National Scholastic Indoor Championships

Mar 12-14, 2004 at the New York Armory, New York NY

presented by MAC (Metropolitan Athletics Congress)

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This is the 21st edition of the oldest indoor national meet. It is being held at the New York Armory for the fifth year after previous stops in Boston, Syracuse, and Annapolis.

Xavier Carter 20.69 USR, Poly Long Beach girls 3:38.91 USR, Mountain View UT girls 11:35.43 USR, Shenendehowa boys 17:25.98 USR, Briana Jackucewicz 16:43.02 USR, Shana Woods 3846 pentathlon USR, Newburgh boys 1:27.76 and 3:16.71, Nicole Leach 52.19 US#2 all time and junior class record, Devon Williams 2:06.48 US freshman class record, Gavin Coombs 4:10.93 and 9:13.08, Aislinn Ryan 10:37.45, Francois Gatson 24-3.5 and 47-6.25, Westfield boys 7:50.44, John Jay NY boys 10:09.31.

X-Man Xavier Carter
Mountain View UT
anchor Heidi Magill
Poly Long Beach anchor Shalonda Solomon
Briana Jackucewicz
Shana Woods

Shenendehowa NY boys

photos by Don Rich / PennTrackXC


Daily Summaries

Sunday - Four more records leave jaws open and eyes popping. Total count for three days: six national records, five class records.
Saturday - Another great day at the Armory! A national record fell that had stood for 30 years, and immense talent pulsed through the facility with the likes of Xavier Carter, Shalonda Solomon, Courtney Champion, Nicole Leach, Elzie Coleman, and Dominique Blake lighting up the track.
Friday - National records by Mountain View UT girls (DMR) and Briana Jackucewicz (5k).

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Westfield VA
F. Gatson
D. Harris
D. Williams


Tyvon Branch NY 6.82
Courtney Champion GA 7.41
Xavier Carter FL 20.69 USR
Shalonda Solomon CA 23.44
Elzie Coleman NY 46.12
Nicole Leach PA 52.19
Gregory Gomez NJ 1:52.83
Devon Williams MD 2:06.48
Gavin Coombs CT 4:10.93
Samantha Gawrych RI 4:53.02
Gavin Coombs CT 9:13.08
2 Mile
Aislinn Ryan NY 10:37.45
Stephen Shay MI 15:12.74
Briana Jackucewicz NJ 16:43.02 USR
Saidu Ezike NY 7.95
Dashanta Harris CA 8.61
Kyle Calvo NY 6-9.5
Lauren Biscardi NY 5-8
Francois Gatson LA 24-3.5
Mary Saxer NY 19-3.25
Francois Gatson LA 47-6.25
Shayla Jemmott VA 38-8.75
Dan Tierney NY 15-10.5
Lindsay Regan PA 12-5.25
Luka Rujevic 65-3.5
Jocelyn White NJ 43-1.5
Nate Rolfe WA 74-9.75
Andrea Kavleski NH 50-0
Newburgh NY 1:27.76
Thurgood Marshall TX 1:39.85
Newburgh NY 3:16.71
Poly Long Beach CA 3:38.91 USR
Westfield VA 7:50.44
Boys & Girls NY 9:19.32
Shenendehowa NY 17:25.98 USR
Scotia-Glenville NY 21:07.38
John Jay E. Fishkill NY 10:09.31
Mountain View UT 11:35.43 USR
Transit Tech NY 3:26.71
A. Philip Randolph NY 3:55.92
Zachary Pollinger NJ 6:21.66
Tara Simonelli NY 7:24.50
Kyle Calvo NJ 3855 Pentathlon Shana Woods CA 3846


Prior Years on DyeStat

  • 2003 - National records set by Poly Long Beach CA (4x200), Reggie Witherspoon (400), Donovan Kilmartin (pentathlon). Mountain View UT girls just miss (DMR).
  • 2002 - Five national records for second straight year, with Sanya Richards breaking both the 200 and 400 records. Also Samantha Shepard (PV), Red Bank NJ girls (DMR), and Deep Creek VA boys (4x200).
  • 2001 - Five national records, including two by Angel Perkins (200 and 400) within 90 minutes. Brendan Christian (21.02) and Glen McFadden (21.05) each beat the 200 record in an epic finish. Also Samantha Shepard (PV) and Wilson Long Beach CA girls (SMR).
  • 2000 - Doubles by Sanya Richards, William Penn PA girls, Emily Kroshus, Dwight Thomas and Leevan Sands.
  • 1999 - First year of dual national meets (NIC started in Columbus OH)
  • 1998 - Big wins by Angela Williams, Barber sisters, Samantha Shepard, Maureen Griffin, Casey Combest, Ato Modibo, Abdirizak Mohamud, Andy Powell, Kevin Digiorgio, Greg Yeldell and Boys & Girls NY girls (USR 4x800).




Field Events

12:00 PM G Long Jump Final
1:00 PM G Pole Vault Trial
2:00 PM G Shot Put Final
2:30 PM G High Jump Final
2:30 PM B High Jump Final
2:30 PM B Long Jump Final

Track Events

10:30 AM B 60m Hurdle Trial
11:00 AM G 60m Hurdle Trial
11:30 AM B 60m Trial
12:00 PM G 60m Trial
12:30 PM B 5000m Final
1:00 PM G 5000m Final
1:30 PM B SMR Final
2:15 PM G SMR Final
3:00 PM B DMR Final
3:30 PM G DMR Final
4:00 PM B 4x400m Trials
4:30 PM G 4x400m Trials


Field Events

10:30 AM B Shot Put Final
11:00 AM G Pole Vault Final
2:00 PM B Pole Vault Trial

Track Events

11:00 AM B 60m Hurdle Semi
11:15 AM G 60m Hurdle Semi
12:00 PM B 60m Semi
12:15 PM G 60m Semi
12:30 PM B 200m Trial
1:10 PM G 200m Trial
1:50 PM B 4xMile Final
2:45 PM B 4x200m Trial
3:10 PM G 4x200m Trial
3:30 PM G 4xMile Final
4:00 PM B 400m Trial
4:40 PM G 400m Trial

Saturday Pentathlon

10:30 AM B 60m Hurdles
11:30 AM B Long Jump
1:30 PM B Shot Put
3:30 PM B High Jump
5:30 PM B 1000m
11:30 AM G 60m Hurdles
1:00 PM G High Jump
3:00 PM G Shot Put
4:30 PM G Long Jump
6:00 PM G 800m


Field Events

9:00 AM G Triple Jump Final

9:00 AM B Weight Throw Final

12:00 PM B Pole Vault Final

12:00 PM B Triple Jump Final

11:30 AM G Weight Throw Final

Track Events

9:00 AM B 4x800m Final
9:30 AM G 4x800m Final
10:00 AM Opening Ceremony
10:30 AM B 1 Mile Final
11:00 AM G 1 Mile Final
11:30 AM B 400m Final
11:40 AM G 400m Final
11:50 AM B 60m Hurdle Final
12:00 PM G 60m Hurdle Final
12:10 PM B 60m Final
12:20 PM G 60m Final
12:30 PM B Race Walk Final
12:45 PM G Race Walk Final
1:00 PM B 200m Final
1:10 PM G 200m Final
1:20 PM B 800m Final
1:40 PM G 800m Final
2:00 PM B 4x200m Final
2:15 PM G 4x200m Final
2:25 PM B 2 Mile Final
2:50 PM G 2 Mile Final
3:15 PM B 4x400m Final
3:20 PM G 4x400m Final




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