OR with dad, Len
Chase finished 2nd in the Decathlon.
Chase's best event is the Javelin which he won in the Decathlon.


3rd Daniel Gooris NM with his parents, Mary Lou and Paul and sister, Zsuzsanna
Daniel won the pole vault with a new personal best 16'2 3/4 and finished 3rd in the Decathlon.


4th, Andre' McDonald MO with dad, Earl



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