Nike Team Nationals
Dec. 4, 2004 at Portland Meadows, Portland OR.

the Meet

Televised on Fox SportsNet Dec. 8 at 3 pm local time

on-site coverage by John & Donna Dye, Rich Gonzalez, Steve Underwood, and the NTN regional editors.

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action photos by Brian Myers, of Vic Sailer's PhotoRun

The "camelbacks", a series of short hills five feet apart, took runners out of their rhythm and, along with mud and generally soft footing, kept the flat course from being a speedway. Early leader Kevin Ondrasek, of Carroll Southlake TX, leads the field in the first of three crossings of the camelbacks.


York's Sean McNamara bided his time as Kevin Ondrasek shot to an early lead, and then took charge midway to win convincingly and stake a claim to a favorite's role at next week's Foot Locker national finals in San Diego.
Thanks to the new Finish Lynx scoring system, with team scores and standings every 1000 meters, the crowd could follow the team battle on 23-foot screens. The system also fed coaches the data on Palm Pilots.

Ramsay Kavan of South Dakota wins easily to stay unbeaten and go to San Diego next Saturday
as a strong contender for the Foot Locker national championship.


First champions of the Nike Team Nationals

Kroy (York Elmhurst IL) - spell it forward or backwards, they are the champions. They spurned the team skit Thursday night, saying, "We're here to run." They did.

Kinetic RC (Saratoga NY) - no one doubts now that they are the best HS team ever


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