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2003 outdoor

Nokia Sugar Bowl Classic

March 28-29, 2003
Tad Gormley Stadium, New Orleans LA


Contact Mike Corn for any Sugar Bowl information (504) 734-7902

Site: Tad Gormley Stadium located in New Orleans' City Park. The track is an 8 (48") lane, Martin Surfaces polyurethane surface. All runways, including the javelin, are synthetic. Maximum of ¼" spikes are allowed.

Entries: All entries must be received no later than 12:00 PM on Thursday, March 14. The entry fee of $25.00 per team must accompany the entries. Boys and Girls are considered separate teams. The entry fee MUST accompany the entries. A school that submits an entry form without the fee will not be entered into the meet. ABSOULUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Please make the necessary arrangements with your school to have the entry fee check ready in time to include it with your entries. Personal checks will be accepted. Checks should be made payable to the Nokia Sugar Bowl.

Entry Limits: Louisiana High School Athletic Association rules state that an individual may compete in a maximum of four (4) events. This can be any combination of field, running or relay events. Each school is limited to two athletes per event and one relay team in each of the contested relay races.

Declarations and Changes: Changes can be made by fax up till 12 Noon on Wednesday, March 19. You must declare even if you have no changes. Use the enclosed declaration/scratch form to make changes and/or to declare. The fax number is (504) 832-4016. No changes will be accepted after 12 noon on March 19.
All meet entries can be viewed after 12 noon on Thursday, March 20 at

Qualifying Procedure:
Prelims will be held in the 100, 200, 400 & 100/110 Hurdles. The winner of each heat will automatically qualify for the finals. The number of remaining qualifiers will be determined by the number of heats and will be based on times. Sixteen(16) athletes in each event will qualify from the prelims to the finals. The final will be run in two heats, with the top eight times from the prelims running in the second section.
800 Meters: All but the top 12 - 14 entries will run in heats against time on Friday. The top twelve entries will run in one heat on Saturday.
1600 & 3200 Meters: All but the top 12-14 entries will run in heats on Saturday morning. The top twelve entries will run in one heat on Saturday afternoon.
Check on Thursday, March 20 to determine when you distance athletes will compete.
Relays: The 4 x 800 relay will run heats against time on Friday afternoon. All other relays will be run heats against time on Saturday afternoon. The top eight entries will run in the first heat. Coaches will be asked to serve as relay exchange zone judges. Assignments will be in your team packet.
Field Events:
Each competitor will get three attempts in the prelims. The top 10 will advance to the final and get three additional attempts. In the High Jump and Pole Vault, each competitor will get three attempts per height (or until three consecutive misses have occurred).
There will be minimum standards enforced in the throws and horizontal jumps. No attempt will be measured unless the minimum standard has been achieved. Athletes will be allowed to jump or throw out of order in the final so as to not make participants wait on those competing in other events. The minimum standards are as follows:

Shot Put 25'
Discus 65'
Javelin 70'
Long Jump 13'
Triple Jump 29'
Opening Heights:
HJ 4'4"
PV 7'

Shot Put 39'
Discus 110'
Javelin 130'
Long Jump 19'
Triple Jump 38'
Opening Heights:
HJ 5'6"
PV 10'6"

The Nokia Sugar Bowl Track & Field Classic will provide 4kg & 12lb shots to be used in the girls & boys Shot Put competition. Only the shots provided by the NSBTFC will be allowed during both prelims and finals.

All Boys Javelins must be checked in with the Javelin inspector at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Note that all throwing events will take place on the warmup track infield, not inside of the stadium.

Warmup: Athletes will not be allowed to warmup on the Tad Gormley track. All warmup must be done on the warmup track located across Roosevelt Mall from the stadium. Athletes must be aware that the calls of the announcer may not be heard from the warmup track.

Event Check In: All running events must check in with the clerk of course located near the scoreboard. Athletes should report when the FIRST call is made. Athletes competing in field events must report to the event area when the first call is made.

Student Meet Workers:
Local participating teams may be asked to supply one student worker to help with the track meet. These students will be asked to work a maximum of two hours, helping with field events. Out of state teams will not be asked to supply helpers.

Results: Results will be posted under the stadium within 15 minutes following the conclusion of an event. Please do not go to the press box to look for results.

Team Areas. Teams are allowed to set up team areas under the stadium or in the stands. Tents will be allowed only along the top row of the stadium.
Locker rooms, complete with shower facilities will be available. All athletes must be accompanied by an adult while using the locker room facilities. Security will not be in place at the locker rooms.

Protests: Any protest must be made in writing and presented to the Running Referee for running events or the Field Referee for field events. Protests will not be accepted after the conclusion of competition each day.

Awards: Custom design New Balance - Nokia Sugar Bowl Track & Field Classic t - shirts will be presented to the top three finishers in each event. Awards will be presented from the awards stand located near the finish line. Boys and Girls team champion and runner-up trophies will be presented to the top two teams. Outstanding Field and Outstanding Track performer awards will be presented in both divisions.

Medical Attention: A certified athletic trainer will be on site for the treatment of minor injuries. Coaches must assume the responsibility for their athletes at all times, and should make certain that the athletes are fit to compete.

*******VERY IMPORTANT******
Athletes must be dressed in their team uniform in order to be admitted free of charge. Athletes in street clothes WILL NOT be admitted free of charge even if they are not competing that day. Please make sure that your athletes are aware of this policy change. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
All athletes must enter through the athlete gate at the Roosevelt Mall entrance to the stadium. Athletes will not be allowed to enter the stadium via vehicle.
Coaches should use their LHSAA card for admission. Out of state coaches will have tickets in their team packets. Each team will be allowed one manager/trainer, who will be admitted on an athlete ticket. General admission is $4.00 for anyone 13 years of age and over. 12 and under will be admitted free of charge.

Bus Parking:
Teams are asked to drop off their athletes at the Roosevelt Mall entrance and then park their bus inside of stadium gates via the Marconi entrance. There will be no spectator parking inside of the stadium.

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Nokia Sugar Bowl Classic


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