New Balance Games
Jan 21, 2006 at the New York Armory

DyeStat on-site with John Dye, Donna Dye and Marc Davis

Donna on the Side
by Donna Dye

Part 1 - the scene - people tell why they come to the Armory
Part 2 - on the sidelines
Part 3 - the races
Part 4 - awards

the armory scene
athletes, coaches and fans tell why they come to the Armory

A New Balance Wave!


Chatting with Donna about the Armory

Life Sciences NY: "I like running and this is the place to come to run."
Saunders (Yonkers) love coming to the Armory every other week because "it's the greatest track in the world in the greatest city in the world."
Warwick NY
Some Warwick underclassmen love coming to the Armory...."so much new watching people run." "Running is fun and I love it here."
These kids like coming to the Armory : "It's a great facility, get to see the best competitions from all around the Island.....get to spend time out with your friends. Also have some good food at the Armory cafeteria. We're from P Town we hold it down, Baby."
Archbishop Carroll PA
Come often to the Armory because: it's the most serious track in the's fun to be here and it's a great experience.
Newburgh NY come to the Armory: "for the has the fastest track in the country. Even though we may loose, it's still the best here. "
Calhoun: "This is a gorgeous track.....the sound of the girls running gets the adrenalin going."
Lasalle NY: Come to the Armory usually every Tuesday and Thursday....."we don't have a training facility. We usually run a mile or so along the river or if it's nice and cold, we come up here to get some indoor work are a lot of heats at the Armory. This is a good service for us. We like coming here. "
Downingtown East PA
"We're having a wonderful time."
Curtis NY: In the words of Coach Joe Sicilian: "Dr. Norbert Sander is, I think, the greatest New York sports hero of them all. He was a world of one ten years ago when he had this vision to reopen this fine center. I ran my first race here in 1966 when it was boards and splinters. Today Dr. Sander and Lou Vasquez have given the children of the city of New York the best facility in the world. We come here not only to run, but to respect the work of Dr. Sander and his vision and to continue that by teaching these young kids that this is a most valuable resource in New York City--a jewel in our crown. "
Bay Shore throwers on the new Throws Cage at the Armory: "The new cage is good. I like it. It is really good for us when you do the throws because I can remember when there was only half a cage and you could see the weight fly in the air and almost hit the stands and stuff. Now it hits the fence and not kill anybody. "
Tottenville Staten Island NY: On the new cage "it is a lot better than last year because the fence is up and just feels better throwing over here now. It's nicer here now."

Why Run Track?

Altagracia Vasquez (l) A.P. Randolph and Whitney Ford-Jamaica

Why do you like track?
Altagracia says that track motivates her....."I see Marion Jones and Gail Devers do well and it motivates me to run and run faster.....everytime I step on the track I try to run like them."

Whitney says "I like's fun winning and I have something to do and not on the streets....and do something positive in my life....and that's why I like track."


Donna on the Side at the New Balance Games
by Donna Dye

Part 1 - the scene - people tell why they come to the Armory
Part 2 - on the sidelines
Part 3 - the races
Part 4 - awards


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