Gerry Lindgren Invitational
featuring a boys 2-mile race in honor of
Hall of Fame runner Gerry Lindgren

April 22, 2005 at East High School, Salt Lake City UT

Results - 2-Mile


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Complete Results
Murray boys and Judge Memorial Catholic girls win team titles

Chris Rombough of Wisconsin wins special 2-mile race in honor of Hall of Fame runner Gerry Lindgren. Pat Smyth of Utah was second and Matt Barrett of Wisconsin third. High School 2-mile record holders Gerry Lindgren and Jeff Nelson were present for the race.

The Gerry Lindgren Invitational features a special 2-mile race featuring top runners from 10 states. It is being staged by David and Aron Taylor in honor of Gerry Lindgren, one of the most legendary high school runners ever. Running for Rogers Spokane WA high school, Lindgren set national records in 1964 that still stand, including the indoor 2 mile record (8:40.0), indoor 3000 meters (8:06.3), and the outdoor 3-mile record (13:17.0). He held the 5000 meter record (13:44.0) for 40 years until it was broken last year by Galen Rupp. The Taylors said Lindgren will be present for the race, along with Jeff Nelson, who set the outdoor 2-mile record of 8:36.3 in 1979. The race will be televised live at 6:05 pm on the CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City. .

one runner's view of the race

Runner-up Pat Smyth said, "The race was awesome".

"Chris Rombough took off with about three laps and held on. I thought I would be able to reel him in once altitude hit him, but he stayed strong and finished hard. The brand new track, the Wasatch Mountains back drop, and the lively atmosphere made
for a great run. I met both Gerry and Jeff and was really taken back at how completely humble they were, and the enthusiasm they
both still have for prep track. Overall, I thought the race was a great thing for the city, and I hope the race will become a rite of spring in Salt Lake."

a conversation with Gerry Lindgren and Jeff Nelson -
Gerry Lindgren was an idol. I'm in awe now just talking to him on the phone
. -- Jeff Nelson.
Still the national record holders in the boys 2-mile after all these years, Gerry Lindgren (class of 1964) and Jeff Nelson (class of 1979) will meet for the first time at Salt Lake City Friday (4/22) at the Gerry Lindgren Invitational, a special 2-mile race featuring 20 top runners from 10 states. Lindgren and Nelson spoke to each other for the first time in a conference call recently and talked about why there was such a drought in HS distance running since their era and what it would take for someone to break their records now

Results - Boys 2-Mile race

There were discrepancies in timing the boys 2-mile race, with meet director David Taylor and the timing company RunnerCard issuing different results. Taylor said Chris Rombough won in 9:09.9. RunnerCard said it was 9:10.87.

Taylor issued the following statement:
" There was a major problem with the time the TIMEX system posted and the times that 12 coaches had, in addition to our independent timing system. We have the corrected times, and they have been altitude adjusted so that they can be compared to athletes across the country."

Here are the results released by Taylor. He said the altitude adjustment was made by subtracting 3 percent from the actual time.

Name State
Actual Time
Altitude Adjusted
Chris Rombough Wisconsin
Pat Smyth Utah
Matt Barrett Wisconsin
Aden Ahmed Colorado
Jordan McNamara Washington
David Morgan Oregon
John Ricardi Montana
Jeff Helmer Washington
Brett Kotter Utah
Mohamud Ige Colorado

Guor Majak

New Hampshire
T. J. Strangeowl Montana
Miles Batty Utah
Cory Thorne New Hampshire
Jared Rohatinsky Utah
Jared Bienlien Utah
Isaac Stoutenburgh Oregon
Sam Luff Pennsylvania
Michael Armon Idaho
Dane Steward Montana
Chris Bick Montana

Here are the results published by RunnerCard:

Boys 2 Mile Run
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Rombough, Chris              Unattached                      9:10.87    
  2 Smyth, Pat                   Unattached                      9:17.21       
  3 Barrett, Matt                Unattached                      9:24.75       
  4 Ahmed, Aden                  Unattached                      9:26.50       
  5 McNamara, Jordan             Unattached                     x9:26.56  
  6 Morgan, David                Unattached                     x9:30.80  
  7 Nicardi, John                Unattached                     x9:38.03  
  8 Helmer, Jeff                 Unattached                     x9:38.21  
  9 Cotter, Brett                Unattached                     x9:41.80  
 10 Ige, Mohamud                 Unattached                     x9:46.43  
 11 Majak, Gour                  Unattached                     x9:49.87  
 12 TJ, Strangeowl               Unattached                     x9:51.78  
 13 Batty, Miles                 Unattached                     x9:54.46  
 14 Thorne, Cory                 Unattached                     x9:55.06  
 15 Rohatinsky, Jared            Unattached                     x9:57.19  
 16 Bienlien, Jared              Unattached                    x10:01.10  
 17 Stoutenburgh, Isaac          Unattached                    x10:03.04  
 18 Luff, Sam                    Unattached                    x10:05.56  
 19 Armon, Michael               Unattached                    x10:15.56  
 20 Steward, Dane                Unattached                    x10:30.49  
 21 Bick, Chris                  Unattached                    x10:30.50  



SALT LAKE CITY, UT 3/29/2005 -- Entries announced by meet director Aron Taylor include four Foot Locker finalists -- Cory Thorne NH, Chris Rombough WI, Mohamed Ige CO and Justin Switzer MI

Cory Thorne- New Hampshire
New Hampshire State Cross Country Champion
3-Time New England State Cross Country Champion
2nd Footlocker Northeast Championships
8:59 3200 meters in 2004
8:33.7 3000 meters in 2004
15:01 5000 meters best

Chris Rombough- Wisconsin
2003/2004 State Indoors 3000 Meter Champion
2005 #4 Ranked Indoor 3200 Meters 9:11.62!!!
2-Time State Cross Country Champion
6th Footlocker Midwest Championships
9:12 3200 meters in 2004
15:30 5000 meters in 2004

Justin Switzer- Michigan
2004 State Cross Country Champion
5th Footlocker Midwest Championships
State 1600 Meter Champion
4:08.5 1600 meters & 9:11.4 3200 meters

Isaac Stoutenburgh- Oregon
#6 Ranked Indoors 3000 Meters:8:41.09
8:54.16 3000 meters as a sophomore in 2004

David Morgan- Oregon
8:35.3 3000 meters in 2004

Mohamud Ige- Colorado
National Scholastic Indoor Championship 5000 meter Champion: 14:53.10
3rd National Scholastic Indoor Championship Mile: 4:15.66
9:11 3200 meters in 2004
2003 Nike Race of Champions Winner
2nd Colorado State Cross Country Championships

Gour Majak- New Hampshire
National Scholastic Indoor Championship Two-Mile Champion: 9:20.69
New Hampshire State Indoor 3000 Meter Champion: 8:36.19 (State Record)
New England Indoor Championship Two-Mile Runner-up: 9:17.06
New Hampshire State Cross Country Champion: 15:38
15:06 5000 meter best in 2004

Jeff Helmer- Washington
#1 Ranked Indoor 3000 Meter: 8:34.29
All-time State Sophomore 3000 Meter Record: 8:35.0 in 2004

Michael Armon- Idaho
State Cross Country Champion as sophomore
2nd State Cross Country Championships as freshman
9:00.68 3000 meters as a freshman in 2004

Chris Bick- Montana
8th Mountain West Classic: 15:36
3rd State Cross Country Championships

Sam Luff- Pennsylvania
9:10.14 3200 meters in 2004
15:30 5000 meters in 2004
2nd State Cross Country & 3200 Meter Championships

Jordan McNamara- Washington
#5 Ranked National Indoor 3000 Meters: 8:37.83

Aden Ahmed- Colorado
National Scholastic Indoor Championship 5000 Meter Runner-up: 15:00.21
3rd National Scholastic Indoor Championship Two-Mile: 9:21.74

Jared Rohatinsky- Utah
State 3200 Meter & Cross Country Champion
9:10 3200 meter as a sophomore in 2004
9:24.07 Indoor 3200 meters in 2005
4:19 Indoor 1600 meters in 2005

Pat Smyth- Utah
State 1600, 3200, and Cross Country Champion
9:12 3200 meters in 2004
4:18.7 Indoor 1600 meters in 2005

TJ Strangeowl- Montana
State Cross Country Champion: 15:27
2nd State 1600 & 3200 meters in 2004

Dane Steward- Montana
State Cross Country Champion
2003/2004 State 3200 Meter Champion
State 1600 Meter Champion
2nd Place Mountain West Classic: 15:13.98

Jared Bienlien- Utah
10th National Scholastic Indoor Championship 5000 Meters: 15:45.36
2nd in 2003 & 3rd in 2004 State Cross Country Championship

Miles Batty, Utah
State Cross Country Champion
10th National Scholastic Indoor Championship 5000 Meters: 15:45.36

Jon Metropoulos- Montana
State 1600 Meter Champion
State 3200 Meter Champion
State Cross Country Champion

Jay Koloseus, CT
indoor two mile champion 9:18
National Scholastics 5000 m 4th place 15:21

Matt Barrett
9:16.6 Indoor 3200 Meters 2005 (Solo! 2nd was 10:25)
15:20.91 5000 meters 2004 (Burlington Invitational Course Record)

Brett Kotter
15:17 3-mile in 2004
9:33.4 Indoor 3200 Meters in 2005

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