Nike Team Nationals
Dec. 4, 2004 at Portland Meadows, Portland OR.

Donna on the Side
by Donna Dye

Televised on Fox SportsNet Dec. 8 at 3 pm local time

on-site coverage by John & Donna Dye, Rich Gonzalez, Steve Underwood, and the NTN regional editors.

Getting Ready

IT'S HERE -- The long awaited


The first of it's kind. High school level athletes converge on Portland for the final test of running skills.

One and all gather at the Embassy Suites.

Team banners decorate the Embassy Suites

It's a festive time!  


But before the's set up time.



A Construction Zone.....Getting itTogether!

It starts with making the flat Portland Meadows infield a cross country course.

Helping Mother Nature----Building hills and dales.

Move a little here.....move a little there....flatten the top......smooth the side.......

Trees for those final touches!
Looking to the start on the infield left--

The Worker Bees buzzing!

It's gray, drizzly and just a bummer of a day.....but they don't care.....they're all abuzz!

Jim Spier getting it done.

Bob Baratta (l) supervises course set up.  
Finish Linx sets up. Hank Sessa (l) getting that mesh in place.
Paul Limmer supervises final touches.  

Wait until you see it at race day.......


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