Nike Team Nationals
Dec. 4, 2004 at Portland Meadows, Portland OR.

Donna on the Side
by Donna Dye

Televised on Fox SportsNet Dec. 8 at 3 pm local time

on-site coverage by John & Donna Dye, Rich Gonzalez, Steve Underwood, and the NTN regional editors.

NTN fun away from the course

Nike Team Nationals or NTN began on the Nike Campus in Beaverton Oregon

Taking Advantage of the Nike Campus....
Athletes ran and walked around.

Murietta Valley taking a break after working out.


NTN was loaded with activites for the athletes including: games, films, shoe fittings, socializing, running on the Nike campus and a get acquainted one-minute skit that each team presented at an all teams gathering in the Stanford Hall in the Tiger Woods Building.


Roxbury NJ Gals

NTN Fun Before the Run

The NTN tag line: Every teammate counts!

Texas Guys
Jesuit Gals
Jesuit OR--the hometown team.
Checking out some new ideas in footwear.


Athletes picking up bags and shoes.....good stuff!
A.J. Holzherr, Joy Kamani of NSSF with Rich Gonzales of DyeStatCal


Harford Harriers from Maryland
Mike Byrnes, NSSF, with the Murietta Valley CA ladies
Alabama Gals
Kingwood TX Gals
Minnesota Guys
Elizabeth Alexander and Brenna Williamson from Kingwood TX

Parents had fun too!

Hardford Harriers MD
Minnesota Delegation

Getting Acquainted

Once the fun was done and the pasta dinner finished, teams put on one minute skits that told a story
about the team, home state, or a message to tell. The skits were judged by a distinguished crew of elite
athletes: Bob Kennedy, Bernard Lagat, Alan Webb and the "peoples rep" Ry Benevides, a Nike employee.
The best skit as judged by this illustrious group won dinner with elite atheletes. It was a tough gig. Skits judged
as poor or not worthy of stage time were "gonged." The audience was a tough crowd to please. In the end,
the Los Alamos girls won with a creative and well performed skit.

Skit Highlights

It's a tough crowd!

The Winner----Los Alamos New Mexico

The End

One of a Kind--Decorating the team buses

Each team was provided a plain white van for transportation to and from the Portland Meadows along with materials to decorate each van to their own liking. Here are the results.



Getting it done.

Finished Products


Formal Awards Ceremony


Congratulations from Elite athletes:
Bob Kennedy, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Bernard Lagat, Alan Webb

Suzy Favor Hamilton and Ramsey Kavan, 3D running (Yankton SD), individual winner of the NTN. Sean Mc Namara, Kroy IL (York, Elmhurst IL), winner of the individual NTN and Bernard Lagat.
Alan Webb and Brie Felangle Can this be true? A kiss from Suzy Favor Hamilton!
Bob Kennedy and Laef Barnes Tyson's Army (Mead WA) Katelyn Kaltenbach SISU (Smoky Hill CO) and Bernard Lagat.

Number 1 in High School Cross Country

Kinetic Running Club-Saratoga Springs, NY

Kroy--(York-Elmhurst IL)

The Anchor--Fifth Runner Award

An award for the valuable 5th runner--the golden anchor award goes to the winning team's fifth runner.

Golden Anchor goes to John Schroeder Kroy XC (second from left).
Golden Anchor goes to Karen Delay of Kinetic NY (second from right)

Thank You Nike's Josh Rowe

A.J. Holzherr of NSSF, the meet managers, presents an award to Josh Rowe for making the NTN dream come true.
Josh clowns with and thanks his two right arms, Nike's Misty Payne and Kristen Wall


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