USA Indoor Championships
Feb 25-27, 2005 at Reggie Lewis Center, Boston MA


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Brittany Daniels and Katie Doswell go against the elites

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How high school stars fared

Merrill West Tracy CA sr Brittany Daniels is 6th in long jump at 20-1.5 and 5th in triple jump at 42-11.75. St. Catherine's Richmond VA jr Katie Doswell runs 2:08.86 but misses 800m final. Oconomowoc WI sr Katy Hayes was 6th in the 3000m race walk. She is the leading US high school girl in that event.

Katie Doswell gets some experience - story and pix
Brittany Daniels flies again - photo sequence

DONNA ON THE SIDE - Katie Doswell and NH volunteers

Photo Albums
John Dye - DyeStat grads Lacy Janson, Tommy Skipper, Maria Michta, and Yvette Lewis.
Vic's Pix - great shots by Vic Sailer of PhotoRun - DyeStat grads Tommy Skipper and Bershawn Jackson, plus current starts Brittany Daniels and Katie Doswell, plus $25,000 winners John Godina and Angela Daigle.

Results (partial)

Complete results on USATF web site

Women Long Jump
       World: W 7.37m  2/13/1988   Heike Drechsler, GER
    American: A 7.13m  3/5/1994    Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Honda TC
        Meet: M 7.32m  2/27/1987   Heike Drechsler, E. Germany
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Rose Richmond                Unattached               6.44m   21-01.50
      6.33m  6.22m  6.28m  6.42m  6.43m  6.44m
  2 Hyleas Fountain              Nike                     6.29m   20-07.75
      6.05m  6.09m  6.19m  6.29m  6.16m  6.24m
  3 Ola Sesay                    Unattached               6.26m   20-06.50
      6.26m  6.18m  FOUL  6.24m  6.20m  5.86m
  4 Tameisha King                Nike                     6.24m   20-05.75
      6.03m  6.03m  6.23m  6.24m  6.06m  FOUL
  5 Nolle Graham                 Lemans TC                6.17m   20-03.00
      5.88m  6.02m  6.15m  6.17m  FOUL  6.02m
  6 Brittany Daniels             Unattached               6.13m   20-01.50
      FOUL  FOUL  6.01m  5.90m  6.13m  FOUL
  7 Simidele Adeagbo             Team XO                  6.12m   20-01.00
      5.90m  6.07m  5.97m  5.78m  6.01m  6.12m
  8 Yvette Lewis                 Hampton U.               6.07m   19-11.00
      5.77m  6.07m  6.01m  5.89m  5.75m  5.71m
  9 Heather Houston              Unattached               5.94m   19-06.00
      5.57m  5.91m  5.94m
 10 Francesca Green              Indiana Invaders         5.89m   19-04.00
      5.61m  5.75m  5.89m
 11 Starlie Graves               Unattached               5.81m   19-00.75
      FOUL  5.81m  FOUL

Women Triple Jump
       World: W 15.36m  3/6/2004    Tatiana Lebedeva, RUS
    American: A 14.23m  3/4/1995    Sheila Hudson, Reebok
        Meet: M 14.23m  3/4/1995    Sheila Hudson, Reebok
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Shani Marks                  Unattached              13.65m   44-09.50
      FOUL  13.24m  13.65m  13.34m  13.32m  13.29m
  2 Nicole Whitman               Unattached              13.23m   43-05.00
      12.84m  11.20m  13.14m  13.23m  FOUL  FOUL
  3 Simidele Adeagbo             Team XO                 13.19m   43-03.25
      13.19m  13.14m  13.00m  12.57m  12.60m  13.05m
  4 Tiombe Hurd                  Nike                    13.12m   43-00.50
      FOUL  FOUL  13.12m  13.07m  FOUL  12.96m
  5 Brittany Daniels             Unattached              13.10m   42-11.75
      FOUL  FOUL  12.83m  13.10m  13.07m  12.71m
  6 Amanda Thieschafer           Unattached              12.76m   41-10.50
      FOUL  12.76m  12.53m  FOUL  12.43m  12.32m
  7 Yvette Lewis                 Hampton U.              12.61m   41-04.50
      12.61m  12.31m  12.54m  12.17m  12.43m  12.57m

Women 800 Meter Run
       World: W 1:55.82  3/3/2002    Jolanda Ceplak, SLO
    American: A 1:58.71  3/2/2002    Nicole Teter, Nike Farm Team
        Meet: M 1:58.41  3/4/1995    Maria Mutola, Mozambique
    Name                    Year Team                   Prelims  H#
  1 Kameisha Bennett             Nike                   2:03.85Q  1
  2 Hazel Clark                  Nike                   2:05.45Q  2
  3 Alice Schmidt                Unattached             2:04.06q  1
  4 Hope Sanders                 Indiana Invaders       2:04.35q  1
  5 Kristina Bratton             Unattached             2:06.08q  2
  6 Frances Santin               Santa Monica TC        2:06.13q  2
  7 Kinsey Coles                 Unattached             2:06.45   1
  8 Alisa Harvey                 Unattached             2:06.78   1
  9 Mishael Bertrand             Unattached             2:06.84   2
 10 Katie Doswell                Unattached             2:08.86   2
 11 Natasha Lothery              Indiana Invaders       2:09.22   2
 12 Joan Bohlke                  Reebok Boston          2:11.76   1

Women 3000 Meter Race Walk
       World: W 11:40.33  1/30/1999   Claudia Iovan, ROM
    American: A 12:20.79  3/12/1993   Debbi Lawrence, Natural Sp
        Meet: M 12:28.32  3/3/2001    Michelle Rohl, Moving Comf
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Amber Antonia                New York AC           12:55.69
  2 Joanne Dow                   adidas                13:09.62
  3 Deborah Huberty              New York AC           13:26.03
  4 Maria Michta                 Long Island U.        13:56.03
  5 Loretta Schuellein           Walk Usa              14:18.67
  6 Katy Hayes                   LC Racewalkers        14:31.64
  7 Kate Dickinson               Maine Racewalkers     15:47.33
 -- Jolene Moore                 New York AC                 DQ
 -- Marcia Rutledge              New England Walkers         DQ

Men Pole Vault
       World: W 6.15m  2/21/1993   Sergey Bubka, UKR
    American: A 5.96m  3/3/2001    Lawrence Johnson, adidas
        Meet: M 5.96m  3/3/2001    Lawrence Johnson, adidas
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Brad Walker                  Nike                     5.65m   18-06.50
     5.20 5.35 5.45 5.55 5.60 5.65 5.80
      PPP  PPP  PPP   XO  PPP    O  XXX
  2 Tommy Skipper                Oregon                   5.55m   18-02.50
     5.20 5.35 5.45 5.55 5.60 5.65
      PPP  PPP  PPP    O  PPP  XXX
  3 Paul Litchfield              Unattached               5.45m   17-10.50
     5.20 5.35 5.45 5.55
       XO    O  XXO  XXX
  4 Jeremy Scott                 Unattached               5.35m   17-06.50
     5.20 5.35 5.45 5.55
      PPP    O  PPP  XXX
  5 Christopher Swanson          Unattached               5.20m   17-00.75
     5.20 5.35
        O  XXX
  5 Christopher Smith            Unattached               5.20m   17-00.75
     5.20 5.35
        O  XXX
 -- Russ Buller                  Asics                       NH
     5.20 5.35 5.45 5.55
      PPP  PPP  PPP  XXX
 -- Jacob Pauli                  Nike                        NH
     5.20 5.35 5.45
      PPP  PPP  XXX

Men 400 Meter Dash
       World: W 44.63  3/4/1995    Michael Johnson, USA
    American: A 44.63  3/4/1995    Michael Johnson, Nike
        Meet: M 44.63  3/4/1995    Michael Johnson, Nike
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Bershawn Jackson             Nike                     46.05
  2 James Davis                  Unattached               46.75
  3 Ashton Collins               Unattached               47.26
  4 Godfrey Herring              Unattached               47.32
  5 LaBoris Bean                 Unattached               47.80
 -- Michael Mitchell             Unattached                 DNF




Daniels and Doswell go against elites
High school stars Brittany Daniels and Katie Doswell, who have posted US#2 all time prep performances this season, test themselves against grown-ups at the USA Indoor Championships.

Brittany Daniels
triple jump, 3:10 pm Sunday
Merrill West Tracy CA senior already holds the national high school outdoor record (44-11.75) and now she is taking aim at the indoor record (43-11.5 by Juliana Yendork in 1991). She broke Yendork's exclusive hold on the top 8 indoor jumps all-time by going 43-5 at Simplot last week, second best ever to Yendork's record. Daniels also won the Simplot long jump at 20-5, US#6 all time. Brittany Daniels interview at Simplot by Doug Speck, who says, " No prep in US History has put together such a quality day of indoor horizontal jumping!! "


Katie Doswell
800m prelim, 1:40 pm Saturday
The St. Catherine's Richmond VA junior was little known outside Virginia until she doubled (1:15.04 500m and 2:52.38 1000m) against a strong regional field at the Virginia Tech Invitational Jan 29. Then she stunned an all-star field in a junior invitational race Feb 5 at the Armory Collegiate Games with a convincing 1000m win in 2:47.21, second fastest ever by a US high school girl. As a private school runner, she is shut out of the Virginia high school state meet, so her coach petitioned USATF for her to run in Boston. Katie Doswell interview



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