30th Great Southwest Classic
June 2-4, 2005 at U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM --
The Southwest -- NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, OK, TX -- challenges the USA
a DyeStat featured meet

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DyeStat Elite - 118 performances qualifying for top 100 national ranking

6 US#1 performances
J-Mee Samuels NC and Sarah Matthews CO claim MVP awards with all-time ranking performances - Samuels 10.07w and 20.32 US#5 all time - Matthews 21-2 LJ US#7 all time in greatest HS girls LJ competition ever, 3 girls 20-8 or better, 4 more girls 19-5 or better


J-Mee Samuels
Sarah Matthews
  • B 200 - J-Mee Samuels NC doubles with 20.32 +1.1 US#1 for 2005 and US#5 all time
  • G LJ - Perhaps the greatest HS girls long jump competition ever - Sarah Griffen Mathews CO 21-2 +1.5 US#1 for 2005 and US#7 all time.Chelsea Taylor CO 20-9 +1.6 and Alexandria Anderson IL 20-8.5 +3.2 (and two more 20+ efforts), plus four more girls better than 19-5.
  • G 200 - Alexandria Anderson IL 23.23 +2.0, improving on her own US#1 time.
  • 800m - a family affair of local runners -- Cody Harper 1:53.91, Lyndsay Harper 2:14.91 -- brother and sister runners at Albuquerque Academy.
  • B 300H - Jamaal Charles TX 37.66, hitting most of the hurdles, but making amends for his fall at the finish of the 110H.
  • G 300H - Shalina Clarke IL 40.53 US#1 . The national leader in both 110H and 300H coming in, Clarke improved on both times.
  • G DT - D'Andra Carter TX 167-2 US#1
  • B-1500 - Scott MacPherson TX 4:03.22
  • B 100 - J-Mee Samuels NC 10.07 +4.1, fastest 100m ever at the Great Southwest.
  • G 100 - Texas freshman Victoria Jordan 11.62 +2.2
  • B 110H - Darius Reed CO 14.00 +1.9 as national leader Jamaal Charles TX tripped on the last hurdle and fell while leading.
  • G 100H - Shalina Clarke IL 13.51 +1.1 US#1 over Kira Robinson 13.64, the previous national leader.
  • Javelin - Both meet records were broken. National record holder Rachel Yurkovich OR 167-5, 2nd best throw in the US this year behind her record 176-5. Preston Chatham OR,217-5, a meet record and third best in the US this year.
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J-Mee Samuels NC 10.07 +4.1 Victoria Jordan 11.62 +2.2
J-Mee Samuels NC 20.32 +1.1 Alexandria Anderson IL 23.23 +2.0
LaGerald Betters TX 46.52 Bianca Knight MS 54.40
Cody Harper NM 1:53.91 Lindsay Harper NM 2:14.91
Scott MacPherson TX 4:03.22 Kari Hardt AZ 4:42.42 (Aeriel Emig NM 4:42.75)
Jared Rohatinsky UT 9:25.63 Kari Hardt AZ 11:12.79
Sawyer Bosch ID 6:26.45 Hilary McClendon ID 7:11.30
Darius Reed CO 14.00 +1.9 Shalina Clarke IL 13.51 +1.1
Jamaal Charles TX 37.66 Shalina Clarke IL 40.53
Trevor Heiner UT 6-9.75 (Chris Williams NM 6-9.75) Brentwood TN sr Lauren Stewart 5-8.5
Jordan Powell AZ 24-11 +2.6 Sarah Griffen Matthews CO 221-2 +1.5
  Lauren Stewart TN 41-9.25 +0.6
Dutch Perryman AZ 15-6.25 Jaci Perryman AZ 12-2
Trey Jordan TX 61-1.5 Stephanie Horton OR 48-4.75
Brad Sellers TX 197-10 D'Andra Carter TX 167-2 US#1
Spencer Hall, Kaysville UT 167-8 Meagan Berg, Phoeniz AZ 150-9
St. Paul's Covington LA jr Preston Chatham 217-05 US#3 and a new meet record Rachel Yurkovich OR 167-5
Texas A 40.35 Texas B 45.59
Colorado A 7:50.12 Colorado A 9:12.25



The Southwest challenges the USA
. . . and the challenge gets bigger this year as some super elite athletes from around the country journey to Albuquerque.

  • 11 US#1 performers are entered.
  • National stars include Illinois superstars Alexandria Anderson (repeat 100-200-400-LJ winner in her state meet with 23.32 200m US#1 and 20-9 LJ US#2) and Shalina Clarke (40.61 300H US#1 - she could go for a national record here), J-Mee Samuels NC (20.61 200m US#1), Bianca Knight MS (11.70 nwi 100m), Stephanie Horton OR (52-7 SP US#1), Rachel Yurkovich OR (176-5 JT US#1), Jerek Hewett NC (10.40 100m US#2), Frankie Gatson LA (25-2.25 LJ US#1), and Preston Chatham LA (212-4 JT US#6).
  • The Southwest counters with Ken Cormier AZ (3:48.97 1500m US#1), Jamaal Charles TX (13.69 110H US#1 and 36.03 300H US#1), Kira Robinson CO (13.61 100H US#1), Chelsea Taylor CO 21-0.75 LJ US#1), Sarah Matthews CO (11.56 100m US#1), Victoria Jordan TX (11.57 100m US#2, Texas champion as a freshman), D'Andra Carter TX (165-9 DT US#2), Jeremy Dotson CO (10.43 100m US#3), and Cody Harper NM (1:50.71 800m US#2).
  • Elite Entries - Athletes to Watch

Originally a small regional post-season meet, the Great Southwest has branched out to a meet attracting some of the nation's elite athletes. This year, Southwest states (NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, OK, TX) issue a formal
Challenge to the USA




Thursday June 2

3 pm - Decathlon and Heptathlon Day 1

Friday June 3

9 am - Athlete registration, Wyndham Airport Hotel
11 am - Decathlon Day 2
12 noon - Heptathlon Day 2
5:30 pm - Practice session for Saturday athletes

Saturday June 3

8 am - Coaches Scratch Meeting, Wyndham Airport Hotel
8am to 2 pm - Athlete registration, Wyndham Airport Hotel
3 pm to 9:30 pm - 30th Great Southwest Classic - Detailed Event Schedule
10:30 pm - DJ Dance and Athletes Party
10:30 pm - Coaches-Officials-VIP Social


The Great Friends of UNM Track & Field Stadium is a 6000-seat facility with an all-weather Versaturf surface on the University of New Mexico's South Campus. The track consists of an 8 lane (48") all-weather surface. Inside the Track, a natarul grass surface has multiple jump and throw areas. The UNM track stadium faces the spectacular Sandia Mountain range.. Nearly perfect training and racing conditions may be expected with May temperatures ranging from day highs of  80 degrees to average evening lows of 49 with a relative humidity of 32%. Albuquerque's mile-high elevation and abundant sunshine create an exhilarating outdoor venue for spirited competition.

Prior Years on DyeStat

Ashley Owens' fast 100m last year - coach Tony Wells will bring more of his Colorado Flyers back this year.
2004 - Doubles by Ashley Owens, Jason Richardson, Cedric Goodman, Zach Lloyd, and Erica McLain.
Three US#1 marks (Owens 11.20, Richardson 13.38, Shantia Moss 13.51).

2003 - Alief Elsik TX girls 44.63 break national 4x100 record. MVP honors go to the hurdle doublers - Kerron Clement and Alandra Sherman. More doubles by Earvin Parker TX, Leif Arrhenius UT, Amber Harper UT, and Michelle Carter TX.

2002 - Texas sprinters return in force.

2001 - Multi event stars Donovan Kilmartin and Lauren Reimer featured in first meet at Albuquerque.

2000 - Last year in Tempe.

1999 - Alexis Joyce, Nicole Ireland, Sara Gorton, Abby Miller, Josh Rohatinsky, Brett Andrus, Jake Garlick.


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