Varsity Classic
Feb 7, 2005 at the New York Armory

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Shaquan Brown 1:17.9 USR !

The 600 meter races were loaded, with new national record holder Janine Davis in the girls race and a showdown between Lionel Williams and Shaquan Brown in the boys race.

JFK Patterson NJ jr Shaquan Brown stole the show with a wire to wire victory in national record time (old record of 1:18.88 was set by Damian Drummond at the Armory in 2000). Williams, the national freshman class record holder and previously US#1 this season and US#4 all time (1:19.68) challenged Brown early, but it was all Brown from halfway to the finish. Bordentown NJ sr Rob Novak made a late charge to get second in 1:19.6.

Brown threw himself across the finish line and collapsed on the track until his time was announced as a new national record.

Queen of Peace NJ sr Janine Davis won the girls 600 in 1:30.4. Running 2 days after the hard 1000m in the Armory Collegiate Games, Davis was just off her national record set January 16 at the Armory (1:29.27).

photo by Tim Fulton


Dyestat Elite

Event Mark          By
B-55	6.54   h	  Cloninger, Doug, , Morristown NJ
B-55	6.54   h	  Smith, Carl, 2005, Camden NJ
B-55	6.54   h	  Pomo, Anthony, , Saddlebrook 
B-200	22.14   h	  Smith, Carl, 2005, Camden NJ
B-200	22.44   h	  Cloninger, Doug, , Morristown NJ
B-200	22.54   h	  Casey, Austin, , Parsippany Hills NJ
B-400	50.64   h	  Antenos, Louis, , West Orange NJ
B-600	1:17.9   	  Brown, Shaquan, 2006, JFK NJ
B-600	1:19.6   	  Novak, Rob, 2005, Bordentown NJ
B-600	1:19.9   	  Williams, Lionel, 2007, St. Peter's NY
B-600	1:20.1   	  Van Eeden, Marcel, 2005, Mendham NJ
B-600	1:21.5   	  Pachella, Mike, 2006, Wallkill Valley NJ
B-600	1:22   	  Cruz, Hayrol, 2005, Passaic NJ
B-800	1:57.5   	  Digioacchino, Pat, , Benards 
B-1600	4:23.1   	  Kavaliauskas, James, 2005, Higland NJ
B-3200	9:34.5   	  Massam, Ben, 2006, Chatham NJ
B-55H	7.64   h	  Pomo, Anthony, , Saddlebrook 
B-55H	7.64   h	  Oquendo, Danny, 2005, Hackensack NJ
B-HJ	6'  4   	  Ianone, Chris, , Washingtonville 
B-LJ	22'  9   	  Parillo, Anthony, 2005, South River NJ
B-LJ	22'  5   	  Simpkins, Wendell, , Glen Mills PA
B-SP	64'  4   	  Hickey, John, 2005, Tappan Zee NY
B-SP	57'  10.5   	  Osborne, Kyle, 2005, Morristown NJ
B-SP	54'  11.75   	  Berezansky, Christopher, 2005, Hillsborough NJ
B-4x400	3:24.7   	  Boys Relay, , New Rochelle NY
B-4x400	3:27.9   	  Boys Relay, , Ramsey 
B-4x400	3:29.3   	  Boys Relay, , Glen Mills PA
B-4x800	8:06.9   	  Boys Relay, , Cranford NJ
B-4x800	8:10.3   	  Boys Relay, , Springfield Twp NJ
B-4x800	8:11.2   	  Boys Relay, , Christian Brothers NJ
B-4x800	8:11.8   	  Boys Relay, , Glen Mills PA
B-DMR	10:23.7   	  Boys Relay, , Christian Brothers NJ
B-DMR	10:24.6   	  Boys Relay, , Ridgewood NJ
B-DMR	10:24.6   	  Boys Relay, , Cranford NJ
B-DMR	10:28.2   	  Boys Relay, , North Rockland NY
B-DMR	10:34.3   	  Boys Relay, , Randolph NJ
B-DMR	10:34.8   	  Boys Relay, , Arlington-Lagrangeville NY
B-DMR	10:43.5   	  Boys Relay, , Pope John XXIII NJ
G-55	7.24   h	  Friday, Toneisha, 2006, Franklin NJ
G-200	24.72   h	  Layne, Lynne, 2006, New Rochelle NY
G-200	24.84   h	  Friday, Toneisha, 2006, Franklin NJ
G-200	24.84   h	  Vassell, Raquel, , East Orange NJ
G-400	57.24   h	  Richmond, KayKay, , Suffern NY
G-400	57.94   h	  Blake, Lauren, 2005, Jackson Mem NJ
G-400	58.14   h	  Crawford, Kristin, , JFK NJ
G-600	1:30.4   	  Davis, Janine, 2005, Queen of Peace NJ
G-600	1:31.9   	  Benjamin, Jeavon, 2005, Hempstead NY
G-600	1:35.2   	  Richmond, DeDe, , Suffern NY
G-600	1:35.8   	  Herrick, Stephanie, , Wayne Valley 
G-600	1:35.8   	  O'Connor, Symone, 2007, Somerset NJ
G-600	1:38.2   	  Standridge, Kim, 2007, Randolph NJ
G-800	2:16.5   	  McKenna, Kara, 2006, Suffern NY
G-800	2:18.5   	  Korich, Faye, 2005, Springfield (Montco) PA
G-3200	11:24.5   	  Cattuna, Theresea, 2007, Cherry Hill East NJ
G-55H	8.24   h	  Johnson, Bryanna, 2005, Jackson Twp NJ
G-55H	8.34   h	  Richmond, KayKay, , Suffern NY
G-55H	8.44   h	  Johnson, Iman, 2006, Columbia NJ
G-55H	8.44   h	  Layne, Lynne, 2006, New Rochelle NY
G-HJ	5'  6   	  Knight, Carin, 2006, New Rochelle NY
G-LJ	17'  9   	  Layne, Lynne, 2006, New Rochelle NY
G-TJ	37'  5   	  Hepburn, Yvanna, 2005, N. Rockland NY
G-PV	12'  6   	  Toto, Julianne, , Middletown South NJ
G-PV	11'  6   	  Friedman, Robin, 2006, Hillsborough NJ
G-PV	11'  6   	  Kloss, Jessica, 2005, Moorestown NJ
G-PV	11'  0   	  Obura, Tara, , Hunterdon Central NJ
G-SP	39'  6.25   	  Sweeper, Sable, , Passaic NJ
G-SP	39'  0.25   	  Hopson, Julia, , Arlington 
G-4x400	3:57.6   	  Girls Relay, , Suffern NY
G-4x400	4:04.3   	  Girls Relay, , Camden NJ
G-4x800	9:31.9   	  Girls Relay, , Suffern NY
G-4x800	9:39.8   	  Girls Relay, , Ursuline School NY
G-4x800	9:40.8   	  Girls Relay, , Westfield NJ
G-4x800	9:48.6   	  Girls Relay, , Morristown NJ
G-DMR	12:14.2   	  Girls Relay, , Bronxville NY
G-DMR	12:25.9   	  Girls Relay, , Ridgewood NJ
G-DMR	12:26.4   	  Girls Relay, , Roxbury NJ
G-DMR	12:28   	  Girls Relay, , Jackson Mem NJ
G-DMR	12:32.8   	  Girls Relay, , Pearl River NY
G-DMR	12:36.9   	  Girls Relay, , Pope John NJ
G-DMR	12:37.8   	  Girls Relay, , Monroe Twp NJ
G-DMR	12:38.4   	  Girls Relay, , North Rockland NY
G-DMR	12:38.8   	  Girls Relay, , New Rochelle NY



by Paul Schwartz

NEW YORK The fields are complete for the invitational 600 meter races to be held as part of the Varsity Classic Monday, February 7 at the Armory Track Center.

National Sophomore Class record holder Lionel Williams of St. Peter's (Staten Island) and Junior Class record holder Shaquan Brown of Kennedy ( Paterson , N.J. ) head a field of six boys who will take aim at the National record of 1:18.80 set by Damion Drummond of Paul Robeson ( Brooklyn , N.Y. ) in 2000.

Williams has run 1:19.68 this year to lead the country, the sixth fastest time ever run by a high school runner at the distance. Brown has run 1:20.3, second in the nation this year and the third fastest time ever run in New Jersey . They are joined by Marcel Van Eeden of Mendham (N.J.) who set a floor record of 1:22.23 on the flat tight turned floor at Drew University, Rob Novak of Bordentown (N.J.), with a best of 1:25.1 at the very slow FDU (Teaneck) track, Mikey Pachella of Wallkill Valley (N.J.) who is just the third athlete to break two minutes for 800 meters at FDU and Hayrol Cruz of Passaic, who ran 1:22.2, 10 th best in the nation this year.

Girls national record holder Janine Davis of Queen of Peace hopes to lower her own record of 1:29.27 set earlier in the season. She will face Dede Richemond of Suffern (N.Y.) who ran 1:34.92 early in the season, Symone O'Connor of Framklin (N.J.) who ran 1:35.75, and Jeavon Benjamin of Hempstead (N.Y.) with a seasonal best of 1:36.14. Those times were all run in December meets and all three girls are in much better shape now, according to their coaches. Kim Standridge of Randolph (N.J.) who ran 1:38.31 last month at the flat Drew track and Stephanie Herrick of Wayne Valley (N.J.), who ran 1:41.4 in winning by more than 50 yards at FDU last month, the fastest time run in seven years at the site, complete the girls field.

The races are scheduled between 7 and 8 p.m. during the meet.




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