Prefontaine Classic
June 4, 2005 at Hayward Field, Eugene OR


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Marc Davis preview of the 2-mile - Ritz and Webb will be in tough, but might get an American record.

TV: NBC Sunday June 5, 2-3 pm Eastern

Ritz v. Webb at 2 miles
This was the race everyone wanted in 2001 when Dathan Ritzenhein was the US high school king at 5000 meters and Alan Webb was the HS king at the mile. What would happen if they met in the middle at 2 miles? It never happened, but it will happen June 4 at the Pre Classic. Only this time, they will have company, and then some. There is an international elite field headed by Elud Kipchoge of Kenya, the reigning world champion at 5000 meters. He ran the fastest 3k time in the world last year at 7:27.72, which is roughly equal to a 2-mile in 8:03.5. Also entered is Ethiopia's Mulugeta Wendimu, who ranked No. 9 in the world last year at 5000 meters at 12:57.05. Both Kipchoge and Wendimu are only 20 years old.

Alan Webb 8:11.48 breaks American record for 2 miles, finishing 2nd to Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya 8:07.68

Marc Davis' race notes
An Amazing Day for track and field in Track Town USA. Alan Webb heard the announcer say he needed a 60-second last lap to break the record, and that's exactly what he did.

photo by Louis LeBlanc

Marc Davis' live report

Prefontaine Classic 2-mile
Lap Cum Split Comment
1 58.5 58.5 Webb 6th, Ritz 10th
2 2:01.0 61.9 Achon leading, Webb 6th
3 3:00.5 59.54 Achon leading, Webb moves up to 4th
4 4:00.35 59.8 Keino 1st, Webb 3rd, Ritz 7th
5 5:02.35 62.0 Kipchoge 1st, Webb 3rd
6 6:05.15 62.8 Kipchoge pulling away, Webb 6th
7 7:07.0 61.8 status quo
8 8:07.68 60.68 Kipchoge wins, Alan Webb closes to second in 8:11.48 for new American record (8:11.59 Bob Kennedy 1999). Dathan Ritzenhein finished in 8:23.45.

the 2-mile start

photo by Louis LeBlanc

in memory of Pre
Steve Prefontaine
January 25, 1951 - May 30, 1975


To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

Thirty years after his death in a car accident,
Pre still lives in people's memories. MORE

Everyone Needs a Hero
a rebel was born but what remains?
story by Marc Davis

2:40 pm Pacific time
"One of the greatest distance fields ever assembled on U.S. soil," the meet promoters say.

Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya)
Alan Webb
Mulugeta Wendimu (Ethiopia)
Boaz Cheboiywo (Kenya)
Dathan Ritzenhein
Luke Kipkosgei (Kenya)
Daniel Lincoln
Markos Geneti (Ethiopia)
Jonathan Riley
Joseph Koskei (Kenya)
Martin Keino (Kenya) pace
Julius Achon pace
Shadrack Kosgei (Kenya)
Luke Watson




This is a tentative time schedule. It may change before June 4th.
(Updated 5/21/05)

1:00 National Anthem
1:04 Introduction of 2004 Gold Medalists
1:11 Long Jump (W)
1:14 Pole Vault (M)
1:17 400 Hurdles (M)
1:25 800 Meters (W)
1:32 400 Meters (M)
1:38 100 Meters (W)
1:46 100 Meters High Hurdles (W)
1:52 110 Meters High Hurdles (M)
1:55 High Jump (W)
1:58 800 Meters (M)
2:03 Triple Jump (M)
2:07 1500 Meters (W)
2:17 100 Meters (M)
2:23 400 Meters (W)
2:29 Bowerman Mile (M)
2:40 Two-Mile (M)
3:00 Presentation of Prefontaine Trophy to winner of Two-Mile

Prior Years

2004 - Alan Webb wins mile by 3 seconds in 3:50.85, best time by an American in 7 years

2003 - Steve Magness 4:01.02 - 6th best US high school mile ever.

2002 - Sanya Richards 51.16 400m, fifth fastest by a US high school girl ever.

2001 - Alan Webb smashes Jim Ryun's US high school mile record with historic 3:53.43

photo by Erik Palmer


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