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West Region
Dec 6, 2003 at Mt San Antonio College, Walnut CA
AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY, US Overseas Military

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    • Boys - From regionals chess game to nationals checkmate?
      • Kiptoo...much too smooth.
      • Mo'.... did not 'go'.
      • Rupp... did not step up.
      • 'Tuz... chose to cruise.
    • Girls - Drama Queens - Zoe endures stiff challenge, sibling courtesies test Lawrence sisters, and Californians fall at start and finish, but all are among the eight to advance!
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Shadrack and Zoe win close races


Shadrack Kiptoo took the lead for good in the last 400 meters of a see saw race that saw the top four runners all leading at one point or another. After a pedestrian 4:45 first mile with no separation, the first eight runners started to break away in the second mile and traded the lead from there to the finish. It was an unusual double for Kiptoo's coach Eddie Hellebuyck, a leading US marathoner who won the Coach/Parent/Supporter race early in the day in 15:51.

1. Shadrack Kiptoo NM 15:32
2. Mohamed Trafeh CA 15:35
3. Galen Rupp OR 15:37
4. Stuart Eagon OR 15:38
5. Evan Garber WA 15:42
6. Mark Matusak CA 15:44
7. Alex Dunn CA 15:45
8. Tom Wyatt WA 15:46
9. Steve Strickland UT 15:49
10. Charles Hampton AZ 15:56


Zoe Nelson led most of the way but didn't shake the field. Entering the stadium, she was in a fight with surprising Lindsay Flacks. Nelson then outkicked Flacks in the last 300 meters on the track. California sent five girls to national finals in San Diego next Saturday, along with three boys.

1. Zoe Nelson MT 18:07
2. Lindsay Flacks CA 18:09
3. Collier Lawrence NV 18:18
4. Marie Lawrence NV 18:19
5. Melissa Grellii CA 18:19
6. Liza Pasciuto CA 18:24
7. Clair Rethmeier CA 18:27
8. Rachel Bryan CA 18:29
9. Lindsay Allen CA 18:36
10. Heidi Magill UT 18:38

Shadrack Kiptoo

photos by John Dye

Zoe Nelson

1200 meters to go, starting up Reservoir Hill -- Leader Galen Rupp looks back to check the opposition: Mohamed Trafeh, Shadrack Kiptoo and Stuart Eagon.

Half Mile -- Zoe Nelson leads Collier and Marie Lawrence.

Downhill at Mt. SAC - collage by Bill Leung

Questions, questions, questions . . .
Will defending national champion Zoe (the Zephyr) Nelson breeze again? Is Caitlin Chock as good as her California state meet performance a week ago? Will Katie Leary bring her Oregon form to SoCal? Will Nevada's Lawrence sisters (senior Collier and freshman Marie) finish 1-2 as always? Is Shadrack Kiptoo a man among boys, as his picture and dazzling times suggest? Will the other favorites test Kiptoo or will they be content to run for the other seven qualifying slots for the national finals? Will familiarity with Mt. SAC boost local favorites Mark Matusak, Troy Swier and Mohamed Trafeh? Will Galen Rupp's high powered training program pay off outside of Oregon? [John Dye]
Boys - by Rich Gonzalez. Top three favorites are 2002 finalists Galen Rupp and Mohamed Trafeh, plus Kenyan import Shadrack Kiptoo, but many more runners will contend in the "most wide open West regional in ages." Other top contenders to qualify for San Diego are California and Mt. SAC champion Mark Matusak, David Kinsella WA, Charles Hampton AZ, Troy Swier CA, Stuart Eagon OR, and Mead WA stars Evan Garber and Laef Barnes. DyeStat visitors on the TrackTalk California message board are giving strongest and almost equal support to Mohamed Trafeh, Shadrack Kiptoo, Galen Rupp, and Mark Matusak.
Girls - by Mike Kennedy. Defending national champion Zoe (the zephyr) Nelson of Montana is back and undefeated again, but it is not an open and shut case with the late season emergence of California state meet sensation Caitlin Chock, the Lawrence sisters of Reno, and others such as Katie Leary OR, Rachel Bryan CA, Los Alamos stars Heather Wood and Kristen Hemphill, Utah champion Kit Zeigle, 2002 finalist Heidi Magill, and undefeated Wyoming state champion Sarah Balfour WY. DyeStat visitors on the TrackTalk California message board are giving strongest support to Zoe Nelson, Caitlin Chock, the Lawrence sisters, Rachel Bryan, and Liza Pasciuto. Zoe Nelson's Flathead Kalispell MT high school is sending 16 runners to the West regional. Coach Paul Jorgensen tells local newspaper, that Zoe Nelson is "in as good shape as she's ever been."

Starting Line Assignments: Girls - Boys


Top Returnees
Undergrads with DyeStat Elite marks (16:05 and 19:05 or better) at last year's regional.
Opportunity knocks for boys as 15 of top 20 graduated. But top 4 girls return.
6 Rupp, Galen 2004, Central Cath OR 15:41
8 Trafeh, Mohamed 2004, Duarte CA 15:49
10 Wagnew, Babey 2004, Helix CA 15:52
14 Haddan, Michael 2004, Woodbridge CA 16:02
17 Eagon, Stuart 2004, Beaverton OR 16:05
1 Nelson, Zoe 2005, Flathead MT 18:02
2 Magill, Heidi 2004, Mtn View UT 18:15
3 Bryan, Rachel 2004, Laguna Creek CA 18:17
4 Chock, Caitlin 2004, Granite Bay CA 18:20
6 Wood, Heather 2004, Los Alamos NM 18:24
11 Roth, Cassia 2004, Carson City NV 18:50
12 Hemphill, Kristen 2005, Los Alamos NM 18:51
13 Gray, Erin 2005, S. Eugene OR 18:51
14 Scott, Lorin 2004, San Pasqual CA 18:53
15 Gaffney, Samantha 2006, Judge Memorial UT 18:53
16 Allen, Lindsay 2004, College Park CA 18:56
18 Jordan, Danielle 2004, N. Medford OR 18:58
21 Pasciuto, Liza 2004, Murrieta Valley CA 19:00
23 Ojaletho, Bethany 2004, Monroe WA 19:03


7:25 a.m. 7th and 8th Grade Boys

7:35 a.m. 7th and 8th Grade Girls

7:50 a.m. Coach/Parent/Supporter Race

8:05 a.m. Junior Girls

8:20 a.m. Junior Girls

8:35 a.m. Senior Girls

8:50 a.m. Senior Girls

9:05 a.m. Senior Boys

9:20 a.m. Senior Boys

9:35 a.m Senior Boys

10:15 a.m Girls Seeded

10:55 a.m Boys Seeded

11:30 a.m Junior Boys

11:45 a.m Junior Boys

12:00 p.m. Junior Boys

12:15 p.m Sophomore Girls

12:30 p.m Sophomore Girls

12:45 p.m Sophomore Boys

1:00 p.m. Sophomore Boys

1:15 p.m. Sophomore Boys

1:30 p.m. Freshman Girls

1:45 p.m. Freshman Boys

2:00 p.m* Freshman Boys

Prior Years

  • 2002 - Zoe (the Zephyr) Nelson breezes. Mike Poe is leader of the boys pack.


    photos by Victah Sailer, PhotoRun

  • .
  • 2001 - a training run for Amber Trotter. Somalian refugee Nurani Sheikh surprises boys.

    Trotter was alone after one mile and here, a little more than halfway, the race is already over.

    Sheikh's legs won the race and his smile won the crowd.
  • .
  • 2000 - Battle of unbeaten superstars goes to Alicia Craig over Anita Siraki. Flathead Kalispell MT boys gang up on Ryan Hall.

    Alicia Craig repeats
    When favored Ryan Hall faltered with 200 meters to go, Flathead MT boys seized the opening. from left, Kurt Michels 19th, Seth Watkins 1st, coach Paul Jorgensen, and David Vidal 3rd.
  • .
  • 1999 - Alicia Craig wins after Sara Bei fades behind Reservoir Hill and Felicia Guliford falls after entering the stadium with the lead. Josh Rohatinsky repeats over Ian Dobson.
  • 1998 - Sara Bei and Josh Rohatinsky.


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